Problem description: There are fine hairs on my face. I dare not use tape or hair removal cream to remove this hair. Is there any better way to remove facial hair?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 32 Gender: Female
You can choose to have laser hair removal surgery. Laser hair removal surgery can remove excess facial hair. If you want to remove facial hair permanently, you can use laser hair removal. The beam emitted by the laser penetrates the skin, destroying the hair follicles, and no longer grows hair. It is a permanent hair removal method. If you don’t want to remove facial hair through micro-surgery, you can also choose to buy pearl powder, mix an appropriate amount of water and pearl powder together to form a toothpaste shape, and then apply it to the face and massage gently to remove it. The hair is gone. Pay attention to facial cleanliness and hygiene, and eat less spicy, raw, cold and irritating foods. As the body develops, men’s hairs will become more prominent, so there is no need for special treatment.
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