Problem description: I am going to have an abortion operation in a few days, but I don’t know what to note. My friend said that water and food should be banned. Do I need water and food for an abortion operation?
Question date:2020-12-03
Patient information:Age: 25 Gender: Female
Avoid water and food .
Water and fasting during abortion surgery is to prevent the reflux of stomach contents during the operation and cause breathing difficulties for the patient. Under normal circumstances, the time of water deprivation for normal patients is required to be about two hours before the operation, that is to say, no water can be taken two hours before the operation. In addition, the eating time should be slightly different according to the nature of the food eaten. Usually it is six to eight hours. If the patient eats easily digestible foods such as porridge, fasting for six hours is fine. However, if it is high-protein and other indigestible foods, the fasting time will be slightly longer, usually at least eight hours. The specific anesthesiologist will also inform the patient according to the patient’s specific situation.
At the same time, you can wash and bathe, change clothes the day before the abortion operation, sleep better, and maintain a good mental state to perform the operation.
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