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On the first anniversary of the 88VIP launch, what kind of business is Ali’s paid members doing?

Ali is good at making festivals, and double 11 is the best example. On August 8th, the day of the Chinese people’s eyes symbolizing good intentions has now become Ali’s membership festival. If you have not bought Ali’s 88VIP member, open Taobao or Tmall between August 6th and August 9th, you will receive a promotional reminder, telling you that even if the naughty value is less than 1000, you only.. Read More

The world’s most famous artificial intelligence company lost 500 million last year

The application was also temporarily disabled. In 2018, the DeepMind medical division of Streams was spun off and merged with Google’s health department, and commercialization is still at a very early stage. DeepMind Another promising commercial project is the use of artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of eye diseases. After extensive data training, DeepMind can analyze the optical coherence tomography (OCT) image of the eye and give glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy.. Read More

ID card, driver’s license, contract is afraid of losing? These 3 tricks you to quickly organize document documents

At the 2008 Spring Festival Evening Party, Huang Hong, who could not prove his identity and let the locksmith Lin Yongjian unlock, smashed the lock with a hammer and took out a certificate about himself, from birth certificate, ID card to motorcycle. Car license, driver’s license, and feelings: “How can people have so many certificates in this life?” I was still a child, I didn’t realize the anxiety and helplessness.. Read More

Bear children are “occupying” bars

Before, Fan Faner once mentioned in an article that more and more young people today do not like to drink alcohol. Merchants have to use non-alcoholic beverages to attract young people. And now, more bars are starting to make children an important target customer. In some countries, the age of “bear children” is becoming a frequent visitor to the bar. An editor at vox describes his own craft brewery in.. Read More

Vivo Z5 experience: on the “middle-end bucket machine”, vivo gives its best arrangement

“Comprehensive strength” is the Slogan for V5. This slogan also indicates that the vivo Z5 will be a comprehensive “bucket machine”. In the mid-range product line, full-scale players may not be as easy to create gimmicks as they are, but consumers tend to choose the former after comparison. In the 1500-2000 yuan position, vivo will adjust the configuration and optimization in the Z series step by step. After trying “Liu.. Read More

Canon’s new patent exposure, the era of camera support for wireless charging is coming?

As early as 2015 on the Canon EXPO, Canon has exhibited a connected composite wireless device Connect Station. ▲ Canon Connect Connect Wireless Charging System, picture from: PhotographyBay This Connect Station is an upgraded version of the CS100. It also comes with 1TB of storage space that users can transfer to here for backup via the camera’s Wi-FI function. In addition, a wireless charging pad is included with Connect Station.. Read More

Pixel 4 will have a 90Hz screen, probably the second high refresh rate screen this year.

According to the rhythm of the new machine that was released in October, it will take about two months to officially release the Pixel 4 series. Last year, in late August, Pixel 3 XL’s real-life photos, videos, reviews, etc. began to leak on the Internet. This year’s Pixel 4 series seems to be less optimistic, but Google may think it’s better to be exposed than it is. In addition to.. Read More

“The other party is typing…” It was born 20 years ago, and our chat mood changed because of it.

See the prompt “The other party is typing…” on the WeChat chat box. The reminder is flashing for a long time. The heart is always mixed, one minute, two minutes, the logo is intermittent and the last one is not seen, and then swept. What comes is a burst of depression and anxiety that is difficult to suppress. Many people are familiar with such emotions. Compared to what we saw.. Read More

Apple credit card experience: combining with iOS is a core advantage

This article comes from the public number Apple Express (ID: appleinc2012), author Xiaoguang, Ai Faner authorized release. After waiting for a few months, Apple’s credit card Apple Card finally officially opened for US users yesterday. This physical and electronic credit card combined with the iOS ecosystem has attracted a lot of attention at the spring conference. Apple also found some users to conduct internal testing before the official launch, this.. Read More

Know the 2nd Anniversary of Cloud: How to become the preferred cloud service for more than 50,000 small programs and more than 50,000 developers

The emergence of the 2017 small program, with the light form of “no need to install, run out”, quickly solve the actual needs of users, and began to become the core leader of the second half of the mobile Internet. In the two years of the development of the small program, “Knowing the Cloud” also fulfilled his commitment to “provide the best solution for small program customers.” We offer a.. Read More