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First Launch | Provides indoor geomagnetic positioning technology, “Shi Yu Technology” completed tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing

Shopping malls will never get lost again It is learned that Domestic indoor positioning technology service provider Shiyu Technology has completed a new round of tens of millions of yuan financing Group Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Zheng Zhigang, Shannan Lakeside, and individual investor Mr. Lu Zhen. The funds will be mainly used to expand the team and increase the speed of market coverage. Shiyu Technology was established in February 2017… Read More

Tencent PCG New Deal: One-year appointment system for middle and senior executives

PCG is accelerating from the “track business integration” to the “deep water area optimization”. Editor’s note: This article comes from Interface News , author Lin Teng. Tencent PCG’s organizational optimization rhythm is constantly accelerating. Recently, Interface News learned from Tencent that Tencent PCG (Platform and Content Business Group) issued a document to implement the appointment system for middle management cadres. According to internal documents, the middle-level management cadres (general manager,.. Read More

“I made more money in the supermarket this year than I did in a side job.”

Take a stroll in the supermarket and compare it. You do n’t have to listen to bullshit to make wise judgments. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “LinkedIn” (ID: LinkedIn-China) , author Wei Xiaowei. Reprinted with permission. In the columns of the previous issues, I talked to you about some very important cognitions of investment and financial management. Invest in the circle of capabilities ——For example, unfamiliar.. Read More

Chen Zhiwu: Liberation of marriage, finance makes individuals more free

Author: Hsu Wen Miao, Yang Xi, title figure from: Vision China Guests in this issue: Chen Zhiwu, Produced by: Tencent News × Choosing You Xiaocai said: The probability of meeting Professor Chen Zhiwu in various economic and financial forums in Mainland China in the past ten years is not too low. The professor of finance is mostly in suits and slacks in public. Speeches and debates are always polite. He.. Read More

Morning Post 丨 WeChat adapts to the dark mode / OnePlus officially announces the first concept phone / Tencent Video, iQiyi responds to advanced on-demand events

WeChat releases beta version of Android, suitable for dark mode Aifaner was informed that WeChat is starting to test the v7.0.10.0 version, and this Android test version is beginning to adapt to Darkmode. According to the actual measurement, when the mobile phone system is set to the “dark mode”, the WeChat interface will automatically recognize and switch to the dark theme. One Canadian official announced the first concept machine

Really powerful people rely on instinct or “anti-instinct”?

The article is from the WeChat public account: People and God Together (ID: tongyipaocha), the title picture is from: Visual China Why do people live so tired? Instinct, or anti-instinct? Many people have heard a fable: the scorpion asked the frog to carry the river on its own. The frog was a little scared of the scorpion stinging itself. The scorpion said it wouldn’t, and it would die. The frog.. Read More

What should cloud games in China look like?

Cloud games seem to come from a huge wave, but they are still under question. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Game Watch” (ID: gamewower) , Author Gamewower, reproduced with permission. In 2019, with the official launch of Google ’s Stadia cloud gaming platform, cloud gaming is back in the public eye. Major domestic and foreign companies have entered the cloud games one after another, injecting a.. Read More

“Too long to watch” What have we lost?

Article is from WeChat public account: Neural Reality (ID: neurality) , author: WOLF, title figure from: Mark Smith We need to cultivate a new type of brain: it has the “dual reading” ability, and it can understand the deepest thoughts through electronic media or traditional media. When the brain skims text, we don’t have time to understand the complexity, nor can we understand the feelings of others and the beauty.. Read More

Why does State Grid want to build 5G?

Article is from WeChat public account: Wireless Deep Sea (ID: wuxian_shenhai) , author: ephemera tsetse, from FIG title: Oriental IC Since China Radio and Television obtained the 5G license, the industry is curious about how this “operator” with a loose structure, empty spectrum and no experience in wireless communication network construction and operation should build 5G. In a recent report from Industrial Securities, State Grid will jointly build a 5G.. Read More

What happened in Shenzhen?

Source | Zhibenshe (ID: zhibenshe0-1) Author | Kiyoshi Kazuo President & President Title Map | Visual China In 2019, Shenzhen performed a song of “Song of Ice and Fire”: In the past, there was a national strategic deployment and the economist Zhang Wuchang ’s hopes for the “Economic Center of the Earth”. Later, there was the discomfort of the sudden “stall” of the economy and the question of “hollow industry”;.. Read More