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Reaching the screen’s technical “no man’s land”, which way did OPPO go?

Crossing the hill, I found no one waiting. Use this lyrics to describe the recent two generations of the Find X and X2 series, which are quite relevant. The former uses the form of a positive and negative non-porous plus perimeter lifting structure to tell the industry what a natural phone looks like. In terms of structural design, there is no ancient one; the latter took out a (3K) QHD.. Read More

What’s wrong with the Chinese fonts used in the game?

This article comes from WeChat public account “3type” ( Email ), the author Wei Li, the original title “From Selda to Motion: Is it wrong to use variety in the game? “, Ai Faner released with permission. Yesterday, I was preparing to land on the island. When the office and the two raccoons checked in, I felt that what they said was a bit wrong. What’s going on? This.. Read More

What is the routine of “dual main camera” on mobile phones?

On November 5, 2019, Xiaomi CC9 Pro was released and tied with Huawei Mate30 Pro for the first place on the DxOMark list. This is the first time that Xiaomi has equaled Huawei in taking pictures. Although we often say that DxO is just right, it is unreliable, Tu Yi Le or something. But it is true that Xiaomi CC9 Pro reached a new height at the time on the.. Read More

Users frantically share paid accounts, these media feel they have earned

This article comes from the WeChat public account “All Media Group” (ID: quanmeipai), which is authorized by Aifaner release. For many people, it may be a very natural thing to share their paid subscription account with friends or family members. However, this kind of hacking behavior does not seem to be the case for digital media companies including Netflix. fair. The survey shows that about 10% of Netflix users will.. Read More

Code leak: iPhone 12 will be designed with no fringe / Huawei P40 series released / WeChat “payment” function goes live

Number of outbreaks today As of 7:00 on March 27, the National Health and Medical Commission received a total of 82,037 confirmed cases from the country (+135 yesterday), 4538 confirmed cases (from -279 yesterday), and 3,293 dead cases (compared to yesterday). +6 yesterday),A total of 74,206 cases were cured. Overseas epidemic situation: a total of 437,192 confirmed cases overseas (+33429 from yesterday), a cumulative death of 3,013 cases (+1419 from.. Read More

Huawei P40 series released: fastest wireless charging + five-shot 100x zoom, can record video for the moon

March 26, 2019, Huawei released the P30 series in Paris , Extending the phone’s camera magnification to 50 times. A year later, Huawei also chose to release the P40 series in Paris. The only difference is that this year’s Huawei global press conference was held online, and there was no crowded foreign media, and no media from China participated. ▲ Huawei P40 Pro. Picture from: MKBHD However, Huawei also released.. Read More

Do n’t ask “Why is the video number at station B called AV?”

“AV Direction”, “Ask for XXX Drama AV Number” … After years of seeing this, users at station B will be confused, because from March 23, the AV number will be upgraded to ” BV number “, which replaces the original fixed digital number of the video in the station with a randomly generated string. On other platforms, such a change in the numbering rules is not worth mentioning. Where is.. Read More

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge Experience: Art in Sound, Good Soul

If you are an industrial fan or music fan, then you should know that the Zeppelin airship has three meanings. One is the first hard airship made by Earl Zeppelin of Germany; the second is the British legendary rock band, and the third is It is a speaker produced by Britain’s top audio manufacturer. ▲ Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Audio Bowers & Wilkins (hereafter referred to as B & W)-mentioning.. Read More

WeChat’s credit payment product “share payment” is here. It wants you to spend boldly and pay off slowly

On March 26, several WeChat users discovered that the entry of Credit Payment Products “payment” appeared in WeChat wallet. Click “Pay” to open WeChat “Wallet”, and some internal test users will see a new entry-split payment-on the change card and bank card. Although in October 2019, WeChat officials also deliberately “repelled rumors” in response to rumors of “payment”. The first time we knew the program, we confirmed it with the.. Read More

MORROR Art Lyric Speaker Experience: Lyrics are a bonus when listening to songs

When you listen to songs, do you pay more attention to tunes or words? Friends who are familiar with music theory may feel “Qu” and know the meaning of Qu for the whole song. How to perturb the emotions and make the audience feel what the lyrics should be, these questions can actually find the answer from the processing of the song. But listeners like me who do n’t understand.. Read More