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200 Secrets Hidden in “A Picture of the River on the Qingming Festival”

This article is from WeChat official account:One ​​(ID: yitiaotv), readme: Xue Fengxuan, editor: Ni Chujiao, source of the first picture: Organizer of the Digital Art Exhibition “Shanghe Picture 3.0 on Qingming Festival” The Picture of Shanghe River on Qingming Festival is a legend. This silk painting, 5.29 meters long and 24.8 centimeters wide, was created by Zhang Zeduan between 1111 and 1120 AD. Subsequently, it entered the palace seven times.. Read More

No more P2P in China

Author| Mo Yu Fengxiang data support| Pythagorean big data ( Stumbled and fell into the dust after all. Since then, there is really no P2P in China. On November 27, Liu Fushou, the chief lawyer of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, revealed that Internet financial risks have fallen sharply. P2P online lending institutions actually operating across the country have gradually reduced from about 5,000 during the peak period.. Read More

​No matter how cute Ding Zhen is, you will forget him

©Shenxiang Original·Author|Guo Ruiling, head picture|Time difference island video screenshot “Tibetan guy Ding Zhen” and “Ma Baoguo’s Lightning Five Thunder Whips”, even if you don’t follow Weibo or ghosts and animals, you must have heard the news about Ding Zhen and Ma Baoguo. Overwhelming traffic stars. According to statistics, Weibo #丁真 topic has reached 1.54 billion readings; Weibo Dingzhen related real-time hot searches are on the list at most at the.. Read More

Why can’t Li Yapeng still pay 40 million?

Unlike being an actor, the real estate developer Li Yapeng tried everything and failed to create a classic work. His “belief” is still nowhere to be placed: Zhengzhou China Wengu exists in name only, and the future of Ganzhou China Wengu is uncertain. Five years later, he is still the defendant Li Yapeng of “40 million in debt.” This article is from the WeChat official account:City (ID: ishijie2018), author :.. Read More

What is the impact of China’s anti-dumping measures on Australian wine?

From November 28, the Ministry of Commerce requires Australian wine importers to pay a deposit of 1 to 2 times the customs duty-paid value. Has the good days of Australian wine in China come to an end? This article is from the WeChat official account:Finance Eleven (ID: caijingEleven ), author: Ma Lin, editor: Yu Le, the original title: “China anti-dumping measures on Australian wine, liquor price increases inevitable,” head Figure.. Read More

He died unexpectedly at the age of 46, leaving three pairs of shoes to the world

On the afternoon of November 28, according to Sina Technology citing local media reports in Las Vegas, Tony Hsieh, the founder and former CEO of the American shoe e-commerce site Zappos, died today due to a fire in his home. He was only 46 years old. , It is embarrassing. In August of this year, he just resigned as CEO of Zappos, planning to live a “retirement life”. His current.. Read More

My parents thought they would be the last generation to suffer

This article is from WeChat official account:Guyu Image-Tencent News (ID: ihuozhe), caption & photography: Qingshan, text: Shuifan, editor: Mili, Zhou An Except for the few days when you go home for the New Year every year, parents seem to never stop I didn’t expect that an accidental fracture of my own in Xi’an would allow me to deeply enter the world of my parents for the first time. My father.. Read More

The woman behind Leslie Cheung

Source|Memorial Barbecued Pork(ID: wschashao ) Author| Fork Shao On April 1, 2003, Leslie Cheung asked agent Chen Shufen to meet in the restaurant. Chen Shufen rushed to the restaurant, but Leslie Cheung was not seen at the scene. After a while, Leslie Cheung called: Shufen, please pick me up at the door of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. When Chen Shufen arrived at the hotel, she heard a loud noise of.. Read More

No young man wants to have a wild dad in the workplace

Produced | Tiger Sniffing Young Group Author | Zhazha County This article was first published on Huxiuyoung content public account “That NG” (ID: huxiu4youth). Here, we present the faces, stories and attitudes of young people today. From the idol of wealth in the past to the enemy of the people today. Jack Ma, the golden sentence of wealth he once said, is now regarded by young people as the language.. Read More

Why is “number porting to the Internet” always being spoken crookedly in some places?

Head image from: Visual China Number portability transfer, as the name suggests, users can freely choose among several telecom operators based on their personal recognition of their service level, provided that the conditions are met, and the original mobile phone number remains unchanged. As a benefiting project that implements the concept of “people-centered”, the number portability transfer service brings huge competitive pressure to basic telecom operators. This puts forward that.. Read More