Every month when the dark wind is high, if you take a walk on the path of North Huagong District, you will feel that there is a magical power. If you don’t believe it, come with me. Let’s go, hey~~ you Follow me, go and go, although it’s very dark, there is always no fear of having a partner, so you are also very calm. Suddenly you feel that someone has touched your back, it feels numb, just For a moment, but it is so clear that it is definitely not an illusion or something else, it is a human~! I’m alone by the side, so you naturally think I am making fun of you. “Oh,” you said, “Just want to scare me?” I was inexplicable, “What are you talking about?” I asked.

She smiled and said: “It’s not you who blame, what do you touch me? I thought I was afraid of ghosts!” I suddenly realized that she had met a real ghost!

I want to scare her, because I know the origin of this ghost. She was originally a teacher’s daughter, so cute and playful. One day, he fell into the well and drowned, but he still couldn’t change the nature of being playful. He often ran out to scare the little girl, so I ran away and shouted to her, “Okay, now I Don’t go with you, or you’ll say I scare you later!” She didn’t care anymore, she could see me all the time, we laughed all the way like this, and suddenly, she stopped talking, didn’t laugh anymore, and was dumbfounded. Standing there, his face cold, hehe, I know what happened. I walked over and asked her deliberately: “What’s the matter?” She was crying scared, “I, I… damn it!!!” “No? What?”

She said with a cry, “Really, it feels too real. Someone touched me, but this is only you, and you go so far! How is it possible?” Haha, I am very happy. She finally scared her! I said to her: “It’s okay, hehe, with me, the ghost won’t eat you!” “Everyone is afraid of death, you are still kidding!” That’s it, www.guidaye.com I just dragged her Take it to the Eastern District, because her legs tremble along the way, the road will not go, hey~~In the Eastern District, I see that her mood has improved, she told the story of death, I knew I wouldn’t tell her the truth, Now there is a seal on my ear, which was pinched by him, hehe~~ But don’t be afraid if you meet the ghost in the future, she is just playing with everyone. It’s lonely to be a ghost!