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Xicha first launched the “take tea cabinet”, this time I really don’t have to line up.

“Do you still line up with tea or hi tea?”, “Yes.” Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ retail boss internal reference ” (ID: lslb168), author: Yang Yafei. Core Guide: 1. How did the idea of ​​taking a tea cabinet come about? What is special about the Hi Tea Restaurant? 2. How many homes are there in the tea shop? Compared with the beginning of the year,.. Read More

Starting | Collaboration with the Forbidden City and Disney, the “Mystery House” completed 40 million A2 round of financing

Break through the ceiling, online entertainment and IP of offline entertainment. It was learned that the “Mystery House” recently completed a 40 million A2 round of financing. This round of investment was led by game company Miha Tour Chuang Capital and the old shareholders detonated the point of capital and investment. Mystery House is mainly engaged in creative push puzzle games and real-life entertainment content design. It completed the 5.. Read More

Even if you want to play the vibrato, do you have to watch the drama?

The horizontal screen is not an “eight-week”, and the vertical screen is not a panacea. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Love Fan” (ID: Ifanr), the author is cold thinking. On August 10, 2016, Taobao was on the second floor. This content section, which needs to be pulled down outside the main scene, is different from the normal product display. It displays a video with a complete.. Read More

Performance Express | iQiyi Q2 revenue increased by 15% year-on-year, net loss of 2.3 billion yuan

After 14 years of burning in the industry, the number of paid members of the video site has finally reached the 100 million mark. On August 20th, iQiyi announced the second quarter financial report of as of June 30, 2019. The financial report shows that in the second quarter of 2019, iQiyi’s revenue reached 7.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase15%, The market is expected to be 7.02 billion yuan; net.. Read More

Indonesian e-wallet, which user is the most?

Who is the most popular e-wallet in Indonesia? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “墨腾创投” (ID: MomentumWorks)< /a>. In Indonesia, mobile payments are becoming more and more popular. In the past five years, smartphone usage has reached 70%, and at the same time, more and more e-wallets are available for cardless transactions. According to the Indonesian central bank, 38 e-wallets have obtained official licenses. In 2018, Indonesia’s.. Read More

[Live Review] How to create a sustainable and profitable membership system in the era of super users?

A member is a customer with data. [live feedback] click to listen ???? [Good class recommendation] Opening the 14-antenna training camp “Membership System and Membership Growth Model” 8.25 Camp is on the way, seats are preempted, click to learn more The following is a live review of the live broadcast on August 16th. 1 Why should a company establish a membership system? Image from teacher live courseware The catering brand.. Read More

Real masters are “long-termists”

For the rest, please give it to you with peace of mind. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Effie’s ideal” (ID: xiaoyaolsh)< /a>, author Effie, editor Jia Jia. The original topic “Don’t overestimate your achievements for one year, but underestimate your 10 years of development” There are many reasons for anxiety. One of the most important reasons is “anxious” – eager to reach the goal. However, the.. Read More

Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund / HSBC JUMPSTARTER Global Entrepreneurship Competition Recruitment Begins

The recruitment of the JUMPSTARTER Global Entrepreneurship Competition begins. The economy is getting cold, the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing, the market environment is changing drastically, and financing is getting harder and harder. This is an indisputable fact. Taking the field of artificial intelligence as an example, according to statistics from Whale’s quasi-dong, as of mid-August, there were 174 publicly disclosed investment and financing events in 2019, less than 30%.. Read More

Why are young people preparing their own funeral songs?

And it is full of mystery and happiness. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Bounced Seas” (ID :meerjump), the author of the hospital to run carbonated dogs. Although death is still far away from young people, almost 90% of young people are thinking about how to arrange their funeral. The most talked about is what songs should be placed at the funeral: Anyone is 100w young people.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | “Bao Chuang Linkage” was awarded tens of millions of B2 rounds of financing by the Kaihui Auto Fund. The “Little Help Plan” was awarded by the Tencent BTC round of financing and the early projects worthy of attention today.

The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on. On August 19, the Venture Capital Daily will check it. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by today’s “Venture Channel” and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy~ Financing News Report Starting|Bochuang Linkage was awarded tens of millions of B2 rounds.. Read More