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Ouhai Daily | OYO competitor RedDoorz raised $70 million; META Mobile, a Middle East mobile Internet integrated marketing company, received $10 million in Series B financing

And: Amazon will acquire Ola’s take-out service Foodpanda, through Prime Now in India to carry out food take-out business; Samsung Electronics accounted for 20.6% of South Korea’s exports in the first half; Egypt’s transportation company Swvl latest valuation of 157 million US dollars, become the Middle East and North Africa One of the most valuable technology startups Southeast Asia Southeast Asia’s economic chain hotel RedDoorz raised $70 million from Japan’s.. Read More

Huang Lei, a 40-year-old unemployed, sent a takeaway. How did he smash a good hand?

Lack of planning, too casual, and sooner or later have to pay the price. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Liu Shimei Beauty” (ID: crystal_words)< /a>, author Zhao Xiaoli. written in front: Recently, the TV series “Little Joy” is being broadcast. Today’s article, I want to talk about the middle-aged man played by Huang Lei in the play. His situation may be the epitome of some middle-aged.. Read More

When “Big Mouth” Li Guoqing met “Cannon” Luo Yonghao

Success or failure is a collision between ideals and reality. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “A little finance” (ID: yidiancaijing)< /a>,Author / Bo Dongmei,Editor / Liu Wei. In the 1970s and 1980s, Roman Roland and his “John Christopher” became almost a must for literary youth.   In this era when “Wen Qing” has not been derogatory, two young people may have read it without hesitation. Li.. Read More

In-depth information | Bytes beating into the interactive encyclopedia, not to challenge Baidu but to user time

According to official data, the number of entries in the interactive encyclopedia as early as 2019 was 18 million, and the number of entries in Baidu Encyclopedia as of May this year was 15 million. 文 | Daily Business Collection Bytes beating into the interactive encyclopedia, not to challenge Baidu but to user time It is learned that the bytebeat has invested 8.742.29 million yuan into the interactive encyclopedia through.. Read More

Exiting the price war, will Lyft run counter to Uber?

Both companies are losing cash, and valuations are still too high considering their own risks, but it seems that the acquisition of Lyft seems to be a better option. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “American Stock Research Institute” (ID: meigushe), by Jeremy Bowman, Motley Fool. The market seems to be confused by Lyft and Uber, two carpool competitors that went public earlier this year. The prices.. Read More

Iridium Evening News | Ali is considering a number of timetables for listing; Weilai said that layoffs, back to the board to create false information; Baidu shares in the shell network

Close the Silicon Valley office and return to the science and technology board? Weilai Automobile responded to these contents as false reports. Big company Ali is considering multiple listing schedules, raising up to $15 billion< /span> The Hong Kong Economic Times quoted sources as saying that Alibaba is considering several different timetables for listing and plans to raise between $10 billion and $15 billion (about 78 billion to 117 billion.. Read More

China Express Past: A Business Story about Hand, Foot, Couple, and Alumni

The number of people in the wind, also see the five major families. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “World Network Provider” ( ID: txws_txws), author Jiang Fei. The original title “China Express Past” In the history of Chinese express delivery, “Tonglu” is a name that cannot be bypassed. In the past 26 years, it has become the cradle of China Express, creating four “three links.. Read More

Online music copyright and “barriers” must be proportional?

/005J8iujgy1g655lqg8gxj30xc0fkgmm.jpg” data-img-size-val=”720,336″> Tencent Music stock price trend since March 2019, source: Sina Finance New York Stock Exchange market data Obviously, after a period of rapid growth, Tencent Music is gradually entering a stage of slowing growth, which is also the price of growth. As of the first quarter of this year, Tencent Music Library has included more than 35 million copyright songs from domestic and international music record companies. A.. Read More

The market share is over 2-10, and what is the right to make new cigarettes?

In 2019, China’s e-cigarette market ushered in explosive development, and the diversification of products, channels and technologies allowed the market to enter the state of the 10,000-year war. However, in the Chinese e-cigar industry, where new markets, new opportunities, and new challenges coexist, there are still leading companies that are capable of growing rapidly and are willing to invest cash in industrial development. On August 18th, the domestic e-cigarette brand.. Read More

10 to B entrepreneurial pits written by 30 million

Your time is limited, your team time is limited, the market gives you more limited time, don’t do things that challenge the laws of physics! Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Basic Capital< span> “ (ID: conswall_cap ) , author: Long Wei Nute East country, Editor: Chang Lei Capital von [Span> . The original title “Ten 30 To B Ventures (30) written by 30 million” The college.. Read More