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Be an innovative catering brand based on the OMO model, “Mile Fort” also solves the community operation problems for small and medium stores

While serving as a restaurant, it also provides community operation solutions. Mailebao store design Image source | Courtesy of Mole Fort Edit | Shi Yaqiong The White Paper on China’s Catering Big Data 2019 shows that the scale of China’s food and beverage market has exceeded 4 trillion yuan. But on the one hand, the physical catering industry has low profits, fierce competition, and is greatly affected by offline emergencies;.. Read More

You are poor and exquisite for luxury goods, this group of people want you to live freely

Why do they understand young people better than you? What are young people thinking? Brands around the world want to know. Nike said: Young people, don’t be too kind to yourself. Hennessy wants to “let young people fall in love with this cup”. Cadillac ATS-L said, “We know young people best.” Sergio Rossi found Gulinazza endorsement in China, because this post-90s star has tens of millions of fans, and it.. Read More

Difficult times for European and American car companies

This article is from the WeChat public account: car stuff (ID: chedongxi) , author: James, formerly titled” difficult time European and American car prices: public day loss of 2.2 billion or forced layoffs, shutdown caused 1.1 million people affected in Europe “, the title figure comes from: IC photo With the intensification of the impact of the epidemic on overseas auto companies, overseas auto manufacturing plants that have stopped production.. Read More

What’s unique about UAE’s new mobile wallet PayBy?

If PayBy can build a local living merchant network and develop online merchants, it has a good chance. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “ePanda sea in the Middle East” (ID: ePandaMENA) , Author: calm. Recently, several UAE media have reported on the upcoming mobile payment application of Abu Dhabi fintech company PayBy, which has attracted the attention of Middle East payment practitioners. According to The.. Read More

Daily News | Apple invests US $ 200 million in Japanese display panel maker JDI; Disney + will provide services in India in April

In addition, Indian gene research and diagnostic company MedGenome has completed a $ 55 million funding led by LeapFrog; Singapore’s renewable energy developer Equis Development will invest $ 4 billion in renewable energy over the next two years. India Disney’s streaming service Disney + will be available in India on April 3. It has been previously reported that Disney will cooperate with its Indian streaming media Hotstar. It is reported.. Read More

How valuable is the professionalization of a workplace person?

Professionalism is the most mature manifestation of workplace professionals. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Prospective job search” author: former Aberdeen. The time I worked from home allowed me to progress from an independent worker to a team manager and collaborator. In the process, I realized that in the future, I will be alone Either fighting or teamwork, There is a key point that cannot be separated,.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | “Perfect Diary” completes a new round of financing of US $ 100 million, and “Pushcom” has received tens of millions of yuan in Series B financing and early projects worthy of attention today

“Venture Channel” financing news, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on. Please check the Venture Capital Daily on April 1. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel today, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy ~ Business Services Finance disclosure Using 3D technology to virtualize the event scene, “AllSeated” received.. Read More

Insufficient supplies, print it together? 3D printing into a rescue man in the epidemic

This article is from WeChat public account: China Science Popularization Expo (ID: kepubolan) , produced by Science China, Production: Osaka University, Producer: Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences With the continuous spread of the new crown epidemic in the world, a number of severely affected areas, including the United States and Italy, have experienced shortages of health and medical supplies, masks, ventilators, and nasal and throat swabs for.. Read More

WeWork launches self-rescue: tenants sign off for 50% off rent for several months

The New York-based company has long used rental discounts to attract tenants, but the company has been making regular adjustments to the plan since the outbreak of the new crown virus. Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology , and review Cheng Xi. The New Crown epidemic has further deteriorated in the United States, causing huge business shocks to property leasing companies including WeWork, the second landlord of the.. Read More

The rise and fall of a Taiwanese housing company in Hanbi Building

This article is from the WeChat public account: , author: insider Jun, title figure from: IC photo In the winter of 2012, a bus stop near Qingdao Guoxin Stadium displayed a group of light box advertisements on a stop sign, with black text on a white background: Confucius is not gone. Han Bilou. In the evening, the light box lights up and it’s a little embarrassing. Qingdao citizens are very.. Read More