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Experiential learning platform “Riipen” received US $ 3.75 million in financing to help students integrate classroom knowledge and practical skills

An experiential platform that connects college students and businesses. According to Foreign media reported that Canada Riipen received 3.75 million USD financing, led by SEI Ventures, with Reach Capital, Strada Education Network, EduLab, Entangled Group, Atrium and Arizona State University’s ScaleU participating. Riipen is an experiential learning platform , founded in 2014, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, founded by Dana Stephenson, Dave Savory, and Richard Tuck. Riipen helps schools connect college.. Read More

Lost Rural Occupations: Pig Hogs, Witches, and Maikers

This article is from the WeChat public account: Story FM (ID: story_fm) , narrator: Ma Pengbo, text: Liu funny, original title: “Those disappeared rural occupations: pig piggers, The Witch and the Maik | Story FM “, picture from: Narrator Ma Pengbo The presenter is Ma Pengbo. He was born in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. To be more precise, it is actually a vegetable garden village three kilometers away from the.. Read More

Update | Launch of Vantone Store, Vantage Shoot is entering the 2.0 stage of short video AI marketing

Marketing with AI links 5G commercial and AI technology breakthroughs in daily life applications will bring new marketing tools: AI can automatically identify various scenes in video, combined with computer vision technology, to dynamically insert needs Expose product information to more personalize ad placement for your audience. This kind of intelligent advertising can seamlessly integrate advertisements into videos without disturbing the audience’s viewing. Wantu, an AI image recognition software previously.. Read More

Technology God Reply | Apple iOS 13.3 is now jailbreakable, remember that the last jailbreak was for 5s using 4G

Netizens, who are more wonderful than the news, reply, let ’s take a look ~ Ke Jie: I have n’t played AI in my life, but there are still things to do in life that I know will not succeed; 2.3 billion people worldwide are overweight Obesity and undernourishment will affect generations … Review the latest technology news and netizens ’replies that must not be missed. Ke Jie: I have.. Read More

Sailing Daily | Nigerian Fintech company Opay may become “African version of WeChat”; Brazilian financial service platform XP will be listed in the United States with a valuation of 14.9 billion US dollars

And, Amazon launched Audible Suno new audio service in India; UberEats India business sale or will be finalized with a valuation of about $ 400 million. India Amazon launches new audio service Audible Suno in India. According to TechCrunch, Amazon recently launched a new audio service called Audible Suno in India, which allows users to listen to “hundreds of hours of audio content for entertainment, education and learning” for free… Read More

氪 星 晚报 | Huayu subsidizes 1 billion for the Spring Festival, train tickets can be interest-free in installments; Tencent launches anonymous social app “Deng Yu Dating”; ZTE releases 5G dual-mode mobile phone, which will be listed early next year

Starting today, train tickets with a price between 100-2000 yuan at 12306 can be selected for three interest-free payments. Big company Huawei announced a subsidy of RMB 1 billion for the Spring Festival transportation, and Spring Festival train tickets can also be interest-free in installments Huawei announced the official launch of the “Spring Festival National Train Ticket Installment Interest Free Plan”. Starting today, train tickets purchased at 12306 at prices.. Read More

Venture capital in 2019: BAT tightens pockets, where is the money?

This article is from the WeChat public account: deep ring (ID: deep-echo) , author: Hong key, from FIG title: visual China Core points: The investment and financing situation in the new economy in 2019 is still sluggish, and the amount and amount of investment and financing continue to decrease compared to last year. Corporate services and medical health are sought after in the capital winter. The BAT giants are cautious.. Read More

Forefront | Yang Hao Chung announced that the car is profitable, the next step is to solve the quality problem

Looking back on four years of entrepreneurship, Yang Haogong acknowledged that he adopted a very aggressive style in the early days, but now he has reached the stage of “development in peacetime.” “The competition must be from disorder to order, otherwise no one can survive the winter.” On December 16, Yang Haochong talked about the next step of Guazi Used Cars at Chehaoduo Group headquarters Strategy: Change the focus from.. Read More

Floranow, Middle East’s First Online Flower Trading Platform, Receives $ 3 Million in Series A Financing

Fresh flowers are delivered straight to home The Dubai-based B2B flower market “Floranow” has recently announced the completion of Series A financing. Recently, “ Floranow ” has received a Series A financing $ 3 million. This round of financing was led by Wamda Capital and Global Ventures. Existing investors Dash Ventures and Jabbar Internet Group, new investors Sirocco Holdings, Adamtech Ventures, Zuaiter Holding Capital and HB Investments, as well as.. Read More

Year of Huiyuan Juice

This article is from WeChat public account: Jwview , author: Yan Shu Xin, the original title:” a good hand to play a pulpy, “drained” their own nationals juice pass this hurdle, “from the title figure: Figure worm Recently, “Huiyuan Juice’s founder’s 4.1 billion assets have been frozen”, “Huiyuan Juice may be delisted” and other related topics have appeared on Weibo Hot Search, once again bringing everyone’s attention back to this.. Read More