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Under the epidemic, the rise of TikTok, how does this affect Instagram and YouTube?

Users value simplicity.   Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on the fields of technology, business, workplace, life, etc., focusing on introducing new technologies, new ideas, and new trends abroad. Editor’s note: Affected by the epidemic, residents in many parts of the world are restricted from going out. The amount of time people stay at home has suddenly increased. Changes in lifestyle have also led to changes in.. Read More

How is the Victoria’s Secret Factory that profits plummeted by 90%?

The optimal allocation of resources is the core competitiveness of the foundry. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “New Business Essentials” (ID: xinshangye2016) , author : Huang Xiaojun.   Three years ago, the largest customer orders fell by 1%, and the profits of this foundry plummeted by 90%. Three years later, the sales volume of the largest customer fell by 46%, and 250 stores were planned.. Read More

Forefront | After Jinshan Software announced its Q1 results, the stock price plunged, and brokers were clearly divided

Turning losses into profit in the first quarter cannot represent stable growth in the future. Today, Kingsoft (03888.HK) opened 2.97% higher to HK $ 27.7 / share. After the opening, there was a diving trend. It once fell by more than 8% to HK $ 24.65 / share, which was the lowest in a month. As Hong Kong stocks were closed for lunch, Kingsoft ’s decline narrowed to 7.25%, to.. Read More

Folding screen is near now and far in the future: Galaxy Fold subjective experience

From the perspective of the iteration time of mobile phones, the Galaxy Fold released in early 2019 is already an “old” model; but in terms of technical updates, the folding screen is still very advanced. Looking back at history, the mobile phone screen spanned to a higher dimension for the first time. It has been more than a year since the birth of Fold to today, and during this year,.. Read More

The American Dragon spacecraft made its first manned test flight on the 27th and plans to dock with the space station in 24 hours

@ 央视 军 On May 27th, NASA scheduled to send two American astronauts to the International Space Station for the first time on the 27th local time using the manned version of the “Dragon” spacecraft. If all goes well, this will be the first time since 2011 that the United States used domestic rockets to send astronauts to the space station from home. It is reported that the mission will.. Read More

The Chicago Board Options Exchange plans to reopen the trading floor on June 8, the layout will be adjusted

On May 27, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) announced that it would reopen the trading floor in Chicago on June 8. The exchange will resume trading operations in an adjusted manner. The Chicago Board Options Exchange introduced that the layout of the trading floor will be adjusted to maintain social distance and capacity restrictions. In addition, facial masks are required, and health checks will be conducted at the entrance.. Read More

In the first four months of the past, the Internet and related service industries have generally picked up, and industry profits have reversed their decline

On May 27, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People ’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology”) announced the operation of the Internet and related service industries from January to April 2020, showing that the Internet and related service industries as a whole are picking up. Multiple indicators such as revenue, profit, and R & D investment rebounded from.. Read More

Shanghai scholars have discovered that the anti-Xinguan fully human Nanobody can be used to develop new drugs

China-Singapore Online News on May 27, the reporter was informed on the 27th that researchers such as Professor Ying Tianlei from the School of Basic Medical Sciences of Fudan University and other researchers have discovered a series of anti-new crown fully human-derived nanobodies to develop new drugs and treatments for new crown virus The plan is of great significance. It is reported that the results have been published in the.. Read More

CAAC accelerates the approval of the “green passage” of the plan for resuming production and resuming international passenger charter flights

The CAAC accelerates the approval of the “green channel” of the international passenger charter plan for resumption of production and resumption of work. On May 27, a reporter from Peng Mei News ( was informed that the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued on May 25 Notice of “Green Passage” for Passenger Chartered Plan Approval. The notice stated that for the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and economic.. Read More

Apple will reopen about 100 US stores, customers need to wear masks

Apple’s offline stores in the US are gradually reopening. On May 27, according to Reuters, Apple plans to reopen about 100 US stores, most of which will provide curbside pickup services. There are also some stores that will allow customers to enter the store. According to CNBC reports, by the end of this week, 130 of Apple ’s 271 Apple Stores in the United States will resume operations. Affected by.. Read More