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More than 20 cities support “one person helps the whole family buy a house”, and the family’s provident fund shares the pressure of buying a house

More and more cities have introduced new policies on housing provident fund, which make it clear that immediate family members can draw housing provident fund to pay for house purchase or repay housing loans, and implement the “one person helps the whole family to buy a house”< Br > < div class = "contheight" > < / div > according to incomplete news statistics, at least Shaoyang in Hunan, Chaozhou.. Read More

Investigation by rule of law Daily: how to characterize social security payment service? Why is it that it has been forbidden repeatedly?

● < U > the problem of social security payment on behalf has a long history. Social security is linked to the territory, registered residence and labor relations. These requirements will inevitably lead to difficulties in transferring and connecting social security relations, resulting in social security payment interruption. Only then can some people continue their social security relations through social security payment on behalf. < / u > < br.. Read More