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Exclusive丨healthy nutrition brand “Menthol Health” completed D round of financing, with a post-investment valuation of over 2 billion yuan

The overall sales target this year will reach 1.5 billion yuan. It is learned that the health and nutrition brand “Menthol Health” has completed the D round of financing. This round is led by Mingyao Capital, and the C round investor Fosun Group continues to follow up the investment. The post-investment valuation exceeds 2 billion yuan. Before this round of financing, Mint Health had received multiple rounds of investment, including.. Read More

The founder of Xianyu started his own business “Little Velvet Pig” to create a diverse community aggregation platform

Want to invigorate group chat and social networking How to break away from acquaintances in multi-person social networking and achieve efficient “group division of people” has always been a problem that stranger social products want to solve. There is no shortage of beeping on the track of interest and vertical. Li, Douban and other communities. The recently learned group social app “Little Rongzhu” was founded by Li Huai, founder of.. Read More

Youth films are still the most stable type of Nuggets?

Why do such ugly movies have such high box office Author | Er Dong Chen Edit|Wu Dongdian Ten hours in theaters, the box office broke 100 million. This is the record of the movie “I Want Us Together” on May 20th. Obviously the release date is not a holiday, the 51st file of the same type of “Your Wedding” has not yet been released, and the Hollywood super series “Fast.. Read More

Huazhu Q1 net loss of 248 million yuan, RevPAR in April has returned to pre-epidemic levels

Huazhu expects its net income in the next quarter to grow by 87% to 89% year-on-year. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Global Travel News” (ID: Traveldaily). On the evening of May 25th, Beijing time, China Lodging announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2021: In the first quarter, net income was 2.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.6%; DH (Deutsche Hotels) was.. Read More

Entering the service robot track from Smart Hotel 4.0, “Jingwu Smart” achieves hotel cost reduction and efficiency increase through robot labor dispatch

Replacing repetitive, dangerous, low-value labor and realizing service digitization Under the background of rising labor costs in China and the disappearance of demographic dividends, more and more repetitive, low-value labor and dangerous types of work require intelligent robots to replace or assist. , The hotel accommodation industry is no exception. With the gradual maturity of robot technology and the completion of market education in the hotel industry, hotel robots, as.. Read More

From Kuaishou’s latest financial report, I see more positive factors than negative factors

From a platform of “sinking market” to a platform for all people Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Internet Strange Thieves Group” (ID: TMTphantom), author: Pei Pei, the head of the team. Kaishou announced the first quarterly report for 2021 after the market on May 24. This is the second quarterly report after listing: operating income increased by 36.6% year-on-year, gross profit margin increased by 7.. Read More

The “deposit person” does not stay up late, why do 618 need to be 4 hours in advance

Consumption promotion also began to compete for the golden gear at 8 o’clock in the evening. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “E-commerce Online” (ID: dianshangmj), author: Wu Lingwei, editor: Si Wen. This may be the first big promotion for the “deposit people” to fall asleep. Last year on Double 11, during Li Jiaqi’s “don’t sleep,” “buy it, buy it,” and Wei Ya’s “crazy, robbing” cries,.. Read More

Google, “Fang”

Can Pixel 6 compete with the current camera monsters? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ZEALER” (ID: zealertech), author: ZEALER. Speaking of Google phones, what would you think of first? Google’s pro-son, synonymous with native Android, representative of computational photography… Such a powerful mobile phone should sell well, right? However, Xiao Z checked Counterpoint’s share of US smartphones. Google Pixel has always missed the top four.. Read More

“Zhizhen AI+” is released, the liver magnetic resonance AI analysis platform is promoted to the clinic

MRI “AI 4.0” version. On May 25th, ge Medical released a brand-new magnetic resonance artificial intelligence platform-“Zhizhen AI+”, which is also after the release of “Zhijian AI+” in early 2020. After 3.0″ platform, another breakthrough in this field. It is reported that, technically, the “Zhizhen AI+ Platform” integrates the flash radio frequency imaging chain of GE Magnetic Resonance to ensure high-definition, high-quality Image data; in clinical applications, it is equipped.. Read More

Yuanqi Forest Financing Story: Beloved by thousands, without fear

When an S-level entrepreneur founded a startup company wen | Ren Qian Edit | Liu Jing One day in January 2021, investors from Sequoia China met with Tang Binsen. At this time, Yuanqi Forest has not officially launched financing. In theory, this round of Sequoia has a greater chance of winning-Sequoia is the leading investor in the last round of financing of Yuanqi Forest. But the facts have proved that.. Read More