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Li Bin ’s ideals are full and Weilai ’s reality is very skinny

The interest rate on the bonds is zero and will mature on February 4, 2021. On February 6, Weilai Automobile announced that it has signed a final transaction document with another non-affiliated Asian investment fund. Weilai Automobile will issue convertible bonds with a total principal of US $ 70 million. It is expected to be around February 10, 2020. On February 14, Weilai Automobile announced that it had signed a.. Read More

Vanke’s phrase “Live” should be taken seriously?

Production | Tiger Sniff Research Author | Ding Ping On March 17, Vanke released its 2019 results: in 2019, it realized operating income of 367.894 billion yuan, an increase of 23.59% year-on-year; realized net profit attributable to its mother of 38.872 billion yuan, an increase of 15.10%; year-on-year sales of 630.84 billion yuan A year-on-year increase of 3.9%. Besides the steady growth of revenue, the slowdown in sales growth, the.. Read More

Apple releases new iPad Pro: the most advanced iPad ever, the most computer-like iPad ever

Although there is no spring conference, Apple is still launching the new iPad Pro on the official website tonight / a>. As a product two years after the release of the previous iPad Pro, in addition to the usual upgrade of the processor, the new iPad this year also moved the ultra-wide-angle camera of the iPhone 11 and the newly added touchpad also changed the iPad. It’s more like a.. Read More

Starting at 7999 yuan, MacBook Air debuts with scissor keyboard / Mac mini update

At 8 pm Beijing time on March 18th, Apple finally launched the new MacBook Air and Mac mini on the official website. . Since the Mac mini only upgraded storage, let ’s focus on the MBA. Compared with the 2019 model, the new MacBook Air mainly has the following six major improvements . Replaced with a scissors keyboard like the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro. The trackpad area is increased by.. Read More

Interrupting first, strengthening software, what other trends does Volkswagen’s new plan reveal?

Luxury brands are a big killer. Editor’s note: This article comes from “ Future Car Daily ” (WeChat public account ID: auto-time), author: Zhang. Author | Zhang Yi Edit | Li Huanhuan In 2020, the outbreak of the “Black Swan” epidemic, even the car giant Volkswagen is on thin ice. “2020 will be a very difficult year, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic poses unknown challenges to our business and.. Read More

In two months, I invested in 8 chip companies, and Xiaomi “speeds up” the core

This article is from the WeChat public account: 智 物 (ID: zhidxcom) , author: Wei Shiwei, from FIG title: IC photo Soon after the beginning of 2020, “investment company” Xiaomi started to take action again. Buffett said: “I am afraid when others are greedy, and I am greedy when others are horrified.” At the moment when the global economy was on the verge of crisis, Lei Jun ’s Xiaomi Industry.. Read More

Live car sales are just getting started, but the auto industry sees it as the future

Live car sales should not be based on sales. Editor’s note: This article comes from “ Future Car Daily ” (WeChat public account ID: auto-time), author: Terence Lee Nan. Author | Li Zinan Edit | Xu Yang I have to go online. Xinguan epidemic has suspended offline consumption and life. Few people go out, and few people go to the store to watch cars. In order to minimize losses and.. Read More

With the increase in revenue and users, and the increase in losses, what did the “breaking circle” at station B bring?

Attacked on all sides, rushing towards commercialization. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Connect Insight” (ID: lxinsight) . Text / Liu Meow Meow Editor / Water Sheng Station B is not only the second-order station B. Last year to date, the “breaking circle” plan of station B has been going on. After one year of exploration, the status of station B is mixed. In the morning, Station.. Read More

Forefront | Apple launches new iPad Pro and other new products, is this a disguised spring conference?

The products released today are appetizers or have already entered the dinner. In the evening of March 18, Beijing time, Apple launched three new products in a low profile: the new iPad Pro, the new Macbook Air, and the new Mac mini. According to previous practice, some hardware products will be released a few days in advance of Apple’s spring conference. On the one hand, Apple’s conference four times a.. Read More

Tencent’s 2019: game nuggets overseas, mini-program transactions double, 1.1 billion monthly WeChat still growing

On March 18, after the closing of the Hong Kong stock market, Tencent released the 2019 Fourth Quarterly and full-year performance reports . Overall, this is a dazzling transcript. In the fourth quarter of 2019, Tencent’s revenue was 105.767 billion yuan, an increase of 25% year-on-year, and its net profit was 25.484 billion yuan, an increase of 29% year-on-year, which was higher than market expectations. In the past fourth quarter,.. Read More