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Why must Radixivir be applied in clinical trials?

This article comes from WeChat public account “fruit shell” (ID: Guokr42), author Zhang Di, Ai Faner released with permission. The recent entry of Radixivir in clinical trials, known as a potent drug, has caused widespread discussion, and rumors related to it have also arrived. Rumors have even claimed that redecive is effective in more than 90% of patients within 17-40 hours. There are those who deliberately spread rumors for their.. Read More

New 13-inch MacBook Pro exposure: 10nm processor boosts performance

Last month Apple released a bright financial report Both single-quarter revenue and profit hit a record high. However, Mac’s performance is not satisfactory, and its revenue of 7.16 billion US dollars fell 3.45% year-on-year. Apple may make more efforts in the Mac business this year. A netizen named _rogame recently announced on Twitter that the new MacBook Pro 13-inch in 2020 will be It will be equipped with Intel’s 10th-generation.. Read More

Apple may design 5G antenna for new iPhone due to dissatisfaction with Qualcomm solution

Many analysts predict that this year’s new iPhones will all support 5G, but according to Fast Company cites people familiar with the matter According to sources, , because they are not satisfied with the antenna module provided by Qualcomm, Apple is planning to design the antenna module of the new iPhone. It is reported that Qualcomm will still provide 5G baseband chips for the new iPhone, but the QTM 525.. Read More

Do current students still have myopia?

The recent online lessons have not only driven teachers and students crazy, but parents are also very anxious. In addition to worrying about their children’s inattention in class, they are also worried that watching the screen for a long time will affect their vision. “The myopia rate of students is now high. I was afraid that my eyes would be blind in the last week or two.” There are a.. Read More

From “Aunt” to “Fat Dragon Crossing the River”, why are there always bad movies premiered online?

The Oscar awards ceremony just came to an end a few days ago, this year is recognized as the Oscar year, high-scoring films gathered. If it were not for the epidemic, Chinese audiences would have been able to see these movies on the big screen. Affected by the epidemic, after all the Spring Festival films were withdrawn, the 12 films originally scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day were also.. Read More

Selling a car live? Not you want to sell, you can sell it if you want

The epidemic is in full swing. People do not leave the house. The merchants’ doors are tightly locked. There are also major automobile 4S shops. In 2019, the deserted auto market was hit hard by car companies. Who would have expected a plague to make the 2020 just arrived even worse? The new car was not easy to sell, and the main channel, the 4S store, was left unattended, and.. Read More

NASA reveals 4 new missions to discover the secrets of the solar system

0 1280w,×203.jpg 360w, 345-768×433.jpg 768w,×577.jpg 1024w “sizes =” (max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px “> < / p> For many scientists, studying Venus is a distant dream. The surface of this hell-like planet is 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is a thick cloud of sulfuric acid, which is full of dense carbon dioxide. Researchers plan to launch a spacecraft into Venus’ atmosphere and let this “probe” fall into the.. Read More

It’s not too cold this winter, we just had the hottest January ever

In the past, the epidemic has frozen the lives and work of many people, but this winter does not seem to be very cold. This is not a metaphor, according to data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) , January 2020 is the hottest January on Earth’s records. ▲ Picture from: NOAA NOAA has recorded 141 years of global climate change. In the past January, the global.. Read More

Robot: Close your eyes and I will show you the world

Imagine that when you must close your eyes, even if it is completely black, you can still feel the world through the touch of your limbs. Now, robots have the same capabilities. Before, robots mostly used motion cameras, lidar systems, and algorithms to obtain and generate three-dimensional information about the environment. But this vision system doesn’t seem to be suitable for today’s new robotics, software robots. ▲ Software robot from.. Read More

New Apple patent: configure all smart homes and set hierarchical access

When more and more start-up brands choose smart home as a starting point, the smart home ecosystem is getting richer. But many brands also have disadvantages. Each company started to build its own platform and services, and the original market became more fragmented. You can either choose a single brand family bucket, or choose the star products of each brand, and then control the apps in your phone. At the.. Read More