The first time I realized why I lived in this world was when I was 3 years old. I played non-stop all day and night. Although the bungalow in my hometown was very shabby, the story happened so incredible. One summer evening, my kind grandma watched TV with me and ate melon seeds. I am ignorant and I didn’t know what was acting on TV, but I realized that my grandma’s expression was instantly dull, and the hand that peeled melon seeds was motionless as if trapped by a rope. At this moment, I heard a ticking sound not far to the left, a bit like the sound of water droplets, and the smell of burning wood. Suddenly a white shadow appeared next to the TV, a 2 meter tall man with white clothes and no feet! ! Grandma turned on the light in the room at this time, I just saw her face, her pale and terrifying face was deeply imprinted in my heart, and she disappeared in an instant. At that time, I didn’t understand what this was. Is this a new game or a trick? Grandma told me that it was okay, it was an unclean thing, and I would ignore her when I met it in the future.

Grandma barely slept that night. Whether she didn’t want to sleep or didn’t dare to sleep, I still haven’t figured it out. Before long, I was about 4 years old, the weather turned cold, and grandma covered me with a thick quilt at night, fearing that I would catch a cold. I fell asleep after 10 o’clock. I was dreaming, and I woke up suddenly for some reason. I always felt that someone was stepping on my quilt. I opened my eyes and saw the woman in white again and called out subconsciously. “Grandma!” Grandma hurried over at this time and turned on the light in my house. The woman was gone again. Grandma asked me what happened. I answered truthfully and she moved the quilt to my house and slept with me. I told several fairy tales, and I never thought about it again.

Everyone is born, old, sick, and dead. My grandmother left us forever when I was 6 years old. Mom and Dad cried bitterly, but from that day on, I felt that there was a lot of happiness around me. Somewhat empty. I only rested a few days after my grandma’s death, and slept on the big bed at night. I was asleep about seven days after my death. I heard someone flipping through the book in my bookcase by the bed. I opened my eyes and saw the long-haired woman in white squatting next to the bookcase and flipping through the book. She called: “Mom.” As a result, she turned around and glanced at her face roughly. It turned out that it wasn’t my mother. She was scared to cover her face with the quilt, and she didn’t dare to move for a long time. After 20 minutes, I looked outside carefully, and suddenly saw a pair of green eyes looking at me. At that time, I almost freaked out and continued to urinate under the quilt. My body curled up into a ball and shivered nervously. In this way, I stayed up from late night to five in the morning until the sound of my mother’s knock on the door reached my ears, and I quickly ran to open the door. I asked my mother if she came to my room last night, but she smiled and said, “Your room The door was locked, how did I get in?” I immediately got out of cold sweat, feeling dizzy, and couldn’t get up when lying in bed. Then my mother said I had a fever. I had a fever for seven days! I still have lingering fears now.

After that, I found that I was withdrawn and I didn’t dare to go out at nightEven going to the bathroom, of course, after talking to friends about this kind of thing, it’s nothing, and after a few years, there is no more fear.

I remember when I was in the second grade of junior high school, I was a beautiful girl at the same table, wearing a short skirt all day long, because our school is not so strict, so boys take the initiative to chat with her even Holding hands, I was so stunned. In class, I deliberately touched her ass when I had the opportunity. She didn’t respond the first few times, thinking that I accidentally touched her, but after class she asked me if I liked her. At that time, I was confused and reacted for a few seconds. Zhong simply tell the truth. I told her the fact that I liked her. After that, how can I always play together? I think her is her first love.

Once we were on a date, Yamigu talked about ghosts while eating and eating. She said that her grandfather had seen ghosts before, and I was also interested at that time, so she told her Say. When her grandfather was a teenager, he chopped firewood on the mountain. As usual, he left after cutting the firewood at night, but a woman in white appeared beside him as he chopped the firewood. Her grandpa thought it was strange, so he put down his axe and chased her. After running a long distance, the woman hid in the dilapidated little house, and her grandfather followed in. When she first reached the gate, the woman frightened him and was fainted on the spot. When I woke up, I felt terrified. I ran home without chopping wood. After I got home, I discussed the matter with my family. The next day, the three members of the family came to the place where the firewood was chopped to collect the firewood and left with the axe. When I heard this, I felt that this ghost didn’t want people to see her, this ghost was not that scary. But one thing after that made me completely dispel this idea.

When I was in my second year of high school, I finally took two days off and planned to take a good rest at home. As a result, the second fat guy in our class became addicted to the internet. Seeing that the final exam is almost coming, he is still arrogant. I was taking me to an Internet cafe to play DOTA2. I just wanted to practice heroes, so I went. I went there after 7 o’clock in the evening. At that time, I chose PA (Phantom Assassin). I have a special feeling for PA. From Knife 1 to Knife 2, I always chose her by hand. I was sprayed by the whole family and was called a great god. Through divination and foresight, the Phantom Yarn has been strictly selecting some babies to raise adults and become their assassins. This is an alliance of female assassins who regard assassination as a sacred law of nature. The Phantom Veil uses meditation and oracles to determine their assassination targets. They are not bound by any terms, and they are never assassinated because of political struggles or monetary gains. Their assassinations have no timing at all, and seem to be random: whether you are in power or an ordinary farmer, to them, your way of death is the same. Even if these assassinations have a fixed routine, only members of the organization know it. They see the goal as a necessary victim, and death is the addition of glory. As Phantom Assassins, their identities have been known only to the people in the organization since they were young, and any Phantom Assassin can fill the vacancy of another; they are not even known by their code names. Maybe there are many members, maybe only a few. The truth under the veil of mystery is unknown. There is only one. When no one is around, that veil will be brushed by secret whispers from time to timeMoving, in a whisper, is her own name: Mortiti. First of all, I have a treasure suit. PA means that if there is your goal on the opposite side, it depends on who kills who first. After playing a game, there is a blue fat guy on the opposite side and he was killed by me. Then we won the game and everyone rewards. A set of NAVI’s chen suit. In addition, I feel that this hero wears Zhibao and Akali is a bit like.

Played until ten o’clock in the evening, I said I should go home, but he wanted to stay overnight, so I came out without thinking about anything. In the morning when I was lying at home, Erfaan’s mother called me and said, “Come on to my house. Only you can cure my son’s disease!” She breathed a sadness. A few minutes later, I arrived at his house and saw Er fat lying on the bed. He probably had a fever, but his mother told me that he saw something dirty. I also got a cold back. Er Fat told me the ins and outs. He felt hungry when he played until 2 am yesterday. He went to the supermarket below to see if there was any food for sale. When he walked to the door, he found out There were a few people in white clothes standing on the street. He thought who was dead, so he didn’t take care of it. I looked at the supermarket and went back to the Internet cafe without opening.

Until 4 in the morning, he was hungry, so he got off the plane and prepared to go home, but when he went downstairs, he saw that the few people hadn’t left yet, and found it strange that he walked over and took a picture. On the shoulder of one of them, that person turned his head and didn’t scare him to death. With green eyes and pale face, he Sa Huan ran away, and ran straight home only to find that he had a fever. When I heard this, I thought the ghosts would come out in about 7 days, and his mother was crying heartily beside her.

Er fat had a fever at home for 7 days. I came to him in the morning of the 7th day and talked about some things. It was about 10 o’clock. Those ghosts suddenly came out. I was quick He hid behind the sofa and watched. There were 6 ghosts in total. The front one was holding a crying stick and waving in his hand. The others danced as if hooking his soul. After a minute, the ghosts disappeared. I walked forward to look at Erpang, his soul was hooked away, I called his mother to explain the matter, painful and runny, every year I went to his grave to visit him for the next few years , His death also has a certain relationship with me.

This story cannot explain anything, nor can it represent anything. I just want to tell you that if you meet a ghost, you must ignore her!