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Perverted Ghost School

In the plant pot of the palm, it seems to be able to see the unlucky chrysanthemum with a painful twist and blushing face. Like a dumb with a broken tongue who cannot speak in this life, the petals are randomly stuck in the hard thorns of the cactus. Above, under the pain of Qiufeng, helpless struggle with cramps. At this time, I found a blood-red weird chrysanthemum petal, very.. Read More

Digital Archway and Electronic Footwrap: What is it that restrains contemporary youth?

Why do we no longer believe in the myth of love across classes? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “type culture” (ID: mtype-cn). Anchor | Mr. Movable, Xiaotian Guests | PhD, Department of Chinese, Peking University Luo Yalin “Baoyu should work hard to protect the girls in his official career.” “”Titanic” and “Gone with the Wind” tell stories of affair” “Yang Jiuhong in “The Great Mansion”.. Read More

​Why do humans release mineral water and milk to nature

This article is from WeChat official account: Earth Report (ID: diqiuren005) , Author: your alien aunt, title figure from: Vision China Guiping, Guangxi, on a slightly muddy river, men and women wearing life jackets are singing Buddhist scriptures religiously, while splashing the boxed pure milk in their hands in a not beautiful arc. You may have seen this news on social networks last month-a milk release campaign. The boxed milk.. Read More

Hit the “ghost” at midnight

Editor’s note: A misunderstanding, a brother’s adventure, a false alarm. There are all kinds of things encountered in life, and there are many unusual. The protagonist in the article is in shock and encounters a ghost that has been mistaken for. Yang Fan is the brother of a taxi company. At about two o’clock midnight that day, when he drove across a bridge, under the dim lights, a woman in.. Read More

Sub-Journal of “Cell”: Metformin is “planted” in the hands of intestinal metabolites this time!

>So how does imidazole propionate work against metformin? Next, the researchers did a long series of experiments to find the pathway of imidazole propionate, complex and full of the names of 800 strange kinases(eight hundred is an exaggeration, not so much), so here is a brief summary of this pathway. Metformin activates AMPK, which actually promotes the phosphorylation of AMPK T172. The researchers found that the phosphorylation of T172 promoted.. Read More

Never die

Editor’s note: This story is full of weirdness. When people pass away, there is still a soul possessed. The soul guides people in the dark and continues to work. It may be a coincidence, it may be an illusion, but such a weird thing has really been encountered. —Inscription When I walked through a dark and long corridor, stopped at the end, and opened the strange brass concealed lock with.. Read More

We went to Zhuhai Meite Civil and Martial Arts School, which was big and beautiful and turned into rubble

This article is from WeChat official account:jumping sea compound (ID: meerjump), author: Yuanban carbonate feces, from FIG title: description “I love Meite, it’s big and beautiful.” Every child in Guangdong must have seen this brainwashing advertisement for Zhuhai Meite Wenwu Arts School on TV. Although it now seems that the quality of the advertisement is like collage art of rice cake, the slogan “My son graduated from Meite and is.. Read More

Ghost girl Author: Zheng non-dream

Editor’s note: Through reading the full text, it seems to have walked into the world of ghost girls, with the charm of Liao Zhai in it. There is still love between the world and the underworld. Even if we leave, we will not forget to meet you and love until we separate from you. , It makes people look a little horrified. One night in the early summer of that.. Read More

Chinese concept stocks are being targeted again: iQiyi was investigated by the US Securities Regulatory Commission, and its stock price fell 19% after the market

42%-60% of the number of users to achieve this purpose. In addition, the report believes that iQiyi has exaggerated the costs it paid for content, other assets and acquisitions, and concealed fraud from auditors and investors by burning fake money. At that time, iQiyi responded in the first time: “With regard to today’s third-party agency’s report questioning iQiyi, the quoted data and conclusions are seriously inconsistent with the actual situation… Read More

The soul of the yin soldier crossing the border is always there

There was another neat sound of footsteps in the yard. I was still not asleep, and I immediately got up. A group of soldiers stood in line in the cold wind outside the window, seeming to be waiting for something. They were covered in blood, but stood straight. I walked towards Grandpa’s room lightly, only the sound of Grandpa’s faint breathing. Since Grandpa was seriously ill, a team of soldiers.. Read More