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The new food generation approaches, what golden keys are hidden in the stomachs of young people?

Regardless of the subdivision of the track, the younger generation of consumers have become the friends that brands want to make. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Zinc Scale” (ID: znkedu), author: Li Gulin, editor: Star Night. Generation Z makes old brands younger and new brands mature An epidemic changed the appearance of the world, changed living habits, and changed the food ecology. The elements of.. Read More

High-standard bidding for Beijing local auction: two transactions, eight pending

The tree village is the hottest, Wang Siying split On May 24 and 25, 10 plots in Beijing were submitted for high-standard commercial housing construction projects. Previously, the first batch of centralized land supply in Beijing had 10 plots of undetermined ownership. Due to the double top (that is, the reasonable upper limit price of land and the upper limit area of ​​”public rental housing”) during the on-site bidding, they.. Read More

“Drunk” Fosun

Guo Guangchang’s food knows the taste. Text | Yang Xuran Edit| Wang Fangyu Production|tide-biz Guo Guangchang is an evergreen tree in the Chinese business community and a master of creative concepts. When he first started his own business, he and his entrepreneurial partners set up the values ​​of “cultivating one’s body, aligning one’s family, establishing a career, and helping the world”; As early as 2011, Guo Guangchang proposed “China’s power.. Read More

Kuaishou’s 2021 Q1 financial report: promote e-commerce with a trust mechanism and pull users with vertical content

Whether it is the original e-commerce business of the platform or the newly launched local life business, good progress has been made in the huge flow of Kuaishou. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “DoNews” (ID: ilovedonews), author: Xia Tian Editor: Yang Bocheng. On May 24, Kuaishou released the first quarter of 2021 results. The key data of Kuaishou performed well during the quarter, and the.. Read More

The music festival has become a “grasp of cultural tourism”, and Shandong is blooming everywhere. Who can seize the C position?

The music festival has become a big punch in stimulating the integration and development of the cultural and tourism economy. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Music Finance” (ID: musicbusiness), author: Wu Boya, An Xixi. Not long ago, the topic #Shandong was listed on Hot Search# in order to promote the music festival. In the moving picture of viral transmission, the public can see that at.. Read More

To make small programs, we must insist on long-termism

​Small programs are the same as investment. If you want lasting and long-term returns, you should uphold the long-term philosophy when operating. It’s time to make this point straight. The mini program was born four years ago. Whether it is on WeChat, Alipay, Douyin, or Kuaishou, it should no longer be used as a tool only to gather platform traffic, but rather a piece that requires patience and will be.. Read More

Wei Ya was exposed to selling counterfeit goods: bargaining power declined, super anchor “not popular”?

The queen of goods is a bit annoying lately. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Time Weekly” (ID: timeweekly), author: Li Xinting. The 521 Via Carnival with big names has come to an end, but the “cargo queen” Via has been a bit annoying recently. Recently, some Weibo netizens broke the news that the fashion brand Supreme co-branded products sold by Wei Ya in the live.. Read More

Self-built, joint venture to invest in the second line, car companies attack power batteries

No one wants to get stuck in the expansion of production and sales of new energy vehicles. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Laikazk” (ID: laikazk), author: Xinxin. The after-temperature of “car building” has not yet passed, and the power battery has become a new hot spot. As the global automotive industry accelerates its electrification transformation, the demand for power batteries has skyrocketed, and companies have.. Read More

Tuniu was removed from the shelves by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and still available for download. It has repeatedly collected personal information in violation of regulations and was named, and its stock price has shrunk by more than 70%.

According to industry insiders, Tuniu has a single product structure, and is embarking on a road of “burning money” for expansion. At present, consumers have new demand for tourism consumption. If they cannot produce attractive products, or there is not much time for Tuniu Up. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Blue Whale TMT” (ID: ilanjingtmt), author: Qi Zhiying. Recently, Tuniu was named by the Ministry.. Read More

It is also rumored that the independent listing plan, what is the value of Carrefour’s investment?

There are still three problems to be solved. After Carrefour (China) CEO Tian Rui revealed in March that the company will plan to go public, Carrefour has announced the news of an independent listing. CEO Tian Rui said in an interview with the media, “We plan to go public in the future, and we are indeed carrying out related capital operations… Planning to go public is not purely for financing,.. Read More