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Android users in the EU will have other search engines available next year, but Google will receive “buy money”

Pay advertising is a big source of revenue for search engines, and I didn’t expect that one day search engines would have to pay for themselves. After being fined $5 billion by the European Union in monopoly, Google announced on August 2 that it would offer multiple search engine options for Android users in Europe, but don’t think Google is so compromised, they have come up with new money. The.. Read More

In addition to the 5G iPhone next year, there may be 5G MacBook

In 2019, which was considered the first year of 5G, the 5G war in the smartphone industry has started. Not long ago, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and other eight major mobile phone manufacturers rushed after the excitement of 5G terminals, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingxi also recently Released the news of the 5G iPhone. ▲ Huawei’s first 5G commercial phone Mate 20 X(5G) In fact, it’s not just smartphone vendors that.. Read More

The shelf will only be late, never absent, and the little red book disappears from the App Store.

The general coming will come, and after the Android app store is removed, the little red book disappears in the App Store. A few days ago, when the small red book was released in many Android app stores, there was a view that it might be just a technical problem. After all, the most important App Store can still search and download the app normally. The situation seems to be.. Read More

Young people who hate scores, but found the pleasure of “exam” on ins

This article comes from the public geek park (ID: geekpark), author Jesse, and Ai Faner is authorized to publish. Social media has gradually become an exam that caters to others, and fans and likes are your scores. American youth has turned social media into a “popular competition.” According to Bloomberg News, millions of American teenagers are turning their Instagram from “personal account” to “business account.” In doing so, they can.. Read More

If you send this article earlier, you may not need to cool down.

The net reds don’t have the blessing of the beauty filter. There are not a few “seeing the death of the light”, but no one has the shock that the audience of Joe Bilu brings to the fans and the melons. Objectively speaking, His Royal Highness Joe Bilu can’t be regarded as “scam” or “video scam”. After all, when people live, they always use the head of Kangna sauce to.. Read More

24 hours for a “shoe dog”

This article comes from the public number (ID: deep-echo), author Zhao Zikai, and Ai Faner is authorized to publish. The sneaker business exploded. at the end of 7, GOAT announced its entry into the Chinese market in Shanghai, will heat the shoes market has improved somewhat. The GOAT, which was established in 2015, belongs to the headboard of sneakers and trend single item trading. However, in China, local players “poison”.. Read More

Volkswagen has made a robot that can automatically charge the unmanned vehicle.

If the future electric cars will drive automatically, is it necessary to charge them manually? To solve this problem, Volkswagen subsidiary Electrofy America decided to launch a Robot EV charger. Yesterday, Electrofy America announced that they are working with Stack Auto, a startup founded by MIT scientists, to test the auto-charge robot at a site in San Francisco, USA, and will open the plant next year. Stable Auto will provide.. Read More

The price is equivalent, high with MacBook Air, low with MacBook Pro Which one to choose?

The score of the college entrance examination is on the edge of the undergraduate line. Should you find a professional that you have read in a college, or do you want to squeeze into an undergraduate school? Hands 200,000, should you buy a top-class A-class car, or buy a B-class car with an entry configuration? There are many similar problems in life. With the recent update of the MacBook Air.. Read More

Behind the ride of 100 million people on the “code”, there are trial and error, persistence and breakthrough of this team | Exclusive dialogue

After the official opening of the year of 2011, Shenzhen North Railway Station has become a major station on the south side of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link. In addition, more than 100 trains pass through Shenzhen North Station to West Kowloon, Hong Kong every day. The Shenzhen North Subway Station next to the High Speed ​​Rail Station is also the interchange station for Line 4 and Line 5.. Read More