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Home NetEase, not easy

This article is from the WeChat public account: xiake_island , author: Tian won three fox, title figure from: vision China Although nothing is easy in the adult world, the news of a life-threatening animal that has been working over 4,000 hours over five years and was laid off after being seriously ill is still scary. A staff member who did game planning at NetEase broke the news two days ago,.. Read More

Samsung and other manufacturers compete with each other for folding screen mobile phones, which can not be ignored due to their high price and immature technology.

Folding a folding screen mobile phone as a future, or as a virtual currency to hype, will have a great economic risk for future buyers. Editor’s note: This article comes from Blue Whale Finance , author Yin Jing. Industry analysts believe that under the superimposed effect of low supply and some users ’enthusiasm for folding screen phones, the phenomenon that the folding screen phone“ sold out in seconds ”has even.. Read More

4D long text understands Ali, Microsoft and Google succession systems

Product-sales-culture looks like a gradual deepening solution, but whether it will be useful in the end and whether there are other solutions will be left to observe. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Jingwei Venture Capital ” (ID: matrixpartnerschina). Today, Alibaba is officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The share code of Alibaba is 9988, and the number of global offering shares is 500.. Read More

Twelve years of Alibaba

This article is from WeChat public account: China-Venture , author: Chen Ching Cheung, from the title figure: vision China On November 26, Alibaba was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The opening price was reported at HK $ 187, an increase of 6.25% from the offer price of HK $ 176, with a total market value of approximately HK $ 4 trillion, surpassing Tencent Holdings’ HK $ 3.26 trillion… Read More

Musk explains why pickup truck window is broken: sledgehammer hits door, causing glass base to break

Musk said: “We should first hit the window with a metal ball, and then hit the door with a sledgehammer, I will correct it next time!” Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology , reviewing Golden Deer. By hitting Cyberbert’s stainless steel body with a sledgehammer did not cause much damage, but it may break the base of the window glass November 26, according to foreign media reports, since.. Read More

In order to fight Qualcomm in the 5G notebook market, Intel hired MediaTek to make a baseband chip

The cooperation between the two parties can be seen as a response to Qualcomm’s active expansion of the notebook field. Editor’s note: This article comes from Interface News , author Peng Xin. On the evening of November 25, Intel and MediaTek jointly announced that they will formally cooperate in 5G notebooks. The two parties will not only develop 5G modem chips for notebook computers, but also decide to cooperate in.. Read More

Boston-powered robot dogs begin law enforcement, and the RoboCop era is coming?

This article is from the public number: The Silicon Star (ID: guixingren123) , author: Doutzen spectrum, from FIG title: Oriental IC Boston Dynamics has signed an agreement with the Massachusetts Police EOD Team, and has so far participated in two law enforcement cases. Last month, Boston Dynamics’ cyber celebrity “Robot Dog” Spot robot was finally officially launched for sale. Today, the Massachusetts branch of ACLU, a non-profit organization in the.. Read More

Amazon did not “retire”, but also played with Pinduoduo

Title from Visual China Of course, Amazon hasn’t “quit” China. Yesterday (November 25), Amazon said it would open a “flash” store on the Chinese e-commerce trading platform Pinduoduo. The store will operate by the end of December and provide about 1,000 products from overseas. Amazon and Pinduoduo, one is a global e-commerce ancestor who has encountered a wall in China, one is from the low line, and broke the unique.. Read More

Interview with John Dolan, Chief Scientist of CMU Argo Lab: Autonomous driving’s technical focus is on the “last 5%” long tail problem, and L5 autonomous driving is still far

We talked to the academic giants of CMU about the academic research of autonomous driving. CMU (Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Mellon University) has the world’s top computer science college, it is unknown that CMU is also the birthplace of contemporary autonomous driving technology-the first in CMU school in 1984 The birth of the first generation of Terregator, laid the baseline for autonomous driving “autonomous identification and driving”, and also started.. Read More

Unrest in Nissan

Since last year, due to the management turmoil, the Nissan market has intensified and the brand image has fallen sharply. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Tanshi Business Review ” (ID : Libusiness), author Gao Dongmei. Introduction As one of the Japanese “Big Three”, Nissan was once considered to be the most localized Japanese brand with the fastest sales growth rate. With the excellent performance of.. Read More