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Is there a male kindergarten teacher in the kindergarten near your home?

This article is from WeChat official account:Sanlihe (ID: Sanlihe1) , author: Carlo, head Figure from: vision China In 2015, “China Women’s Daily” published an article about the shortage of male kindergarten teachers. The article mentioned an on-site investigation. The host asked the parents two questions: One is “Do you need a male teacher in kindergarten?” Parents unanimously answered “need”. The second is “If you are asked to be a kindergarten.. Read More

For 13 years, why can’t the “Chinese stomach” nourish the overseas Asian Super League?

Author: Hyun Li Qi, editor: Wen Jie Shen Xingxing heard that “Da Soy Sauce” was an online Asian supermarket that night, so he couldn’t help placing an order. Shen Xingxing, who is studying in Nantes, France, likes to go to the physical Asian Super League every week, so when looking at the products on the website, he was indifferent. However, when the rice noodles from her hometown appeared in front.. Read More

Android 12 learns iOS 14 again?

This article is from WeChat official account:Ai Faner (ID: ifanr) , author: SCIENGE title FIG from: 9to5Google Android 12 has learned iOS again, and the new feature iOS 14 has long been there. It really looks alike. The debate over which is better between iOS and Android is probably one of the most difficult problems on the Internet. However, although the supporters of both sides have fought back and forth.. Read More

​Clubhouse’s first batch of Chinese apprentices

This article is from WeChat official account:Geekpark (ID: geekpark) , author: Wan Yu-ming, head Figure from: unsplash After being “carried” by Musk and became popular in the Chinese Internet circle, Clubhouse’s first batch of Chinese apprentices have recently been collectively trained. In the past week, several types of Clubhouse real-time voice communication products, including Talk Bar, Clubhorse, Capital Coffee, and Now, have been intensively launched. It is said that dozens.. Read More

Talent is not the core competitiveness of an organization, but the power of the talent team is

This article is from WeChat official account:Huaxia Cornerstone e Insight (ID: chnstonewx) , author: Xia Jing Ming (China Stone Gemini management consulting firm co-founder and co-CEO), head Figure from: “an extraordinary honor” still When our new business achieves a 0-1 breakthrough, it will develop rapidly and enter the second entrepreneurial stage. After the first success of the company, it will begin to consider how to achieve sustained success. I have.. Read More

What is the use of the “mini human brain” cultivated in the laboratory?

This article is from WeChat official account:Academic Jingwei (ID: Global_Academia)< span class="text-remarks">, edited by WuXi AppTec’s content team, original title: “The Milestone of the “Mini Human Brain”: 300 days of growth in a petri dish, how similar is it to a real newborn brain? “, the head picture comes from: Visual China Putting human stem cells in a laboratory dish and applying specific growth-promoting nutrients can encourage them to spontaneously.. Read More

“Internal” and “external” problems, 30,000 Macs are dangerous

This article is from WeChat official account:CSDN (ID: CSDNnews), finishing: Zheng Liyuan, head picture from: Visual China The self-developed M1 chip released by Apple last year can be said to have earned enough attention, and Mac computers equipped with this chip have also become one of the products that many people are eager to buy. However, the M1 Mac that was just born at that time seemed to be not.. Read More

Where will Uzi go after leaving RNG?

Jane is proud of the future of professional players, adding a lot of uncertainty, but joining the small elephant and big goose, a fast-rising live MCN organization, also Not all bad things. This article from the micro-channel public number: hedgehog commune (ID: ciweigongshe) , Author: Pun, Editor: Stone Chan, the original title: “Why did Uzi leave RNG? “, the head picture comes from: Visual China On the opening day of.. Read More

Huawei, please stop cutting the leeks of middle-aged and elderly people

This video Author: Digital Hardcore At this juncture, I didn’t dare to say that Huawei was bad, because I was afraid that the saliva of “patriots” would drown me. Until two days ago, my colleague told me that his parents’ mobile phone card was no longer available and wanted to change to an iPhone. I thought to myself, now that thousands of yuan phones can eat chicken, what kind of.. Read More

The stock prices of Tesla and Apple have fallen, is the stock market crash approaching or a phased correction?

This article is from WeChat official account:Tencent Technology (ID: qqtech)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Ji Zhenyu, from the title figure: vision China Nasdaq crashed 4% at the opening, Tesla plunged 13%, and heavyweight stocks such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google were all spared……The U.S. stock market opened on the 23rd and showed a doomsday scene. Investors’ memory instantly returned to nearly a year ago: Under the unprecedented outbreak of.. Read More