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| Intelligent Hardware Terminal Industry Research Report

In 2019, China’s intelligent hardware terminal industry has entered a high-speed development stage, and the next ten years will be the golden period for the industry’s development. The intelligent hardware terminal has a long history of development and rapid change. < / strong> Every era has its own “smart era.” From the mid-17th century to the end of the 19th century, the arrival of the “span” “steam era” changed the.. Read More

Hongmao’s awards became oolong, but how can some things turn?

This article is from the public number: Xia Ke Island (ID: xiake_island) , author: Tian won three fox, title figure from: vision China “Don’t stare at the pastDon’t let go “” We have our standards and can’t make them public. “ A few days ago, Hongmao Pharmaceutical was awarded the honorary title of “Star Enterprise for Social Responsibility in 2018” by the Chinese Medicine Association of China, which caused controversy… Read More

Xiao Zhixing: Why enterprise returnees are often not farmers?

This article is from the public number: Teaching Workshop (ID: ClecChina) , author: Zhixing Xiao, drawing from the original title Hello everyone, I’m very glad to be here today at the annual meeting of the China-EU Northeast China Association. Come here today to share, I am one with joy and one with worry. The good news is that you can easily understand what I am talking about, because you are.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | “Blue Wall Technology” Completes Angel Round Financing, World-Class AI Scientist Huan Jun Creates “Shen Shang Technology”, and 15 Early Projects Worth Watching Today

“Venture Channel” financing news, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on. Image source | Unsplash Please check the Venture Capital Daily on December 27. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by the “Venture Capital Channel” today, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy ~ Business Services Finance disclosure: “Blue Wall Technology”, a construction information.. Read More

Your understanding of superstition may be wrong

Come and smash my signboard! “ So, after giving the fortune-telling 100 yuan, she did not plan to commit suicide, but returned home. Later, after giving birth to her child, she did not even confine her child, and started a new business while nursing her baby. During the time of re-enterprise, I encountered several cases of nearing bankruptcy, but she kept remembering that fortune telling would tell her that she.. Read More

Ups and downs 2019: the cycle goes down, the industry goes up, the rational rush of Chinese chips

This article is from the public number: CV Intelligence (ID: CVAI2019) , author: Zhang Xue, from the title figure: vision China Beginning with innovation, rising through precipitation. Is the year 2019 a thick accumulation, struggling to move forward, or walking on thin ice? Beginning with innovation, rising from precipitation. The hard-tech industries waiting for the future have ushered in many “inflection moments” in 2019. Some have ushered in the first.. Read More

World Smart Conference Roadshow Successfully Held in Wuhan and Chengdu

Tianjin will use the World Intelligence Conference as a platform to provide a supply and demand platform for cooperation between national and global enterprises and governments, enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and customers, and to build an interactive platform for common development, win-win and common development in the field of intelligence. Jointly accelerate the integration and development of intelligent technology and intelligent industries. The 4th World Intelligence Conference is planned to.. Read More

OPPO Enco Free experience, a new step in the three-piece OPPO smartphone strategy

On December 26, OPPO officially released the OPPO Enco Free true wireless headset, which is priced at 699 yuan. This is also the lowest initial price among the true wireless earphones launched by mobile phone manufacturers. Compared with previous O-Free, OPPO has comprehensively improved the design, wearing method, configuration, function and control of the headset this time, so that the newly launched OPPO Enco Free has a performance closer to.. Read More

Those anxious middle-aged people prefer to control their children’s lives than their parents.

This article is from the WeChat public account: You-Tencent News (ipress ) , author: Yeke Fei, from FIG title: “small joy” stills Facing the rapidly changing era, the writer Mai Jia said in the “Starry Sky Speech” produced by Tencent News Lichun Studio: “When the world becomes new and fast, I will be an old person. , Slow people, unchanging people, dedicated to ideals. When everyone is rushing all the.. Read More

Their departure signals the end of an era: the 19 tech techs who died in 2019

They all opened the unknown world Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ made “(ID: xingshu100), text | Tian Xiaona; proofreading | Lily. 2019 is the best year, We have witnessed the birth of many great inventions. From customized cancer vaccines, intestinal microcapsules to carbon dioxide capture, artificial intelligence assistants who can speak fluently … they will surely affect every aspect of our lives in the future… Read More