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Net red training course cheats: brushing, doing data and everything is IP

The “shock education” of a net red training course Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public number ” Notes understand “ (ID: dongdong_note), author: Muzi. It’s true and false when it’s true. There’s nothing in it. Speaking of the relationship between net red, big V and traffic, popularity, what is true and false, what is the reality? The recent tearing of the well-known MCN bee colony media and its.. Read More

Why is it so difficult for Brexit?

This article is from WeChat public account:Economic Observer (ID: eeo-com-cn) , author: Chen Ji ice cover from the visual China The two forces have enough power to oppose what they oppose, but they don’t have enough power to reach what they support. This is the crux of the current stalemate in the UK. Boris Johnson is racing against time to race against time. The British Prime Minister still insists today.. Read More

Li Guoqing responded: Yu Yu said only one true thing; the British cargo car body sex confirmation

Good morning everyone, first look at a tiger sniffing morning newspaper: Li Guoqing 15 responded: Yu Yu said only one real thing @新浪科技[Li Guoqing Sending 15 targeted responses: Yu Yu only has one truth, others are false.] In response to Yu Yu’s complaint, Li Guoqing just released 15 targeted responses, saying that “only one is true and the other is fake. Li Guoqing said, “Yu Yu’s filth this time, I.. Read More

Going overseas | S1E16 Come over and tell you the panorama of Southeast Asian real estate investment

In this episode, let’s talk about the topic of real estate going to sea. Host Ding Jiao Guest 丨 Evan Post-production 丨DiCapri Xin “Going overseas” 16th The guest we invited was Evan, the VP of Lafayette Realty Group, whose company owns and manages 1.2 million square feet of property. Evan has been engaged in overseas residential, commercial and industrial real estate investment and management since 2007. The overseas investment scope.. Read More

Li Jiaqi sold 10 billion a day? You should pay more attention to the logic behind it.

What is the reason for Li Jiaqi’s fire? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Internet and entertainment geeks” (ID: TMTphantom), author: Pei Pei. Overnight, everyone in the circle of friends of the thief group is watching Li Jiaqi. In fact, most people only recently heard about Li Jiaqi. It seems that he was thrown out of the stone. Suddenly he sold 10 billion yuan (how much else),.. Read More

The iQOO Neo 855 is released, and the price is even more fragrant after changing the processor!

This is the fourth mobile phone of the iQOO brand this year. In the previous three, two of them are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or above. The iQOO Neo 855 released today is the third iQOO phone that uses the Qualcomm 855 Series. This has caused many people to have a lot of doubts. Is it necessary to launch three mobile phones with similar core configurations in one year?.. Read More

Huawei: Tesla can do it now, we can do it.

Title Map | Oriental IC The more you contact Xu Zhijun, the more he feels that he is bigger than Yu Chengdong’s mouth. The rotating chairman of Huawei has always been known for his lively and humorous, sometimes sultry language style, and goes straight like his name. If Huawei has a person whose speech style is closest to Ren Zhengfei, perhaps it is not Xu Zhijun, and there is a.. Read More

Some people lose, they always want to win a whole win.

Every gambling must lose Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Ray Xiansen” (ID :RayZhang1993), author Ray Xiansen. Ray Xiansen said: Fast success is the most popular spiritual poison for young people in this era, but few people can think of it after drinking it. How much will it cost himself. Today’s article talks to you about a person who is very eager to win and wins, and.. Read More

When the fraud group is on your parents’ social network

This article comes from the public museum of the public plum (ID: museumofus), author Li Zizi text message, love Fan Er is authorized to release. Facebook has stalled again. But this time it was not FB itself, but a so-called “advertising group”. A large number of scam advertisements were placed on FB. The method was extremely secretive and the loopholes were extremely fierce. It was only recently revealed that the.. Read More