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Chinese film capital has stirred for forty years

From nothing, to world class. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “to make a movie together” (ID: yiqipaidianying), the author circle pill. The motherland is 70 years old, and the Chinese film has been capitalized for 40 years. It’s like the motherland’s ups and downs in the past 70 years, from ups and downs to turbulence, from turmoil to reform and opening up. The film capitalization has.. Read More

Give you a reason to buy a three-cylinder Fox

Three-cylinder, a word that makes many “fans” sneer, because the ghost-like shaking is the fate of all three-cylinder models. Even if the excellent manufacturers such as BMW have already killed the excess vibration in the cabin, many people mention the three-cylinder or decisive words: do not buy. Talk about the three-cylinder color change, and now it is the normal state of the rim. Those models that were born with only.. Read More

8 months of sales soared 50 times, why do “new traffic companies” must be a community?

Four Tips for Explaining Corporate Community Operations Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Netease H5” (ID: wangyih5), Author Gu Su. The mobile Internet era has spawned many “new traffic businesses“ in traditional industries. The operation of the new traffic enterprise relies on the mobile Internet to inject content output into each marketing segment, and the brand itself has superior user adsorption capabilities. Their customers are not from.. Read More

Forefront | Nobel Prize in Physics announced that astrophysics won three awards in five years

More than 100 years ago, at the beginning of the Nobel Prize, physics was considered the most important subject. The second prize of the 2019 Nobel Prize was announced. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz won this year’s Nobel Physics Awards to reward their discoveries in astrophysics. The Nobel Prize in Physics focuses on four areas: particle physics, astrophysics, condensed matter.. Read More

Carmen Briefing | Weilai Auto’s market value has shrunk by 87% in one year; Tesla delivered 97,000 units in the third quarter, not reaching Mask’s expectations

The marriage of Jiwo is hard to say. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: Pan Lei. Organization: Pan Lei Headline The market value of Weilai Auto has shrunk by 87% in one year Wei Lai officially landed on the New York Stock Exchange on September 12 last year. On the second day of the listing, the stock price peaked at $13.8, and.. Read More

The Stars Evening News | Tencent Sports suspended the NBA preseason; VIPKID confirmed that Tencent led its E round of financing; Weilai Automobile delivered 4,799 vehicles in Q19 in 2019; WeWork negotiated $1 billion in new financing with Softbank

The CCTV Sports Channel of the Central Radio and Television Headquarters will suspend the NBA event broadcast, and Tencent Sports will respond accordingly. Earlier, Tencent Sports announced that it would open a privileged package refund channel for the Rockets. Big company Tencent Sports: Suspension of the NBA Preseason (China Tournament) from now on It was learned that Tencent Sports announced on the official Weibo that Tencent Sports will temporarily suspend.. Read More

Qingke Apartment sprinted to the US for listing. Last financial year, the loss was nearly 500 million yuan.

Be the first person to eat crabs. Editor’s note: This article is from Economic Observer Online , Author: Raoxian Jun . On October 7, 2019, Tsinghua Apartment submitted an initial public offering (IPO) document to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, becoming the first brand of an IPO application for a long-term rental apartment in China. Before, the long-rental apartment brand and the eggshell have also heard the news that.. Read More

Surface Neo, the future computer in Microsoft’s eyes

We have discussed why “dual-screen phones” can’t be mainstream, in the final analysis, not so much a product The problem of form is not the support of the system and the application, and naturally it cannot give birth to new usage scenarios. Comparing with Nintendo, whether it’s an NDS or a 3DS console later, the reason for supporting them is not the two screens, but the thousands of unique dual-screen.. Read More

The front line 丨 来 Q Q3 delivered nearly 5,000 cars, but the annual sales target has only been completed 1/4

“Wely need this transcript to give the market a little confidence.” Learn, Wei Lai Automobile announced that the number of vehicles delivered in the third quarter was 4,799 units, higher than the previous sales of 4,200-4,400 units. It is forecast to increase by 35.1% from the second quarter, including 4,196 ES6 and 603 ES8. This data is not eye-catching. The subsidy for new energy vehicles has retreated, and the impact.. Read More