Are A shares worth it?

At 9 pm on November 3, the listing process of Ant Group was unexpectedly unexpected. The Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange successively issued announcements stating that the Ant Group’s science and technology innovation board and H shares are listed. This casts a heavy shadow over the highly anticipated “world’s largest IPO case”. If according to the original plan, this Legendary Finance technology company will be in 36 hours Listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the “Decision on Suspending the Listing of Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd. on the Sci-tech Innovation Board” stated that due to “recently , When your company’s actual controller, chairman, and general manager are jointly conducted supervisory interviews by relevant departments, and your company also reports major issues such as changes in the financial technology regulatory environment. This major event may cause your company to fail to comply with the issuance and listing Conditions or information disclosure requirements”. In accordance with relevant management measures, the Shanghai Stock Exchange decided to suspend the listing of Ant, and did not give specific information on whether or when it could be listed in the future.

Shanghai Stock Exchange suspends Ant’s listing decision

About fifty minutes after the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s announcement, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange also issued an announcement stating that it would postpone the listing of Ant Group’s H shares and that it would publicize it as soon as possibleBut it’s definitely not an impromptu speech.

The listing of Ant Group was unprecedented from the very beginning. It broke several records in terms of financing scale and transaction location. As of press time, Ant has not disclosed more information and response to this suspension of listing.