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The front line | Ali 88 member festival is approaching, ask more users to “down”

Based on the 88VIP of Ali Eco, the service boundary is constantly expanding. Ali 88 super members have to be cheaper. In the early morning of August 5th, I found that I opened the Taobao interface and found a reminder to invite users to enter the 88 member festival venue. In the category below the homepage of Taobao APP, the 88 member festival of the red flag appeared – crazy.. Read More

National Fitness Day is coming, the fitness club is closing the store, and some fitness news | Fitness Weekly

Integrate a week of interesting fitness news and fitness methods at home and abroad Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account GymSquare Refining” (ID: GymSquare), authored by the editorial department of GymSquare. National Fitness Day is coming,Look at the national policy support for the gym National Fitness, as a national policy, is promoting fitness for all with fitness promotion policies, infrastructure and fitness culture. This week, August 8th,.. Read More

GoPro, which just launched the new software, re-registers the new device. Is this ready for the new machine release?

Recently, GoPro submitted a device registration application to the Federal Communications Association FCC . The new device registered this time is likely to be an update to GoPro HERO7. Based on the camera information blog PhotoRumors coverage, GoPro This registered machine model is “SPJB1”. As you can see from the registration information, this new GoPro machine supports Bluetooth and 5G Wi-FI. The standard is similar to the previously released GoPro.. Read More

Unlimited packages that people love and hate are canceled.

The “unlimited traffic” package of the three major operators has not been lacking in the market for several years, but it has also caused a lot of squandering due to the fact that the traffic limit is exceeded. However, in the future, you may not even have the opportunity to spit. No, because the unlimited traffic package is likely to be history. ▲ Image from: Sina The first thing to.. Read More

The Capital of Zhang Dao: The Restriction and Breakthrough of the Development of IT Services in Chinese Enterprises

From enablers to subversives, technological empowerment and industry disruption are two distinct paths, but in a particular market environment it becomes a difficult road to separate. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Qingtong Capital” (ID: qtziben), author Qingtong Capital. Qingfu has always been the focus of Qingtong Capital, and has helped dozens of enterprise projects to complete financing. Recently,Qingtong CapitalInvitationStudent Capital Investment Director Zhang Moe, reviewed The.. Read More

The past July is the hottest month in human history.

In July 2019, we spent the hottest month in human history. This news has been world weather The organization was released last Thursday, confirming the fact that the global climate is accelerating warming. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at a news conference that the global average temperature in July this year has exceeded the record of the hottest month in history, 1.2 degrees higher than the pre-industrial period, already very.. Read More

Frontline | Joint name Rui Xing opened coffee shop, Netease cloud music commercialization abacus

Ruixing is eager for the young users of cloud music. The cross-border joint name of cloud music continues. On August 5th, NetEase Cloud Music and Ruixun Coffee jointly opened a “Yudao” music theme coffee shop, which was officially opened. The store is located at No. 35 Sinan Mansion, a century-old building in Shanghai. “Yujima” is a long-term music-themed coffee shop that combines music experience and coffee drinks with Netease Cloud.. Read More