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BA. 4/5 soared by 60% in a week in the United States: the strongest immune escape in history, and a large number of flights were canceled

according to CDC According to the latest data released on June 21 local time, a new variant of Omicron, ba 4/5 has accounted for 34.9% of the new cases in the week of June 18 in the United States, up 61.57% from the previous week. BA. 4/5 is the variant of novel coronavirus with the strongest immune escape ability so far. More worryingly, ba 4/5 can also replicate efficiently in.. Read More

Chairman of the Federal Reserve: it is appropriate to continue to raise interest rates. The US economy can cope with the tightening of monetary policy

On June 22 local time, US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell gave testimony on the semi annual monetary policy report in the Banking Committee of the US Senate< Br> Powell said in his prepared speech that the Federal Reserve is highly concerned about the risks posed by high inflation to the dual tasks of maximizing employment and stabilizing prices, and is firmly committed to restoring the inflation rate to the target.. Read More

How to make the quantum sensor detect any frequency electromagnetic signal? MIT has new ideas

Recently, MIT researchers have developed a method to enable quantum sensors to detect any frequency and still have the ability to measure at the nano scale< Img alt= "image from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)" style= "width:600px;" src=" "> the picture is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at present, the team has applied for patent protection for the new method. Through this method, the ability of ultra.. Read More

National Audit Office: some financial regulatory inspections excessively rely on the “water injection” materials submitted by financial institutions

On June 21, the audit report of the State Council on the implementation of the central budget and other financial revenues and expenditures in 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the “work report”) delivered by Hou Kai, auditor general of the audit office, at the 35th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress was published on the website of the National Audit Office< Br> the work report.. Read More

Survey | from no salary increase for ten years to the annual salary of fresh students of RMB 5.6 million: how to solve the thirst for chip talents

The integrated circuit industry is a key force leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. In 2021, there were more than 2800 chip design enterprises in China, but the hot semiconductor industry encountered a talent gap< Br> news ( found in the survey on the status of IC talents that the current total number of domestic chip talents is insufficient, high-end chip talents are scarce,.. Read More

Car enterprise user welfare points are resold as “wool”: the monthly income of 100000 is almost zero

“User enterprise” is one of the high-frequency words in the automotive industry in recent years. As the car market has become a buyer’s market, more and more car companies have paid attention to user services, and various user apps have also emerged< Br> in order to operate this private domain traffic well, car companies have launched various activities on the app, such as “punch in to win points”, “exchange points.. Read More