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One night dream

Editor’s note: The conspiracy of an insurance premium was investigated behind Li Ming’s death. The black hand behind the scenes finally found out, and the black hand was punished. The topic is good, and the plot can be more detailed. At night, thunder and lightning are blowing and the wind is howling. Another torrential rain came in midsummer. There are few vehicles on the road and they are all speeding… Read More

Why does the vitality forest fire, but the once glorious domestic soda factory can only play memory killing?

This article is from WeChat official account:Du Shaofei (ID: shaofeidu), author: Du Shaofei, planning: Han Chi Mei Han, from thematic map: vision China Recently, the vitality forest is a real fire. “0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 card”, you can always see this advertisement in the elevators when you go to work, go to the supermarket, take the subway, and go to the mall. In the trash can on the street,.. Read More

The other shore flowers bloom

Editor’s note: The other shore blossoms. I see the blossoms, but happiness is gone. Love does not lie in eternal promises, but in being together. The writing is fresh, the sentences are concise, and the plot can be more delicate. Greetings to the author! I heard that if one misses true love, on the Naihe Bridge in Huangquan, you will see flowers on the other side. ——Inscription The reflection of.. Read More

In the past 30 years of inland rock and roll, the ideal summer of fading away

In clamor or deep talk. Now, we have also seen the opposite. The themes of rock music may be more diverse, not just focusing on social complaints. Rock music without much critical spirit should not be crudely defined as “pseudo-rock”, and the confluence of rock music and capital cannot be counted as a crime. After all, today, the form and quality of rock and roll works have far surpassed those.. Read More

You are here to collect debts

Editor’s note: The Five Great Masters forced Li San’s shopkeeper to deceive him, and Li San hanged himself. His spirit stayed with the Five Great Masters to settle accounts. San’er didn’t know how to eat, drink and prostitute. , To ruin this family…being a wicked person will eventually suffer retribution. From the overall point of view of the article, the plot is very delicate and the story is philosophical. Huaizhuang.. Read More

In the future career path, “generalists” are more likely to “take all”

Explore multi-path careers. The Translation Bureau is a subordinate translation team, focusing on science and technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: The faster the world changes, the broader the stage for generalists. We should look for points of interest outside of our most professional fields, cultivate and develop them, achieve TOP25% in multiple fields, and create.. Read More

The destroyed ghost house

Editor’s note: Filial piety is something that children should do. Parents pull their children to grow up, and children’s filial piety is a matter of course. There is no such thing as a ghost in the world, but the bizarre life really makes a lot of things incomprehensible. Ask Ann, the mother of Lao Song who has passed away. A few days ago, my colleague Lao Song told me a.. Read More

IQOO who is not tough will die

Consumers bring first-class gaming experience. But in Feng Yufei’s view, iQOO’s gaming experience does not mean that iQOO is a gaming phone. “iQOO has to be a good phone first, and then an e-sports experience. The e-sports experience is only an ultimate scene that reflects the powerful performance of a mobile phone. The daily experience of the product is also very important. The foundation of iQOO products is powerful Performance,.. Read More

Xu Zhuoyun: The one sentence I fear most is, “We Chinese are excellent”​

In conjunction with the next lecture (“The World Pattern in the Sino-US “War”) to discuss the hostility between the United States and China, Trump must Make trouble for China, deny what China is doing, and shoot yourself in the foot. An abnormal leader, he will deny the severity of the disaster. Organized and manageable countries, such as Germany, quickly entered a state of epidemic prevention, mastering how to treat and.. Read More