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In November, the sales area of ​​new houses in key 40 cities nationwide was 19.3574 million square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 11.4%.

Looking at the cities by level, the hot and cold are uneven in each city, only the first-tier cities have started to recover slightly, and the second-, third-, and fourth-tier cities have shown a downward trend. Editor’s note: This article comes from Real Estate , editor: Yang Haoyue , Reproduced with permission Recently, Zhuge Xunfang released the “New House Monthly Report for November 2019”. The report pointed out that.. Read More

Forefront | Countdown to win7 journey, Microsoft has only one month left for its “Hospice Care”

Players Crossing the Fire: The 16-bit loyal user of CF smoke head is about to be out of print windows7 (hereinafter referred to as “win7”) has one more month to enjoy Microsoft’s win7 security protection. Microsoft states that all support for win7 systems will be officially discontinued on January 14, 2020, but computers with win7 installed can still be used normally, but they will lose a series of software updates.. Read More

Post-95s and Post-00s, “Rivals” of Traditional Retail Enterprises

The main consumer force is getting younger and younger, how should the tired traditional enterprises grow? A few years ago, ice cream milk tea was a business in traditional industries, and fierce competition and saturated markets were prohibitive. But the popularity of Zhong Xuegao and Hi Tea has brought new hope to traditional industries. Zhong Xuegao was just set up in May last year. However, once it was on the.. Read More

Can you hibernate with a breath? You may need to change your perception of hibernation 丨 Near future ㉔

Can humans hibernate? Don’t answer in a hurry, and don’t despise me asking such questions that even elementary school students can answer. In 1900, the British Medical Journal published a paper claiming to find humans capable of hibernation. According to the thesis, there is such a group of farmers in Pskov Oblast, Russia. Every winter, they need to face the problem of food shortage. So every winter, they retreat indoors.. Read More

652.79 billion, overseas debt into a straw

The financing of housing enterprises shows a polarized situation. However, under the environment of “noisy money”, some housing enterprises can only rely on the issuance of US dollar bonds to “quench their thirst.” Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account: Leju Finance, (ID: lejucaijing) , author: Li Yi and, authorized reprint A few days ago, Jingye Mingbang knocked on the China Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Chen Siming,.. Read More

Why are we always afraid of ordinary life?

This article is from WeChat public account: group school of Commerce (ID: sacademy) , author: Liang Xiaosheng, the original title: “Why do Chinese people Fearful of “ordinary” life? “, The title picture comes from: pexels “If I cannot release myself from the ordinary before the age of thirty, and at the latest before the age of thirty-five, then I will commit suicide.” “But what is extraordinary?” “Like all those successful.. Read More

How many years can the landlord pay back on the rent alone?

A roommate helped me share the rent. “Yang Song told reporters of the Daily Economic News (WeChat: nbdnews). The “Report” shows that in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen in the first-tier cities, the rent-to-income ratios (local monthly average disposable income / average one-bedroom rent) of one-bedrooms are 89.5%, 82.5%, and 78.1%, The share of rental income was 46.2%, 43%, and 37.6%, respectively. Even if you choose a shared housing model, the.. Read More

State-owned enterprises lead new low interest rates for overseas financing

In recent months, policies for all aspects of real estate financing have been regulated and tightened. Editor’s note: This article is from China network of real estate , Author: Swiss Ting, reproduced with permission According to market news, China Resources Land will issue a non-redeemable subordinated perpetual bond with a coupon of 3.75% for the first 5 years of pricing of US $ 1.05 billion on December 3, 2019. The.. Read More