The Shunyi funeral home is not big, only an old-fashioned crematorium, and there are not many people who usually burn it. Because the villages are connected here, there are many people who die. But there are exceptions. Last night, Ding Dazhuang burned two people in one breath, but only one person came to the funeral.

Originally, burning people at night is strange enough. What’s even more strange is that the dead man was delivered by the county’s richest man Li Datou in a brick truck. Li Datou drove more than a dozen large brick yards. He usually took a BMW and Mercedes Benz, but he drove a brick truck at night for the sake of the dead. Isn’t this strange enough?

Li Datou looked at the corpse turned gray, and said to Ding Dazhuang, “You can do the rest.” He threw a large envelope to the sweaty Ding Dazhuang and opened it. The brick truck is gone.

Li Datou’s words, Ding Dazhuang certainly understands that it is nothing more than letting him throw his ashes into the ditch. This happened once before. Ding Dazhuang knew that the envelope contained money, but he didn’t dare to open it. He went home and hid it directly in the cupboard.

Ding Dazhuang had a foreboding that a major event had happened to Li Datou this time, and he couldn’t hide the major event from heaven! Therefore, he did not dare to lift the ashes into the ditch, but hid it. He also hid a body without cremation, because he had seen this body while it was alive.

On the Qingming Festival a month ago, Ding Dazhuang rode the night to the sacrificial garden to collect offerings. People come and go here during the day. In order to commemorate the dead, the living people throw a lot of high-end tobacco and alcohol here. Of course, high-quality wine and food are indispensable. They naturally couldn’t think that these things were finally taken away by Ding Dazhuang-maybe they thought of it, but people always would rather be harsh on the living than stingy with the dead. The result is that people like Ding Dazhuang live a good life of good smoking, drinking, eating and drinking, and even money.

In the past at this time, Ding Dazhuang always took things home smoothly to enjoy, but this time there was an accident that scared him almost to pee his pants.

This evening, Ding Dazhuang had a fruitful harvest, and it was almost midnight that he had not finished harvesting. Especially at the last sacrifice site, the offerings are very rich, all of them are whole chickens, whole fishes, whole cigarettes and whole wines. They are greedy and salivating. When he reached out to grab the offerings, a cold hand was placed on his shoulder, and then behind him There was a voice, like from the underworld: “Why are you… take my things?”

Originally, Ding Dazhuang burned people to death , Very courageous, to him, the dead are just a pile of stinky meat waiting to be burned to ashes. But he was afraid of living people and “ghosts”. If you don’t manage the living people, you will turn your face and enmity with you. As for “ghosts”, Ding Dazhuang doesn’t know if there are any in this world.

Ding Dazhuang didn’t know whether the person behind him was a “ghost”, and was too scared to look back. The voice said, “These…all belong to me…why are you taking it away?” ThisThe voice was vague, and it seemed so strange in the quiet sacrificial garden. Ding Dazhuang calmed down, leaped forward abruptly, freed that hand, and when he looked back, he suddenly sat on the ground with a fright of “God”.

In the dark, there was a person standing a few steps away from Ding Dazhuang. Maybe he shouldn’t be called a human being. He is not tall and skinny, and he can barely cover his body in torn clothes. It’s nothing. Ding Dazhuang, who is worse than him, was burned. What made Ding Dazhuang almost scared was his face. Not to mention that the face was covered with blood. There should be only two holes in the nose, and he stared. Ding Dazhuang, seeing Ding Dazhuang is heartbroken.

“You, are you a man or a ghost?”

That was obviously a person, because he couldn’t answer when he saw Ding Dazhuang leaving the sacrifice , Rush to the dishes and eat them, how can ghosts eat? Ding Dazhuang breathed a sigh of relief. At any rate, he pressed back the heart that was about to jump out of fright. But then there was a doubt: he was not sent by that person, right?

There is a reason Ding Dazhuang is afraid of living people. A few years ago, Ding Dazhuang was still the little head of this funeral home. At that time, because the cost of burning people was not high, and it was a unique place, the benefits were good, unlike the cold business now. Later, because Ding Dazhuang offended a person, a living person, this became what he is now.

Ding Dazhuang calmed his mind, and looked at the gobbler no longer afraid. He was just a demented and mentally unsound person. At the moment, he waited for the man to eat and drink, and then asked him who he was, where he came from, and why he was here, but the man could not say a whole word. After eating and drinking, he fell asleep on the cement board. No matter what, there is still Ding Dazhuang.

Ding Dazhuang reluctantly collected the other offerings and left. Before leaving, he piled some torn paper and burnt on the person, thinking that it might be able to keep him warm.

The next day, Ding Dazhuang went to see the sacrificial garden again, but the man disappeared. Who knows, I saw him again a month later, but he was already dead. When it burned to him, Ding Dazhuang saw that he had many new injuries on his head and body. He took advantage of Li Datou’s carelessness and threw the body into an empty paper coffin and hid it, and marked it.

Ding Dazhuang’s ability to have today has something to do with Li Datou.

A few years ago, the neighbouring county had not built a funeral home. One day, Ding Dazhuang sent a young man to Ding Dazhuang, saying that he was asked to exercise here. He was sent by Datou Li in a BMW, and Datou Li called for Ding Dazhuang to take him. Ding Dazhuang is a sincere person. At that time, he was not a thermal chemical company, but an office director. He thought, since it was sent by the richest man Li, and there is something above, he can’t ignore it. On the first night of the young man’s arrival, Ding Dazhuang arranged for him to be on duty in the most important ashes storage room, because recently someone had stolen the ashes and sold it. This is a costless business. Whose family’s ashes can’t be lost.Urgent? You have to buy it back at any cost.

Dante did not expect that this young man was as timid as a mouse. The weather was bad that night, and the thunder and rain were splashing with lightning. Ding Dazhuang was a little worried about the young man, so he went to check the post in the ashes storage room, but found that the young man was hiding under the bed in the duty room, and he did not dare to turn on the light. The door was tightly closed. The pants made Ding Dazhuang laugh for a few days. Dante didn’t laugh for long. He didn’t know that the young man was the nephew of Deputy County Mayor Sun. The purpose of coming here was to replace the old curator who was about to retire.

Ding Dazhuang’s kindness was regarded as the liver and lungs of a donkey. Not long after the old curator retired, the young man became the curator Xiao Sun. He remembered the night shift Ding Dazhuang arranged for him. He lost his face and found a reason to change Ding Dazhuang from director to pyrotechnics, which also made Ding Dazhuang not afraid of the dead and the living. Ding Dazhuang hates Big Head Li when he thinks about it. Even if he makes a little bit of a word when sending young people here, he will not be so stupid and sincerely want to train young people. He hid the body of the homeless man and wanted to keep a back hand, looking for opportunities to pinch Li’s head.