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Familiar = likable, weakness = popularity… the unspoken rule equation in the workplace

“Posted the experience of failed interviews in the circle of friends, got 100+ praises” How does the ugly effect help you? Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “LinkedIn” (ID: LinkedIn-China) , of: Eric Shen Wencai. A few days ago, LinkedIn expert Eric Shen Wencai shared on LinkedIn a story that happened to him many years ago: “In order to overcome stage fright, I tried very hard to.. Read More

Black Duan Journey Shop

In autumn, the remaining leaves are falling, and the mud is mixed with the incomplete dark brown leaves on the ground, and the branches are already bald and clean. I walked down the mountain with my feet up with difficulty. I somehow slapped my feet just now. It seems impossible to ride my bicycle back to the county. It is really tiring to go to this barren mountains and mountains.. Read More

Young people listening to sub music at station B: They firmly believe that listening to songs can become smarter and beautiful

Regarding the attitude of sub, the audience and non-audience are at two extremes. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “full now” (ID: quanxianzaiAPP) , Author: Gao Min . The self in the mirror once disgusted Xu Weiya—he was fat and ugly, and life was hopeless. After failing to lose weight, she thought about cutting her wrists. She was worried that too much bleeding would be difficult.. Read More

What is the difference between the 5G millimeter wave exclusive to the US version of iPhone 12 and the national version?

This article is from WeChat official account:Love Faner (ID: ifanr), author: Lee extraordinary, from the title figure: vision China This year’s iPhone 12 has resumed its old days of picking up goods at a price increase. Last year, users who held money to wait and see because iPhone 11 did not have 5G, finally had a reason to change. At the press conference, Apple also introduced 5G as the most.. Read More

Coffin Village Horror

One There are three of us in a line. To be precise, it is my girlfriend and me, and a little pet dog in her arms, because we went to the deep mountains in the countryside. Lao Lin went hiking and got lost. He has been walking for a day. After we climbed over the mountains and walked through the winding, densely forested hills, we saw a valley in front.. Read More

Smokey Ghost

Lin Hao’s father recently passed away, leaving him a mid-range clothing store. The clothes in the store are of good quality, and his father has always run his business at fair prices. Fortunately, the old customer support, he also upholds his father’s honest management, business is also good. However, his father’s death was a big blow to him. After all, the only person in the world who loved him was.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | “Galaxy Power” completed 200 million Series A financing; “Mega” completed nearly 30 million US dollars Series B financing; and today’s early projects worthy of attention

The financing news reported by the “Venture Channel”, as well as early-stage entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on. Please check the Venture Capital Daily Report on November 3. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the “Venture Capital Channel” today, as well as early-stage entrepreneurial projects in various fields that we are paying attention to, enjoy~ Technology Financing disclosure: The market value exceeds 100.. Read More

What was the earliest TV set in history?

How much is the difference between TV in the 1920s and now? If you put their photos in front of you, you might think this is not a thing TVs are becoming more and more intelligent. Both beautiful and powerful functions. Maybe in this computer age you are watching TV and think they are outdated. But televisions are still serving hundreds of millions of viewers. Source: Captain Gizmo

Who warms me in the cold night

Today is the worst day of my life. I just came out of the court. In order to fight for the custody of my daughter, I went to court with my ex-husband. Not long after I was driving on the road, I suddenly heard a loud “bang”, and I knew that a tire had blown. It was almost dark. I took out the spare tire from the trunk and planned.. Read More

2020 Hong Kong Fintech Week “Global FastTrack”-Mainland China Finals Event Preview

As the world’s top financial center, Hong Kong has been promoting technology to empower finance in recent years and creating a financial technology ecosystem. Welcome to follow the WeChat official account (ID: wow36krchuhai) to obtain cutting-edge information and understand new global trends in time. Scan the QR code at the end of the article to follow and join the overseas community to meet global business partners. As the world’s top.. Read More