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Tesla, the next BYD?

The new energy vehicle “catfish” Tesla is going to be a power battery. Author| Xu Yun Editor in charge| Egg Manager Produced | Bullet Finance Tesla CEO Musk swipes the screen again, this time because of another company he founded, SpaceX. On May 30, local time, the SpaceX dragon spacecraft completed the first commercial manned in human history. The task triggered a heated discussion around the world. If it is.. Read More

Nissan expects: closing the Spanish plant in Barcelona may cost about 1.5 billion euros

On June 1, local time, according to Reuters, a trade union source revealed that Nissan Motor Company expects to close its factory in Barcelona, ​​Spain, which may cost about 1.5 billion euros (about 1.7 billion US dollars). The cost of closing the factory is at the core of the Spanish government’s negotiations on this move. The Spanish government said that it will be cheaper to keep the factory running at.. Read More

China Banking Regulatory Commission reiterated the risks of financing and credit insurance business: individual companies have increased by more than 2 times in the first 4 months

The China Banking Regulatory Commission once again “shouts” the risks of financing credit insurance business. On June 2, Surging News learned from insiders that the P&C Insurance Department of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued a “Supervisory Reminder Letter” to various P&C insurance companies to emphasize financing again Risks related to the performance of credit insurance business require that property and casualty insurance companies strictly implement the new regulations.. Read More

To be honest, I’m sick of face recognition

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Three Table Dragon Gate Array (ID: sanbiao1984), author: Longmen Zhen three tables, thematic map from: vision China I went to Beidaihe last week and an old face was recognized many times. I am a person who attaches great importance to privacy protection. I need to use identity information and face recognition in my life. I try to bypass or give up. Once I.. Read More

Forefront | The former Meizu CMO Yang Zhe joins Xiaomi and will serve as the CMO of Xiaomi China

Add another member of Xiaomi “Avengers”? This afternoon, there were rumors on Weibo that the former Meizu CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Yang Zhe would join Xiaomi as the CMO of Xiaomi China, and already had related Weibo topics. As of press time, the topic has read more than 1.9 million and discussed more than 1,000 articles. In response to this rumor, Xiaomi was asked to verify. As of press time,.. Read More

Can Yang Tianzhen create “Li Jiaqi”

One Heart Entertainment CEO Yang Tianzhen announced on June 1 Children’s Day that he would step down from all the artist brokerage business, challenge the live track, and “start a second business in One Heart”. Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “One observation entertainment” (ID: yiyuguancha) , of: hachiko. The “One Heart Entertainment Great Turmoil”, which has been circulating for a long time, is finally settled. In.. Read More

88 items in Yangshan Special Comprehensive Protection Zone: the highest prize of RMB 60 million per year for commodity trading companies

On June 2, the Management Committee of the Lingang New Area of ​​the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and the Shanghai Headquarters of the People’s Bank of China, Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, and Shanghai Entry-Exit Border Control Inspection Station jointly released the “About Promoting the Opening and Innovation of the Yangshan Special Free Trade Zone “Several Opinions” (hereinafter referred to as “Several Opinions”), 88 comments promoted the construction of the Yangshan.. Read More

Companies selling blind boxes are going public, and I just want to get out of the pit quickly!

One of the classic Molly series is the tokidoki unicorn. She saw from the vibrato that someone was showing off the clown of the Molly series. She liked it very much, but she didn’t buy it successfully that time. And the workmanship of pony dolls is very rough, not only unevenly painted, but even in some places, there is a phenomenon of paint falling off. An Xia thinks this 118.. Read More

Douyin live broadcast, selling goods is not the purpose

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Yang is not bad (ID: yangbuhuai01) , author: Yang is not bad, head Figure from: IC photo (Shenyang, a supermarket as “vibrato” as the plaque, the shop sold goods Nothing special, not related to “Douyin” product business) Since Lao Luo started broadcasting, Douyin live broadcast has sprung up, creating many live broadcast scenes. The celebrities go to the sea, and netizens bring goods… Read More