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Winter Startup Handbook for Startups (Finance)

Invest in BP without knowing the financing, and I don’t know how many potential opportunities are wasted. The half-time of the Internet has passed, the demographic dividend has decreased, the economic situation is grim, the stock market is fiercely competitive, the media environment is complex, investors are already exiting, and the performance of all industries is bleak. At the current stage of the venture capital market, both entrepreneurs and investors.. Read More

FintechOS Raises $ 14 Million in Series A Financing to Help Traditional Banking Industry Challenge Fintech Companies

Help the traditional banking industry overcome emerging fintech companies. According to foreign media reports, Romanian FintechOS has received US $ 14 million in Series A financing, led by Earlybird Venture Capital and Digital East Fund. OTB Ventures and existing investors Gapminder Ventures and Launchub participated. The financing will be used for FintechOS ‘business growth in Europe and to expand the market to Southeast Asia and the United States. Fintech was.. Read More

Chao Technology | Cycling, Oral Health, Jade Jewellery, Pet Funeral … Data tells you that these may be worth selling

Through data, we can see the world. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Shenmou Data Consulting” (ID: SZ_EOG), author @ 神 眼 队, the original title “What is worth buying-the first issue”, slightly deleted. Through data, we can see the world. It is boring to look at each character in isolation, but if it is arranged and combined correctly and the structured data is viewed from a.. Read More

Young people are old and are forced by house prices

The article is from the public number: Kung Fu Finance (ID: kongfuf) , author: bipolar analyst, title figure from: vision China. What made this generation of young people give up independenceData for the year show that nearly 22% of millennials, or more than 14 million young people, still live with their parents, the highest level since 2000. ▲ European and American young people living in the basement of their parents.. Read More

New research shows that “high-paying, high-education” positions are most affected by AI

/ blockquote> White-collar jobs (high-paying professionals with a bachelor’s degree) and industrial workers may be the most vulnerable to the impact of AI penetration into the economy AI affects almost every occupational group. However, although research on automated robotics and software still indicates that lower education and lower paid workers may be the easiest to be replaced, this analysis shows that well-educated, higher-paid employees (as well as manufacturing and Production.. Read More

New office vacancy rates hit new highs, personalized office or new growth point

This article comes from WeChat Public number: Economic Reference (ID: jjckb-wx) , author: Liang Qian, Accidental days, Yang Youzong, original title:” Economic Counselor investigation Shu oversupply and more new high vacancy rate, “title figure from: pexels CB Richard Ellis report showed that first-tier city office vacancy rate increased significantly, a series of hit a number of “all-time high.” As of the end of the third quarter, the overall vacancy rate.. Read More

The obsessive-compulsive disorder committed by Li Ziyi is a necessary quality for project managers

Success is one step ahead of others. The success of the project manager is even more so. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “PM Circle” (ID: pm1178) author: ring. Let ’s talk about a girl who is especially suitable for project management, Li Ziyi. As a traditional Chinese food blogger, she has been followed by more than 7 million people on a foreign video platform. What is.. Read More

Taojiji bankruptcy, social e-commerce avalanche?

Tao Ji Ji, micro selection … Who will be the next to be wrapped in a snowball? Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ Letter list ” (ID: wujicaijing ), Author Tan Xiaohan. Hangzhou Micro-selection Headquarters at 4pm on November 19th Wei Yibo, co-founder of Mushroom Street and CEO of Weixuan, held the last meeting for Hangzhou employees. That night, employees signed an agreement with the company,.. Read More

IQIYI “catch the pig into the pen”

This article is from WeChat public account: IT broke the news sinks (ID: baoliaohui) , author: ants, title figure from: vision China Iqiyi couldn’t sit still after the loss of the third quarterly report expanded. Yang Xianghua, iQiyi member and president of overseas business group, revealed in the interview: We want to increase the membership fee. As early as last October at iQIY iJoy, the membership price of Gong Yu.. Read More

These animations are done like Xiang, why are they considered “God works”?

The article is from WeChat public account: BB Ji (ID: bibiji300) , author: GK, title figure from:” learning animation for three years, graduate work was blasted classroom teacher! 》 I ’ve recently had a film shortage. I climbed to Zhihu and wanted to plant some good-looking videos. I found a question: “Which animation do you think is the best?” I thought it would attract all kinds of anime masters to.. Read More