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The comet evening newspaper 丨 Ali will increase the investment of 23.3 billion yuan to the rookie, and the shareholding will increase to about 63%; the first batch of domestic Tesla prototype cars will be officially launched; Changchun Changsheng declares bankruptcy

Mask said recently that the construction of the first city on Mars requires thousands of spacecraft and 20 years. Big company Alibaba will increase its investment in the rookie network by 23.3 billion yuan and its shareholding will increase to approximately 63% It was learned that Alibaba Group announced today that it has led the completion of a new round of capital increase for the rookie network. Alibaba invested RMB.. Read More

Women who want to hacked Kitano Takeshi

This article is from WeChat public account: barbecued past (ID: chashaows) , author: less fork, title figure from: vision China In June of this year, Kitano Takeshi divorced his wife Matsuda. Because of the derailment, Kitano Takeshi left his wife with 20 billion yen in property and left only one villa. At the age of 72, he rushed to the lover with his free body. In an interview some time.. Read More

Carmen briefing | Chery’s capital increase and expansion project is closed; Volkswagen’s first MEB factory in China is completed

Guosen Securities: 2020 will be the first year of global electrification. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: NIU Xiao Tong. Organization | Niu Xiaotong Headline The Chery Capital Increase and Expansion Project will be closed and the results will be announced within 5 working days On November 8, the announcement of the Changjiang Equity Exchange indicated that Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter.. Read More

“Double 11” car enterprise e-commerce melee: Live Drainage, half-price promotion can save sales?

Buying a car on an e-commerce platform should not be simply attracted to the offer. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Zhongxin Jingwei” (ID: Jwview), the author Fu Yumei, authorized to reprint. “Double 11” is approaching. In the downturn of the traditional automobile consumer market, many car companies have joined the e-commerce battlefield to prepare for the shopping festival. The reporter of Zhongxin Jingwei noticed that nowadays,.. Read More

Put down the electronics, or the kids will really get silly

To prevent a child from being occupied by electronic screens for too much time, the child is placed in nature and grows naturally. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Knocking on the blackboard” (ID: qiaoheiban8 ), author Gong Xiaoli. The novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” has a line: tens, millions, don’t let the children, close to your TV, it is best not to buy, install, this.. Read More

Discussion on the Development Path of China’s Equipment Leasing Industry

China will definitely have its own URI, and the way it appears is more exciting. herein from well micro channel number “工云租” (ID: indus-yunzu), author Zhu Jiarao, 36kr authorized to publish for industry reference. “ People who have an understanding of the construction machinery industry may notice that equipment leasing is one of the hot topics in the industry in recent years. This article is a comprehensive construction company, leaser,.. Read More

How does the platform allocate traffic? ——On the form and essence of the second choice

This article is from WeChat public account: fill volumes (ID: wwdg1116) , author: Fu Wei Gang, from FIG title: Oriental IC < /p> As the double eleven approached, “two choices” once again became a hot issue of media attention. And this year is different, the regulator has begun to deal with this problem. On November 5th, the General Administration of Market Supervision held a forum on “Regulating the Administrative Guidance.. Read More

The front line 丨 Alibaba 23.3 billion increase in the rookie, the biggest investment before the double 11

Ali double 11 eve on the big hand logistics investment. On November 8, Alibaba announced that has led the completion of a new round of capital increase for the rookie network. Alibaba invested RMB 23.3 billion (approximately US$3.3 billion) through capital increase and purchase of old shares, and its stake in the rookie increased from approximately 51% to approximately 63%. Other existing shareholders of rookie also participated in a new.. Read More

What is the car micro-credit after mass production?

11/10-5-1024×683.jpg 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px”> As mentioned earlier, these Internet companies have almost brought their in-vehicle applications to the Haval F models, including on-board WeChat, QQ Music, Tencent Maps, Gold Maps, and Himalayan applications. Although such cooperation is common in today’s car circle, Harvard has different ways of integrating various services. The biggest idea of ​​this car is “to apply”, which is similar to zebra. The logic of the.. Read More

How do you view the cooperation between Weilai and Mobileye?

Another “breaking” move by Wei Lai Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Geek car” (ID: GeekCar), author James Yang Jianwen. November 5, Weilai and Intel The autopilot company Mobileye has reached a strategic partnership to jointly develop the L4 autonomous driving model. With the cooperation with Mobileye, Weilai is expected to become the first manufacturer to deliver L4 autopilot models, and become the first brand in the.. Read More