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In-depth information | Xiaohongshu solves the commercialization problem, from “planting grass” to “live broadcast”

On November 28, Xiaohongshu announced that it will launch the internal testing of the Creator Center, and make major updates such as the brand cooperation platform, good product recommendation platform, and interactive live broadcast platform. 文 | Daily Commercial Selection Xiao Hongshu solves the commercialization problem, from “planting grass” to “live broadcast”. On November 28, Xiaohongshu announced that it will launch the internal test of the Creator Center, and make.. Read More

Two-dimensional short video, niche culture works hard

How to build a successful two-dimensional IP? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Short video staff ” (ID: Viiideo), author garden, editor Jin Jinjin. What are the 2D short videos? To understand the scope of the two-dimensional short video, we must first define the “two-dimensional”. Detective Conan, Hatsune Miku, POP Child and PIPI Beauty, Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker? Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Spider-Man, Iron Man? Intuitively,.. Read More

Left-handed TapTap, right-handed “Wonderland”, “heart-moving” Hong Kong IPO begins

After experiencing rapid growth in the past three years, Heartbeat Limited chose to continue its journey in the global game market as a listed company. After experiencing rapid growth in the past three years, Heartbeat Limited has chosen to continue its journey in the global game market as a listed company. The proclamation announcement said that it will be offering shares from November 29 to December 5, and it is.. Read More

Capital winter, artificial intelligence cannot use love to generate electricity

Tiger sniffing: Artificial intelligence has always been a highly watched and expected industry. When it landed on the intelligent hardware side, wearable devices, robots, etc. were born. And many other forms have also spawned a number of startups in related fields. However, the manufacturing industry is an asset-heavy industry. How do smart hardware and robotics startup teams live in the cold winter of capital and difficult financing for startup teams?.. Read More

Enabling core enterprises with SaaS + generation operations, “Zejin Financial Services” will be the “super factory” of supply chain finance

Based on high-quality core enterprises, we have customized a “non-sensing finance” system and provided agency operation services. 文 / 姜菁玲 Edit / Lin Ruby In recent years, using supply chain finance to solve the problem of financing difficulties for small, medium and micro enterprises has become the focus encouraged by the central government and regulatory agencies. In addition to traditional banks, many large core companies have also set up factoring.. Read More

Netease layoffs end: employees understand, Netease announces five measures

On November 29th, Netease issued the latest statement on the layoffs. In the statement, Netease once again apologized to its employees and promised to do their utmost to assist this colleague in finding a proper treatment plan and help him through difficulties. At the same time, the employee also spoke on his public account, stating that after a lot of sincere apologies, communication and condolences, the two sides have reached.. Read More

Huami OV’s 5G ambitions: people to middle age, competition upgrades

The competition between the big manufacturers has accelerated the conversion of the entire market, the industry is undercurrent, and the more brutal 5G battle between mobile phone manufacturers has begun. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “CV 智 知” (ID: CVAI2019) < / a>, author: Zhang Xue, Han Jingxian, editor: Zhang Lijuan . Near the end of the year, the 5G battle for mobile phone manufacturers is.. Read More

Zhiyun Weebill S / Yunhe M2 Review: Let Novices Raise Cameras to Take Vlog

We often need support tools to help us shoot when going out. If a tripod is an indispensable shooting accessory for photographers, it is stable. The device is a mobile tripod. In order for me newbies to make better videos, I recently bought Zhiyun Weebill S and Yunhe M2 two stabilizers, the former is a camera stabilizer updated by Zhiyun on the basis of Weebill Lab, focusing on professional production.. Read More

Starting from 0 to 100 people, how to do cultural management at different stages?

Startups range from 0 to 100 and have different management methods at different stages. How to manage and cultivate company culture is an issue that entrepreneurs need to care about. The author of this article summarizes his views and suggestions for your reference. Editor’s note: This article comes from “Everyone is a product manager” (Public ID: woshipm) , author: Ni Yunhua. Key steps that enterprises need to take in the.. Read More