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Behind Hegang’s house, there are wanderings of 230,000 people.

This article is from WeChat public account:Dr.X (ID:doctorx666), author: Pppp, cover from: Oriental IC From the crash of Hegang’s house price, it is a joke to buy a house in Hegang. But just a few days ago, an article titled “Wandering to Hegang, I bought a suite for 50,000” was on fire. △ Articles from the public number @正午故事 A lot of people wanted to see what kind of warrior.. Read More

Use AI to manage “seven days no reason to return”

Explosive single time cool, return crematorium Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ brain body ” (ID: unity007), author Tibetan fox, the original title is: Double eleven is over, but AI’s return “dummy trip” has just begun. Starting at 0:00 on the 12th, the double eleven return wave will come with a hot search! The sales data of major e-commerce platforms have broken through the history records.. Read More

Third-party payment service in the Middle East, have you chosen the right one?

Learn about third party payments in the Middle East. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ePanda goes to the Middle East” (ID: ePandaMENA) , author: Eric (Tap Payment head of China). This article will focus on the local payment market environment in the Middle East and the factors that need to be considered when selecting suppliers. After the standard is clear, everyone can judge it when they.. Read More

When the government, consortiums, and startups work together, how will the Korean entrepreneurial boom start?

Neighboring country market that cannot be ignored In mid-October, he was invited to the “Seoul City China Investment Cooperation Day” hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The event aims to help the capital from China and Seoul’s startups to match precisely and achieve win-win cooperation. Since 2016, this is the fourth time that the Seoul Metropolitan Government has organized a cooperation day for Chinese investors. In addition to the Korean.. Read More

Yu Chaowei: You can play together and the team can fight together.

Only by combining the interests of the team with the interests of the individual can you achieve the goal of team unity. Companies in the startup phase often face a problem. “I want to build my own business team, but how do you build the team? It is said that the most important thing in a team is unity, but how is the atmosphere of unity formed?” A team wants.. Read More

Behind the “pain”, what is “Martin Scorsese” worried about?

article from: poison eye, author: Jiang Yuqi, from the cover: Oriental IC The debate between the big director Martin Scorsese and the Marvel film is constantly evolving. In October this year, Scorsese said in an interview with Empire magazine: “Marvel’s film (movie) is not a movie (cinema), more like a theme park or an amusement park. I try to see some of them, even though they are well-made, actors can.. Read More

Why can’t we break through the cycle of user growth? 90% of people ignore this

The most overlooked thing for user growth is the growth front. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Second Lords” (ID: huangyongpeng_com), author Huang Yongpeng. We often see a lot of products gaining good growth in a short period of time, but users are quickly lost, and the final product is dead. For example, let’s look at two examples: Case 1: The bullets of the relatively hot.. Read More

“Yu Yulu·Yu Zheng” is more like “juvenile” than most people.

I have never forgotten that the initial heart is actually true! Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Entertainer” (ID :yujiangmedia), author Li Beibei, editor Xiao Wei. People who have strong self-awareness will often have a fierce confrontation with the world. The more they say “no”, the more they will want to sigh. The “uncompromising” in the face of controversy is also part of the rebellion. On the.. Read More

Darwin said that “hands-on” is born

This article comes from: Huaying Capital, cover from: Oriental IC After the double 11 is playing a human tragedy every day: I have not waited for my regret, the courier will arrive. Whether it is comforting yourself, “the money spent is just a way to accompany you”, or join the bloody day to ask “job to copy me”, or vow to do “the east is not buy” We all participated.. Read More

The break of the science board is earlier than expected.

. “There are market observers pointing out. On October 30, 2009, the first batch of 28 companies on the GEM was listed. After half a year of opening, on May 20, 2010, new shares on the GEM broke on the first day. Today, the board broke open in the next four months, and there is a voice that it may not be far from the first day of breaking the.. Read More