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Getting up in the morning should focus on “good” rather than “early”

6 simple daily habits, so that your morning will no longer be based on “early”. Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields. New technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: In most people’s cognition, only when you get up early in the morning can you guarantee the next day’s efficiency. But the question is, if you can really get up.. Read More

From “Hongmen Banquet” to New Crown Virus: Meal-sharing System in China

The article is from WeChat public account: Interface Culture (ID: BooksAndFun) , author: Pan Wenjie, from FIG title: Oriental IC Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the four departments in Shanghai jointly released the “Proposal on the Use of Public Chopsticks and Spoons” in February. The next day, the first batch of 100 restaurants in Shanghai promised that they would be equipped with the corresponding public chopsticks and spoons.. Read More

How do they do takeaway business in India?

This article comes from WeChat public account “Geek Park” (ID: geekpark), the author is in the wild, love Fan Released with permission. For most urban white-collar workers in China, takeaway has long been an integral part of life. Even in fast-paced cities like “Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shenzhen,” many people are relying on takeaway to survive. After the money-burning subsidy war in 2013, did you get hungry to buy Baidu.. Read More

A Year of Chinese Entrepreneurs in India: Becoming a Taobao of the Indian Astrology Industry, No More Copying of China

The four Indian national-level businesses are “ABCD”: A-Astrology Astrology, B-Bollywood Bollywood, C-Cricket Cricket, and D-Devotion Religion. Cui Huaizhou chose A. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Chi as the network” (ID: passagegroup) , Author: Cui Huaizhou. The four Indian national-level businesses are “ABCD”: A-Astrology Astrology, B-Bollywood Bollywood, C-Cricket Cricket, and D-Devotion Religion. Cui Huaizhou chose A. Cui Huaizhou has a glorious resume. Graduated from Zhejiang University,.. Read More

What about the limitations of Jack Welch?

The article is from WeChat public account: Human Resources (ID: ruchrmldc) , author: Liusong Bo (School of labor professor at Renmin University of China), head Figure from: IC photo On March 2, 84-year-old Jack Welch died at his New York home. The legendary CEO has taken GE’s market value from $ 14 billion to a staggering $ 410 billion during his 20-year tenure, and is known as the “world’s number.. Read More

Super view | Online and offline integration is the direction of solving problems in the fitness industry. How does “live teaching” continue to stimulate sports enthusiasm?

Only by replacing or even surpassing the experience of on-site coaching, can the user’s stickiness be improved. Look at business with perspective. Super perspective, cutting-edge observations from new business practitioners. Text | Special Observer Liu Tiantian Edit | Huang Zhen 曜 When “distance learning”, “live fitness”, and “cloud fitness” have become high-frequency words for practitioners in the fitness industry, “online” is considered by some practitioners to be the only direction.. Read More

“Black History” in iOS Dark Mode

This article is from WeChat public account: 爱 范 儿 (ID: ifanr) , of: Li Chen, from the title FIG IC photo When did an app-level feature like Dark Mode start to become system-level support? What’s the use of Dark Mode? Before Dark Mode became popular, didn’t we also use it well? The black background is the earliest “famous orthodoxy” of the computer Actually, in the early days of computers,.. Read More

潮 科技 | The lively “domestic alternative” outlet may still have such a “lethal trap”

What we are pursuing is a real replacement, not a great spare tire. Editor’s note: This article comes from the manuscript. The author Mr. Guo, Managing Director of Songhe Capital ( WeChat (ccg4472), Close Notes on domestic alternatives, industrial Internet, and Internet of Things investment in the middle and later stages, the original title “ Domestic replacement: a boiling decade’s tide ” , reproduced with permission, slightly deleted. *** Domestic.. Read More

Forefront | “Mulan” is about to withdraw globally, the film and television industry continues to be hit by the epidemic

The re-release date is uncertain. The epidemic continues to hit the film and television industry. Following the retreat of several movies including “007: No Time to Die”, “Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur”, “Quiet Land 2”, “X-Men: New Mutants”, “Antlers”, On March 13th, the Disney movie “Mulan”, which has attracted much attention from Chinese audiences, also announced that it would withdraw files worldwide. Before that, Disney ’s plan seemed to be “abandoning.. Read More