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The first domestic aircraft carrier officially entered service, how strong is the Shandong ship?

This article is from the WeChat public account: Xia Ke Island (ID: xiake_island) , author: Yuejianglou Lord, head of FIG. source: News Network On December 17, 2019, willIt became a day in the history of the development of the Chinese Navy, because on this day, the first domestic aircraft carrier “Shandong” was officially delivered at the Sanya military port in Hainan Province. This is a milestone event, marking the official.. Read More

Fund investment advisory changes

The article is from WeChat public account: Suning WealthInsights author: Huang Dazhi (Suning and financial Research Fellow), from the title figure: Oriental IC In the fund industry, there is a very interesting paradox: When the bull market is coming, investors ’enthusiasm for buying base will rise, and the market will be“ irrational and overheating ”. For performance, fund companies will have to issue a lot of new funds and open.. Read More

Combining the Quartet, Four Neighbours,’s Four-year Journey

Create value for the upstream and downstream of the channel, let more high-quality goods and services enter millions of households. 4 years ago, on December 16, 2015, Jingdong New Access Business Unit was formally established . In media reports at the time, this move by Jingdong was seen as a clear signal that the online e-commerce giant had penetrated the offline terminal market. In the four years after the establishment.. Read More

Cao Dewang: Vulgarity is heaven

“Entrepreneurs must have a culture, they must understand business and strategic decisions,” Cao Dewang said. This article from the micro-channel public number: CEIBS Business review (ID: ceibs-cbr) , author: Wang Zong Bai, the first Figure source: Figure worm Creative Cao Dewang, the founder of Fuyao Glass, recently said two more golden sentences at an event. Someone asked, how do companies survive? Answer, if you want to live, you can live… Read More

Do n’t think about it, check out this Douban-ranked comedy

This article is from WeChat public account: Outsiders watch movies (ID: cstkkj) , author: Ai Fei, head of FIG. source: watercress Suddenly found that only after the end of 2019There are more than ten days left. I clearly remember that in the last month of last year, the emotions in the circle of friends were very emotional. It may be the end of the year and the beginning of the.. Read More

From music platforms to short videos, grassroots musicians’ platform battles

The breaking road for new sound musicians. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Cultural and Commercial Observation” (ID: wenyushangyeguancha) a>, author Yuan Mu. “I have Taijiquan in my left hand and stabbed in front of my right hand.” Following the “Wild Wolf disco”, the major platforms have been swiped by the original musician “Don’t Buy Food” these days. Although the rhythm is not as good as the.. Read More

Tencent’s new PCG policy: middle and senior executives implement an appointment system for one year

This article is from the WeChat public account: interface News (wowjiemian) , author: Lin Teng, from the title figure: Figure worm PCG is accelerating from “track business integration” to “deep water area optimization of organizational talent support”. Tencent PCG’s organizational optimization rhythm is constantly accelerating. Interface News recently learned from Tencent that Tencent PCG (Platform and Content Business Group) issued a document to implement the appointment system for middle management.. Read More

Maya’s “Lost City” was actually found on a free map?

Article is from WeChat public account: Nutshell (ID: Guokr42) , the original title:” He found Maya’s “Lost City” in the rain forest, but he actually relied on a free map? “Author: Vivian, title figure from: unsplash University of Arizona (University of Arizona) archaeologist Takeda Noda (Takeshi Inomata) has been very excited recently. He who studied the Mayan ancient civilization has just discovered a long-lost Mayan ruins recently, which is a.. Read More

First Launch | Provides indoor geomagnetic positioning technology, “Shi Yu Technology” completed tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing

Shopping malls will never get lost again It is learned that Domestic indoor positioning technology service provider Shiyu Technology has completed a new round of tens of millions of yuan financing Group Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Zheng Zhigang, Shannan Lakeside, and individual investor Mr. Lu Zhen. The funds will be mainly used to expand the team and increase the speed of market coverage. Shiyu Technology was established in February 2017… Read More

Tencent PCG New Deal: One-year appointment system for middle and senior executives

PCG is accelerating from the “track business integration” to the “deep water area optimization”. Editor’s note: This article comes from Interface News , author Lin Teng. Tencent PCG’s organizational optimization rhythm is constantly accelerating. Recently, Interface News learned from Tencent that Tencent PCG (Platform and Content Business Group) issued a document to implement the appointment system for middle management cadres. According to internal documents, the middle-level management cadres (general manager,.. Read More