1. An unrecognizable life

I feel that my life is completely messed up. I woke up with a strange woman lying next to me. We had a blind date and hugged each other. “Who are you?” I sat up in shock and asked. The woman touched my forehead and said angrily: “Silly! Who else can I be besides your wife? Could it be that you haven’t awakened from a hangover?”

My eyes widened, desperately Shaking his head: “No! I’m not married at all, where is the wife?” Then I said to the woman on the bed: “Hurry up! Where can I go back.” The woman was furious: “Qian Dong, you bastard! My old lady follow You have been a husband and wife for three years, which one are you playing?”

I sneered: “Do you think I am amnesia? My brain is fine! It’s you who crawled on your own I will never take any responsibility for you if you go to my bed!” The woman hummedly took out two marriage certificates from the cabinet, pointed to the man in the photo above and asked, “Is this you?”

I took a closer look, and it was really me, and the woman who was snuggling with me was the woman in front of me! Her name is Mei Lin. “This must be handled by a fake certificate company.” I said disdainfully.

“I still have a mouth to tell you! Go, find a witness to prove it to us, the old lady must see what you want to do!” Mei Lin pulled me out Door, knock on the neighbor’s door. It was an old lady who didn’t know her last name, but she often met up and downstairs and greeted each other with a smile.

Meilin smiled and asked the old lady: “Am I his wife, is he my husband?” The old lady stared at her muddy eyes, looked blank, and shook her head. “I really don’t know this.”

Mei Lin stomped her feet with anger, and asked: “Then you see us living in this house for several years? “The old lady nodded: “I have often seen you in and out for a long time.” The old lady’s answer made Mei Lin very dissatisfied, and she took me to my parents’ house.

My parents said with certainty that Mei Lin is indeed my wife. I yelled: “Impossible! I have no impression of her!” (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep it!)

These people also said , I was in a car accident some time ago. Although I was not seriously injured, my brain was hit, which may have caused a concussion, which caused a certain part of my brain to be broken.

2. Witnessing my own murder

That night, I was awakened by a sound. I opened my eyes, my thoughts were hazy, and I realized that underneath my eyes was a big bed.

I saw myself lying on that big bed from a high place, with a woman with a familiar face beside me. Look again, I thinkShe is Liu Ling. Liu Ling is my lover. We have been together secretly for more than a year. She is a married woman, charming and enchanting, especially crazy in bed.

Let’s be honest, all the things I didn’t recognize Merlin and that she was my wife who spent three years with me were all pretended by me. I agreed with Liu Ling that both of us will get divorced as quickly as possible, and then we will be together in a fair manner.

But I know that Mei Lin is a very stubborn woman with a strong personality. We have been in love for six years and married for three years. She loves me very much and will never let my divorce plan easily succeed.

I was thinking in a daze, and then I saw the one on the bed getting up, groping around, and finally I found a long object, and put the long object hard. Strangled her throat fiercely. When I turned over, I lifted Liu Ling on his back. Liu Ling flicked his hands and feet, struggling desperately, everything was like a silent horror movie…

I saw this scene very real, and I was shocked in a cold sweat. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare, but found that I couldn’t. On the contrary, my brain became more and more drowsy, and then I lost my senses.

3. The nightmare comes true

When I woke up, I found that my cold sweat had soaked the mattress, and everything in the dream was still vivid In the head. Now, I live alone in another house, this is to create the fact of separation from Mei Lin.

I just called Liu Ling several times, but she was not in the service area. She seemed to be missing. I really couldn’t stand the suffering, so I drove out. I know where Liu Ling works, but when I asked in the past, her colleague said that Liu Ling had not come to work for three days and her husband was also looking for her. It is said that Liu Ling’s husband Tongzhen has reported to the police. I was in a cold sweat again, is that nightmare real?

When the night was dark, I decided to go to the garbage dump to take a look. With the memory in my dream, I successfully found the huge mountain of garbage that was overturned. I waved my iron shovel and dig desperately. After half an hour, I really dug out a big suitcase. I was trembling all over, the iron shovel in my hand fell to the ground, and people collapsed on top of the dirty trash, as if all bones had been taken away.

After resting for a long time, I energized and opened the suitcase with force. There was a female corpse curled inside, with bulging eyes and a drooping tongue. The mouth was so long and the neck was bulging. There is also a finger-thick rope attached to it. It’s Liu Ling, it’s really her! She died, and I killed it myself. At that moment, I wanted to bury the box again, and then fled.

However, although the world is vast, can I really escape the French Open?