story, masks Author: Sue Chan Tsz Tong

recently caught a cold all day wearing masks cover tightly, and friends called him to the infirmary and he Not going, it looks very weird.

So Qin Jin and Zhang Xiao, who were sleeping with him, gathered together to study him. You find out all the possibilities with one word, and finally unanimously confirm that there must be something on his face, so he lied to cover himself with a cold mask for fear of being seen.

The two decided to take off his mask while he was sleeping to see what happened to him?

The night covered the face of the world like a mask. The lights in the bedroom had already been turned off. In the thick darkness, suddenly the screens of the two mobile phones lit up together. In the dim light, it was secret The well-planned Qin Jin and Zhang Xiao stood up silently, they looked at each other, and then they all cast their eyes on Zitong, who was sleeping well. When he was asleep, he still did not take off his mask. Behind the mask, he was as quiet as not breathing.

They leaned over quietly. Both of them were a little excited, but when they arrived at Zitong’s bed, they glanced at each other, and they clearly saw inexplicable tension in each other’s eyes.

“Why he… seems to be dead?” Zhang Xiao said in a suppressed voice.

“No way? Will you die if you catch a cold?” Qin Jin also whispered in a low voice.

“Do you still… pick it?” Zhang Xiao said.

“What are you afraid of?” Qin Jin swallowed and said, “Shhh! I’ll come.”

He stretched out his hand carefully and pinched After staying in Zitong’s mask, Zitong did not respond, so he gently took off the mask. To their surprise, under Zi Tong’s mask was another mask!

Qin Jin looked at Zhang Xiao, he was looking at himself in surprise. Qin Jin stretched out his hand and took off Zitong’s second mask. Below is the third mask!

What kind of disease did Zitong get, and she has to wear so many masks?

Doing nothing and endlessly, Qin Jin stretched out his hand again.

Fourth, fifth, sixth… When Qin Jin took off the fifteenth mask on Zitong’s face, both of them were soaked with cold sweat.

Even if the masks are thinner, wearing so many masks is definitely not normal, and they see Zitong with their own eyes, wearing so many masks, how can his face not get fat at all? Just like these masks

The bones of Zitong directly wrapped around them, which have replaced his flesh and blood face!

At this moment, Zi Tong suddenly opened his eyes, and those eyes shot out a faint green light in the semi-darkness, and hit them coldly: “You are very Do you like my mask? Give it to you.”

His voice seemed to come from behind an extremely heavy barrier. Qin Jin and Zhang Xiao’s legs immediately weakened.

The next day, all three people who were sleeping in 30,000 put on masks. They all have a cold.

story Second, oil on paper Author: curse curse

US small little magic of a few hundred dollars to buy goods, receive a big package.

She hurriedly checked one by one, and found that there was an extra pack of exquisite tissues inside. There was not even a Chinese character on the package, and the fragrance was fragrant after opening.

She recognized that this is the latest absorbent paper. It is said that there are dozens of yuan, only so few. It must be a good thing.

Maybe a gift from the seller? (Uncle Ghost: please keep the reprint!)

Thinking Xiaomei, she took out one of them and put it on her face carefully.

The oil-absorbing effect of this thing is amazing. After only a few wipes, it is full of oil stains.

In the past week, Xiaomei’s skin has become drier and shed, and her skin is aging.

She thought about it, and the most likely problem was the pack of blotting paper.

She hurriedly found Xiao Rou, who was a few years older than her, and said that she had a good thing to try.

There was only the last piece of oil-absorbing paper left. Xiaorou happily stuck it on her cheek and dipped it a few times. In a flash, she sucked up a lot of oil.

The next day, Xiaorou looked for Xiaomei aggressively to settle the account, and asked what kind of horrible thing she used for herself that made her face so rough.

Xiaomei said innocently: “It’s just a new type of blotting paper.”

“What々 blotting paper? You can kill you. I am.” Xiaorou covered her face and walked away.

Xiaomei went online somehow, typed the English letters on the paper packaging and searched, which is incredible, it says: This product is powerful Oil absorption effect. Note: Friends who rely on corpse oil to moisturize and nourish their faces, please use it with caution.

story of three brushes Author: little magic curse curse

name is flourishing makeup artist, because a good reputation in the circle, often have the chance Put makeup on the star.

However, they are all young stars and singers who just debuted.

Qianqian also likes to sing, so she has a good relationship with the young singer Qianqian who just debuted.

Qianqian always called her one by one with her sister.Coax her to put on the most delicate makeup for herself.

One night, Qianqian received a call from Qianqian. Qianqian said that because she wanted to temporarily attend a performance, she had to put on makeup immediately and told Qianqian to rush over.

Qianqian has changed her pajamas and intends to go to sleep, looking at the night outside the window, hesitated.

On the other end of the phone, Qianqian changed her tone of voice and said, “Don’t forget that I knew about you. You did me a favor today, and we’ll be even in the future. “

Half an hour later, Qianqian rushed to Qianqian’s house.

Qianqian was in her pajamas, curled up lazily on the sofa, not like she was about to go out. She returned to her usual sullen look again, shouting: “Sister, make me look better. Tonight is very important to me.” Qianqian agreed and started to give Qianqian puts on foundation.

“Oh, do you still use this makeup brush? It’s too old, don’t sweep my face.”

The voice is not yet When she fell, Qianqian felt her neck cold, and a warm thing sprayed out.

“Don’t mention makeup brushes with me…” Qianqian’s voice was cold.

“You…” Qianqian clutched her neck, slumped softly on the ground, and said the last sentence, “Sister, why are you doing this?”

Qianqian sat for a while and started to clean up.

On the side of the sofa, there is a note. She recognizes it. It is Qianqian’s handwriting: Please allow me to call your sister one last time. It’s really an accident to witness you fail to kill your betrayed boyfriend. But today is the last time I beg you to help me. Because after tonight, I will go far. By the way, I will take my personal makeup brush and leave in silence.

Could it be… Qianqian seemed to have suddenly understood something and walked carefully to the bedroom.

On the bed, lies a glaring corpse, soaked in blood. There are bloody handprints on the walls, on the ground, on the table.

Qianqian recognizes him, he is Qianqian’s cheating boyfriend. The hair on his body has been shaved clean.

A makeup brush stained with blood was thrown nearby. Apparently, it has just been done soon.

She sighed and said silently: “You really shouldn’t have seen the process of making makeup brushes with my boyfriend’s hair.”.