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Google fired employees on the grounds of violating company policies, and “do no evil” did not initially bow to reality?

This article is from the WeChat public account: wowjiemian , author: Liu Fang, from the title figure: vision China “Through dismissal, Google is stepping up its illegal retaliation. This is a typical action to disintegrate workers’ organizations, but just package it in technology industry jargon. We will not remain indifferent.” The “do no evil” Google has a dilemma between ideal and reality. Between an open culture that encourages employees to.. Read More

Shaking shoulder dance, “cloud gala” for contemporary college students

Did your college shiver? Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Hedgehog Commune” (ID : Ciweigongshe), author , chief of the garden, editor Zhao Siqiang . This cross-region, content-intensive, large-scale “gathering party” has no organizers and no moderators, and participants have achieved unprecedented participation in the barrage and interaction, and in the ceremony during the carnival Continuously strengthen identity. Search for “Shaking Shoulder Dance” at station B, and.. Read More

Movies below 6 points missed the box office TOP10, the box office convergence rate increased

Word of mouth box office upside down, is the movie market fully responsible? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “麻辣 娱乐 投” ( ID: malayutou001), by Wendy. In 2019, in the winter of film and television, the domestic film market is very difficult. Yu Dong once said at the Shanghai Film Festival that “this year must exceed even one million box office last year.” It turns out.. Read More

Ten years of e-gold, only half of China has taken Foxconn

This article is from the WeChat public account: KEchuangych < / span> , author: Chen and battalion commander, from the title figure: vision China 2009 is a special starting point for the Chinese electronics industry. Three important things happened. The first, the third generation of the iPhone is released, and the complete detonation of the smartphone market is only one step away; the second, the global electronics giant under the.. Read More

Uber wants to sell itself again: plans to sell Indian takeaway business for $ 500 million

The catering takeaway business is considered a savior that will allow the parent company to escape losses. Editor’s note: This article comes from “ Tencent Technology “, Reviewer: Cheng Xi. Uber, the ride-hailing giant, is facing a huge loss, and the catering takeaway business is considered a savior that can help the parent company get rid of the losses, but a few days ago it came as a surprise. According.. Read More

What do Fan Bingbing, Yoko Yoko, and Cindy have in common?

Tiger sniff: Bu Kewen is nervous. The day before he took the stage, he asked the host: “Should you add a few questions? I’m afraid I can’t answer a few words and will soon have nothing to say.” This is the first time he has spoken in public. However, on the stage, he talked eloquently and could not see a trace of panic. The top stylist and designer Bu Kewen,.. Read More

8: 1 氪 | Didi Liuqing: The windmill incident hit me a lot; the debt restructuring defeats FF’s life and death; Honor mobile phones will support 5G next year

Didi Chu Liu President Liu Qing said that in addition to life and death, are bruised. Big company Liu Qing talks about the dripping rider incident : It ’s not that hard to get sick Li Qing, president of Didi Chuxing, said that in addition to life and death, they are all bruised. When I get sick (breast cancer), I don’t have that much impact on myself. At that time,.. Read More

How difficult is it to use QQ on WeChat?

Can Zhang Xiaolong save QQ? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “AI Blue Media Exchange” (ID: lanmeih001) , Author Han Xiaohuang. < / p> “It’s too difficult to use QQ on WeChat.” Complicated operation and functional ribs Recently, a small program called “Tencent QQ” appeared on WeChat, and users can view QQ messages on WeChat. According to the information of the applet, its developer is Tencent… Read More

Ali’s 4 trillion market value surpasses Tencent, tops Hong Kong stocks; Xu Beihong’s daughter dies

Good morning everyone. Good Wednesday, start with Tiger Sniff Morning Post. Ali returns to Hong Kong stocks @ 第一 财经 [ Alibaba’s 4 trillion market cap tops Hong Kong stocks, Hong Kong The International Finance Center has added a Poseidon needle ] After 5 years, Ali finally “goes home.” At 9:30 am on November 26, 2019, a gong rang. The bright orange of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange representing Alibaba.. Read More

A $ 16.2 billion lightning acquisition: LVMH wins Tiffany

The largest mergers and acquisitions in the luxury industry have occurred. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ New Retail Think Tank ” (ID: newretailinsider), author Li Dan. Large mergers and acquisitions in the luxury industry. French luxury goods giant LVMH Group successfully won the US jewelry brand Tiffany. According to Reuters, the purchase price is US $ 135 per share, totaling approximately US $ 16.2 billion,.. Read More