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After testing short videos and making a reading calendar, I opened a book at the “City Cultural Park” at 10 o’clock.

Cultural Life Space It is learned that the second new retail bookstore under the cultural life brand “10 o’clock reading” officially opened in Xiamen Chinatown on December 28th. The ten-point bookstore in Chinatown is located in the “City Cultural Park”. It is located on Zhongshan Road, adjacent to Gulangyu Island. It is one of the business districts with the largest passenger traffic in Xiamen (40 million passengers per year). The.. Read More

The God of Stock Market Operation in 2019: Earn 200 million with 10,000

This article is from WeChat public account: Snowball (ID: xueqiujinghua) , author: will talk Sphere stock from head Figure: Figure insects creative There are only two trading days left in 2019, and a year-end summary essay has been written on the snowball. Many investors are basking in earnings, writing a summary, and then looking forward to next year or even the next ten years. From the year-end summary on the.. Read More

Slums represent the level of Indian manufacturing?

Before Christmas last year, Duan Xiaolei and Twenty students from Stanford Business School conducted a ten-day visit in Mumbai and Bangalore. India’s “Digital Revolution”. After a year, I finally wrote a pen to share with you the gains from my trip to India. This is the fourth in a series of Indian expeditions.

Express logistics internet platform “Fast Gold Data” won tens of millions of round B financing, the old shareholder Dongfang Fuhai led the investment

After this round of financing, the fast gold data will gradually expand from express to capacity SKUs in other categories. In the next 2-3 years, its goal is to achieve a comprehensive copy of Chinese-style globalization. It is reported that the express logistics internet platform “Fast Gold Data” has completed tens of millions of yuan The B round of financing was added by the old shareholder Dongfang Fuhai, and Duowei.. Read More

“Micro-vision good circle” launched, Tencent entered the short video war with cargo

We look after the small target of 100 million MAU, and explore a profitable video community. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Tech Planet ” (ID: tech618 ), Author Chen Qiaohui. As a choice that Tencent can’t lose on the short video track, in recent years, Microvision has achieved a 100 million MAU result in a difficult battle with Douyin and Quick Hands. Although Liu Chiping,.. Read More

Who is the killer Sun Wenbin?

c2dd & chksm = faecb90acd9b301cb5b71c8a707cf8e7bee883c567d76695d2e8187737ad972e001ba84bc16b & scene = 21 # wechat_redirect “target =” _ blank “> The last 44 days of an 89-year-old Some patients who cannot be “hospitalized” are often sent to hospital emergency departments. Inpatients not accepted by this hospital are also transferred to the emergency department of the next hospital, and then transferred from the emergency department to the inpatient department. The emergency department bears the unbearable.. Read More

WeChat withdraws the function of friends circle, may have this consideration

Get healthy online and care for your health. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ 爱 范 儿 ” ( ID: ifanr), author Li Haoran. A few days ago, Twitter announced the cancellation of Animated PNG (Dynamic PNG) support previously added to mobile applications. The reason is that Twitter found that APNG can bypass the autoplay setting (equivalent to autoloading animation). For normal people, this loophole is.. Read More

The new growth of mobile Internet, where is the way out?

Service and making money will be the main theme. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ A fat man’s world ” (ID : We_the_people), author Liu Fat. The year 2020 is approaching. The mobile Internet, which has been in development for nearly 10 years, is still undergoing continuous upgrading and reconstruction. The mobile Internet traffic bonus is really gone. The last little bit of new space.. Read More

Uniqlo founder Yanai is leaving Softbank and was dissatisfied with investing in WeWork

This article is from WeChat public account: investment community (ID: pedalaily2012) , author: Yang Jiyun, title figure from: vision China Uniqlo founder Masayan Yanai decided to leave Softbank. On December 27, SoftBank Group issued a statement that Uniqlo’s parent company Yanai is announcing his withdrawal from the SoftBank Group’s board of directors and will officially step down on December 31. This means that he will bid farewell to SoftBank’s 18-year-old.. Read More

Are French tofu delicious?

This article is from WeChat public account: Ring Planetary Ball (ID: huanxingxingqiu) , author: Léa, title figure from: Pexels The saints all said: food, color, and sex. This is the instinct of human beings. On the premise of ensuring personal safety, occasionally find some happiness in life, especially in a sentimental place like France. So, the topic to discuss with the big guys today is: eating——beans—tofu —— Which excellent Chinese.. Read More