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When children try to disarm the game “anti-addiction”

The so-called unbinding is just a trap set specifically for children. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Touch Music” (ID: chuappgame), Author: Chi Cheng. Children search the Internet for people who can help them disarm the anti-addiction system, step by step into the trap set for them. 1 I often wonder, what does a game account mean for children? According to Tencent’s statistics in 2020, 20%.. Read More

First release | “SEVEN · JULY” completed millions of yuan in seed round financing to make gender-friendly domestic designer makeup products

A domestic designer makeup brand with a neutral style. It was learned that recently, the domestic cosmetics brand “SEVEN · JULY” completed a seed round financing of millions of yuan, invested by the Japanese skin care brand Huayin. SEVEN · JULY was established in 2018. It is positioned as a gender-friendly domestic designer makeup brand. After 3 years of research and development, it will officially launch makeup remover, foundation stick,.. Read More

From “Li Huanying” to “Sister”, has the “female bonus” come to the movie circle?

Is the victory of “Mom” and “Sister” really a victory of female films? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Entertainment Hard Candy” (ID: yuleyingtang). Author | Gu Han Edit | Li Chunhui In the past few years, women’s reshaping of the entertainment consumption ecology can basically be regarded as two stages, and at the same time two models. First, with the increase of women’s spending power.. Read More

Douyin enters local life and fights with Meituan

The three words “short video” have long been insufficient to support Douyin’s ambitions. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “AI LanMediahui” (ID: lanmeih001). Author | Han Xiaohuang Edit | Wei Xiao The cake of local life is sweet enough to attract giants to the track again. This time, it is Douyin. Since February this year, “group buying” has appeared at the top of the first entry.. Read More

By the wholly-owned acquisition of Youai Mutual Entertainment, the game industry enters the era of great navigation?

More fuel the flames of war overseas Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “nuclear race” (ID: Coreesports), Author: Zhang Yi Nan. Bytedance dropped coins again. On April 13, Jinghe learned that Bytedance had acquired Youai Huyu. The latter is a mobile game developer focusing on two-dimensional RPG and strategic categories. Its representative works include “Idle Girl” and “Red Alert OL”. Hu Bing (Ace), CEO of Youai.. Read More

Yahoo Answers will be permanently closed, on the largest question-and-answer site in the past: people don’t ask questions, they don’t want answers

After 16 years of operation, the originator of the Q&A website has come to an end. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “21Tech” (ID: News-21). Noon on April 11, Beijing time. According to reports, as one of the oldest question and answer sites on the Internet, Yahoo Q&A will be completely closed on May 4. After that, you will be redirected to the Yahoo homepage when.. Read More

After the commissary is shaken, how does community group buying finish the “last mile”

The canteen that helped “community group buying” out of the circle will eventually be abandoned? Author/Meng Huiyuan Edit/ Li Wenjie “Neighbors, come down to pick up the goods!” After being the leader of the community group buying, this sentence became the daily content of Zhang Mingfa’s circle of friends. In the beginning, Zhang Ming was just the owner of a small living supermarket in a community in a first-tier city.. Read More

The “Second Language” of Generation Z: Emoji can be used for everything?

Expressionless, no social Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “crooked Cn” (ID: daotmt), of: crooked Cn. “I miss the emoticon that I reluctantly cut before, now you can add and add as much as you want…” “Now there is no typing at all in chatting, but the essence of sand sculpture can’t be hidden…” “Juan’er’s disgusting face emoticon is online on QQ? I don’t believe it, unless.. Read More

1 cent charge for 4 hours “national team” enters the game and shared charging

Shanghai “super brain” in the last kilometers of the “little wisdom” Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “IT Times” (ID: vittimes), Author: Sun Yan. Drawing: IT Times Feng Chengjie 30 seconds quick reading 1, Recently, electric car sharing charging piles and switch cabinets have quietly appeared on the streets of Shanghai. The “4-hour” shared power bank and the universal shared bicycle are in sharp contrast. 2,.. Read More

WeDoctor’s listing in Hong Kong is actually a bureau?

“Think of all that investors fear.” Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “bullet Finance” (ID: wwwhygc), Author: Walker, Editor: total egg. WeDoctor, known as “China’s Internet Medical Leader”, officially submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on April Fool’s Day in 2021. This means that in addition to Alibaba Health, JD Health, and Ping An Good Doctor, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has.. Read More