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Quick problem solving: short video + education =?

The change in short video has led to a significant increase in the efficiency of information transfer and education. “Spring is coming.” When the “Quick Hands Classroom” was launched, the tone of the teacher’s sudden improvement was still uncontrollable. Mr. Gong’s full name Gong Qinglin. In Binzhou, Shandong Province, he is a mathematics and physics teacher in an offline education institution. He has no more than 100 students in one.. Read More

10 little things that office workers are most afraid of

Have you seen these fear moments in your life? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “LinkedIn” (ID: LinkedIn- China), author Anthea, Illustrator Suzume, is authorized to publish. I don’t know how many people are like me, walking for many years, not afraid of injections, not afraid of spending money, not afraid to watch ghost films, but only afraid of going to work! The most feared thing is.. Read More

Will Ang Lee’s “Gemini Killer” become the swan song of a 120-frame movie?

Ang Lee’s film technology innovation seems to have failed again. Three years ago, Ang Lee brought the world’s first 4K/3D/120 frame movie “Billy Lynn’s Midfield War” (hereafter “Billy Lynn”), but In fact, not many people have seen the 120-frame version because only five theaters around the world supported this screening format. ▲ Image from: Billy Lynn This film suffered a double defeat at the box office and word of mouth.. Read More

Can I get syphilis when I go to the bath? Generally not, but…

This article is from WeChat public account:Shell (Public No.: Guokr42) , author: cat Capricorn, editor: odette, Li ball, cover: vision China Overnight, “Syphilis” boarded a hot search for an annual big melon. For the post-80s, the perception of syphilis is mainly from telegraph poles, but from today on, syphilis may have to be tied to the “bath”. Figure | Screenshots My first job was in a small town’s skin and.. Read More

MLM, fraud, illegal fund-raising, sharing RV “big scam”

You map people’s interest, people map your capital… Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Power Network” (ID: ctcnn1), author Park Hua, editor Chen Jie. 01 This plan relies on the sharing of RV investment to achieve wealth freedom, but did not want to change 200,000 white paper only 200,000, which makes Yao Yuan want to cry. In the middle of 2018, Yao Yuan saw a link shared.. Read More

Comet Evening News | Tmall double 11 first batch of special school district room on the line; Netease has a way to the United States to go public; Renren network 1.0 return

The online return of everyone who records youth, is your feeling still there? Big company NetEase is going to market in the US today, with an IPO price of $17 per share It is reported that NetEase will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange on October 25 (Beijing time today evening) under the stock code “DAO”. According to Bloomberg, the IPO price is set at $17 per share.. Read More

Chen Tianqiao: Moving to the Promised Land

This article is from WeChat public account:Gu Yu Lab (ID:guyulab), author: Wei Ling, photography: Feng Xinhui, editor: Lin Shanshan, produced: Gu Yu X story hardcore, cover from the original The Menlo Park, California is very bright from early morning. The lake is exposed to the blue-green color of the pool. There is no shadow everywhere. A clean, perhaps too bright place. Four years ago, Chen Tianqiao moved here, eager to.. Read More

There is always no way to concentrate, what should I do?

This article is from WeChat public account:L Mr. said (ID:lxianshengmiao), author: Lachel, cover: pixabay After “self-discipline”, I have to work on “focus” again. When I talked to readers, I found that many people are bothering the same problem: I also know that to focus on the things at hand, you have to be attentive, to eliminate the interference from the outside world… but you can’t do it, you always feel.. Read More

In the next three to five years, the Chinese enterprise service track will be the foundation of the golden age.

Investment opportunities in the enterprise service sector. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Titanium Capital” (ID: tmtcapital), author of the Titanium Capital Institute. Since the first year of enterprise service “first year”, the domestic venture capital circle has experienced a roller coaster-style shock. By the end of 2019, after several iterations, the entire chain of corporate services from demand to entrepreneurship to investment was more rational and.. Read More