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The face of an old Xinjiang driver telling stories

This story is the strangest one I have heard. Old Chen used to be a car soldier in Yecheng in southern Xinjiang. Their main task is to transport the necessary materials from the base to the Shenxianwan post on Kunlun Mountain (everyone has heard of this, the highest post in the world, 4500 meters above sea level). After being discharged from the army, Old Chen started a business and now.. Read More


Friends who know some about Xinjiang should know that the northern part of Xinjiang (Northern Xinjiang) is rich in aquatic plants, with forests, grasslands and lakes everywhere, and the climate is better. The southern part (Southern Xinjiang) is far behind, basically barren mountains, deserts and Gobi. However, some people vowed to claim that an oasis with rich water and grass was found in the depths of the Gobi in southern.. Read More

The prison is crowded

This article is from WeChat official account:China News Weekly (ID: chinanewsweekly), author: Huang Xiaoguang (the reporter), photo: Jan Banning, Panos Pictures, head Figure from: “the Shawshank redemption” stills Kigo Prison on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda is a local high-security men’s prison that houses 1,175 prisoners. The prisoners prepare their own meals in the yard, and the food they need is provided by their families. Prison crowded This.. Read More

Missing friends

My hometown is in a small unknown place in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The village in my memory is beautiful all year round. In the village, spring birds and flowers scent, especially the village that loves the spring rain to get wet. Standing in the yard, leaning down gently, sniffing the spring rain to wet the grass and revealing the fragrance of soil, this moment , As if to save all.. Read More

The “dead” star and the old boy who has never grown old

article from: People gaming, Author: Wang Siqi, editor: Kevin, Head Figure from: People gaming On October 16, 2020, Blizzard officially announced that StarCraft 2 will stop paying content. In other words, in the next few years, it can be predicted that Blizzard will gradually abandon support for this game. On the fourth day after the incident, I came to StarCraft Old Boy Company to have a conversation with Huang Xudong… Read More

Muscle training

This day, Zhao Hai is eating in the cafeteria. Suddenly, someone knocked out the bowl in his hand. He was so angry that he raised his head to scold, but found that his friend Li Qian was standing at the table. “You took the wrong medicine, why don’t you let me eat?” Zhao Hai asked suspiciously. Li Qian pointed at Zhao Hai and said angrily: “Bite you! Ever since my.. Read More

Orient Star Cruise

Bella and his wife Annie are a happy newlywed couple. They discuss how to spend their honeymoon. Annie has always envied the lives of the rich, and wants to enjoy her honeymoon. Annie lay in her husband’s arms and said coquettishly: “Dear Bella, do you know that there is a luxurious cruise ship named Oriental Star?” Bella’s eyes rolled. He remembered hard in his head, and soon he remembered, and.. Read More

Charging heads sell out: iPhone 12’s wealthy leftover party

Apple’s every move is stirring the Chinese parts market on the other side of the Pacific. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “20 Club” (ID: quancaijing_20she) , Author: Li Xianhuan . The “environmentally friendly” Apple no longer comes standard with charging heads and earphones, and the mobile phone accessories market centered on Shenzhen was immediately detonated. Apple’s every move is stirring the Chinese parts market on.. Read More

“Students studying in normal schools don’t want to be teachers more and more”

This article is from WeChat official account:There is a university (ID: youjian-university), author: Yang Songsong, edit: long johns, layout: A pie, title figure from: vision China After the college entrance examination in 2020 is over, there will be a “ice and fire” enrollment status for teachers majors: The number of students enrolling in general teacher-training majors has risen again. The enrollment ranks of teachers majoring in many schools have increased.. Read More

Li Er hit the ghost

Li Er is the most courageous person in Zhujia Village. What do you say? Li Er has a very hanging story. That summer, Li Er was too hot at home, so he took out the bamboo chair and lay on it to sleep. The wind at night was cool and comfortable, and soon he snored. But at night, he woke up with urine, got up and went to the hut… Read More