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Refuge from the rain

Help others After ten o’clock in the evening, Jin Yu walked towards the bus station after finishing part-time work outside, not wanting a sudden heavy rain to come. She forgot to bring her umbrella, so she ran into an abandoned building to take shelter from the rain. Jin Yu looked for a wall leeward and stood against the wall. But she only stood for a while, and she felt the.. Read More

Breast hyperplasia treatment methods

Problem description: The physical examination showed breast hyperplasia. What is the treatment of breast hyperplasia? Question date:2020-09-16 Patient information:Age: 20 Gender: FemaleGenerally, drugs can be used to treat breast hyperplasia Treatment is the main way. The treatment methods are divided into: 1. Anti-hormonal drug treatment, such as taking hormonal drugs such as tamoxifen for pain relief and swelling drug treatment for heavier patients; 2. Chinese patent medicine or Chinese medicine.. Read More

The death of a black joke writer

Wang Er is an internet writer. If you want to make money in their business, you must ensure that it is updated steadily every day, otherwise everything you did before will be in vain. On this day, when the novel written by Wang Er had reached the shelves, the editor sent him a message to update him a bit more today. Wang Erxinran promised: He can guarantee three shifts every.. Read More

Methods of treating breast hyperplasia

Problem description: My daughter had breast pain before menstruation, and she went to the hospital to check her breast hyperplasia. What is the treatment? Question date:2020-09-16 Patient information:Age: 19 Gender: FemaleTreat mammary gland hyperplasia, most patients Need to take traditional Chinese medicine. The main treatment plays the role of soothing the liver, regulating qi, and dispersing knots. According to the patient’s condition, hormonal drugs are used as appropriate for combined.. Read More

What are the methods for treating breast hyperplasia

Problem description: In the past two days, the breast started to have some pain. I have not noticed it. Today, I feel that there are lumps when pressing the hand. It is said on the Internet that it is breast hyperplasia. How should I treat it? Question date:2020-09-17 Patient information:Age: 20 Gender: FemaleMost use of methods for treating breast hyperplasia Eliminate blood circulation medicine. General treatment methods include: 1. Taking.. Read More

Is papular urticaria contagious?

Problem description: My cousin recently got papular urticaria. I am very afraid of being infected. I would like to ask if papular urticaria is contagious? Question date:2020-09-16 Patient information: Age: 32 Gender: FemalePapular urticaria is not contagious . Papular urticaria is caused by allergies and is not an infectious disease. There are many causes of allergies. Food, drugs, air environment, contact with things, etc. can all cause the disease. A.. Read More

What is urticaria

Problem description: My brother told me that his friend had urticaria. What is urticaria? Question date: 2020-09-15 Patient information: Age: 20 Gender: FemaleUticaria is caused by allergies Cause skin diseases. Hurticaria can cause edema such as plaques and red bumps on the skin, accompanied by itching. This is due to the urticaria caused by people with allergies contacting allergens. There are many allergens of urticaria and it is difficult to.. Read More

Can urticaria be cured?

Problem description: I have recently got urticaria, and I am afraid that it will come and go again and again. I want to ask if the urticaria can be cured? Date of problem: 2020-09-15 Patient information: Age: 22 Gender: Female Urticaria can be cured. Urticaria is an allergic disease. Due to the reduced immunity of the body and the imbalance of immune function, the body is allergic to a certain.. Read More

Beautiful boy scam: the dream and fall of a poor trainee

He seems to be only one step away from becoming an “idol”. Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” Esquire “(ID: esquirecn ) , author: Li Yingdi. Interview and writing: Li Yingdi Contributing Editor: Conlukai At the beginning of this year, it wasIn the new crown epidemic, a mask fraud case has been on the hot search. The person involved, Huang Zhibo, was a trainee who had.. Read More

Short story of gold

Zhang Meng was born in the mountains and his family was poor. His parents struggled for a lifetime and did not make much money. Zhang Meng has heard people say that gold is particularly beautiful since he was a child, and has always wanted to see what gold looks like. But because his family is poor, he has no access to gold at all, let alone what gold looks like… Read More