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Domestic dramas forgot the countryside?

This article is from WeChat public account: Sir movie (ID: dustevv) , the original title” Scold them, are you glorious? “Author: poison Sir, the question from the map:” Country Love 12 “ Tonight, the end of a long love run. Not a celebrity gossip, but a higher national level than celebrities-the finale of “Rural Love 12”. Everyone lamented that the years were a pig-killer, and the young man was strong.. Read More

“3 · 15” exposed behind-the-scenes news of anti-aircraft artillery: “Last year I did 714, this year I want to do 815”

This article is from the WeChat public account: a book (ID: yibencaijing) , author: a wooden, title figure from: IC photo A year ago, the CCTV “3.15” party exposed 714 anti-aircraft guns, which triggered an industry earthquake. Since then, the industry has fallen apart, with some exiting, some going to jail, some fleeing, some going to sea. In the activist group of borrowers, there is a leading figure. A year.. Read More

To make a big thing, you only need to put in 10 minutes of effort every day

Without stopping, there is no distance. Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step; Without accumulating steps, there is no miles, and without accumulating small streams, it is impossible to become a sea. We are familiar with these famous.. Read More

Using camera data for retail analysis, technology company “Deep North” raised $ 25.7 million in Series A funding

Provide solutions based on deep learning and computer vision technology “Deep North” official website According to Foreign media reported that the technology company” Deep North “was recently completed A $ 25.7 million round A round of financing was led by London VC Celeres Investments, an investor in autonomous driving startup Phantom AI, with companies such as Engage and AI List Capital participating. Deep North is a high-tech company focusing on.. Read More

Cut into the food and beverage market with a mobile skewer bar, “Star Man” wants to make the buffet dining scene more flexible

The consumer market for mobile self-catering is opening up Intelligent ice cream machines, fully automatic juicers, box lunch machines … Vending machines are no longer limited to traditional pre-packaged food and beverages, but will require more timeliness Fresh food was delivered to the public. I have reported on the Allah Farm ‘s Star Scanning Code string project. The “Xingxingren” store is 10-20 square meters, with 6-8 self-ordering machines and simple.. Read More

“Make a little money” and be misunderstood: domestic art films that survive

The article is from WeChat public account: Movie Information Division (ID: dianyingqingbaochu) , original title: “Situation domestic art films: sandwiched between the gap and make a little money do not understand”, author: pills circle, drawing from the title: the movie “send me on” In the past two years, audiences have mentioned that art films are no longer “unfamiliar” and “exclusive” as before. With the continuous efforts of the sixth-generation director.. Read More

How to improve memory?

Clarify the matter of “memory” Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Mr. L said” (ID: lxianshengmiao ) , author: Lachel. Many students often ask me: Why is your memory so good? Is there any way to improve memory? Today, I want to talk about this issue. Of course, learning and memory are a huge topic. This article is just a first look. I hope to help you.. Read More

Social platform Uki has been maliciously reported by Soul: 5 million new users have been lost and operations have stalled

The article is from the WeChat public account: Interface News (ID: wowjiemian) , reporter: Lin Beichen, picture from: Oriental IC On February 28, a stranger social product called “Uki” was re-launched on the app store. Few people know that it has suffered a vicious incident in the Internet circle against competitors. Recently, according to the Shanghai Putuo Procuratorate’s announcement, in July 2019, Li, a partner of an Internet technology company,.. Read More

US stocks melted again, dominated by “Black Swan” in 2020

“Those unpredictable major rare events, which unexpectedly changed everything.” —— “Black Swan” On March 9, U.S. stocks “melted out.” On March 10, “Share God” Buffett said in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Finance: The Dow Jones index plummeted more than 2,000 points, triggering a fuse. At the age of 89, he had never seen such a scene, and the market was stunned. In the first three months of 2020, we.. Read More