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How to treat heart failure with diabetes

Problem description: My neighbor was diagnosed with heart failure and diabetes in his 60s this year. The people in their family are very anxious. How should heart failure and diabetes be treated? Question date:2020-09-27 Patient information: Age: 65 Gender: FemaleHeart failure with diabetes requires weight control And to choose medication and row diet. After heart failure diabetes, you can control your diet and choose a combination of drugs for treatment… Read More

What to do with type 1 diabetes at 30 years old

Problem description: My colleague is only 30 years old this year, but he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. What should I do if I develop type 1 diabetes at the age of 30? Question date:2020-09-27 Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: FemaleType 1 diabetes needs to arrange a reasonable diet Ways to control your weight and don’t drink alcohol. When you have diabetes at the age of 30, you should arrange.. Read More

Behind the “Live Online Free Answering Questions”, the rise of a new track

In the field of K12 online education where every inch of land is contending, the potential of the “explosive models” of the topic is gradually revealed. This subdivision track is surging, and “smoke of gunpowder” is gradually rising. In March of this year, the free answering APP Question Paipai was officially launched, aiming at extracurricular scenes in elementary and middle schools, and pioneering the “Live Online Free Answers” mode. As.. Read More

Is synovitis caused by diabetes?

Problem description: I was diagnosed with synovitis, but I had diabetic synovitis before. Is it caused by diabetes? Question date: 2020-09-27 Patient information: Age: 54 Gender: FemaleSynovitis is not necessarily diabetes Caused. The appearance of people does not necessarily lead to the occurrence of diabetes. There are many reasons for the appearance of diabetes. For example, the body is obese and the metabolic function is not particularly good. If you.. Read More

What to do if you have hepatitis B and diabetes

Problem description: I had hepatitis B before, and now I have been diagnosed with diabetes. What should I do if I have hepatitis B and get diabetes? Date of question: 2020-09-27 Patient information: Age: 54 Gender: FemaleHepatitis B has diabetes and needs medication or It is treated by insulin, and diet is also controlled. With hepatitis B, if you have diabetes, you can use some therapeutic drugs or inject insulin.. Read More

Explosive type 1 diabetes complications

Problem description: I am only in my 30s today, but I was diagnosed with explosive type 1 diabetes. I have been worried about complications. What are the complications of explosive type 1 diabetes? Question date:2020-09-27 Patient information:Age: 32 Gender: FemaleComplications of explosive type 1 diabetes Symptoms: itchy skin, numbness of hands and feet, trembling, loss of appetite, eye fatigue, decreased vision and other symptoms. The complications of explosive diabetes are.. Read More

What to do with mild brain atrophy and diabetes

Problem description: A friend of mine has mild brain atrophy and diabetes. What should I do if mild brain atrophy plus diabetes? Question date:2020-09-27 Patient information: Age: 54 Gender: FemaleMild brain atrophy plus diabetes Choose medication and control your diet. After mild brain atrophy and diabetes, you can choose to use medications, and you must control your diet. Do not eat any foods with high sugar content, otherwise it will.. Read More

What are the complications of type 1 diabetes

Problem description: I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes some time ago. I have been worried about other complications. What are the complications of type 1 diabetes? Date of question:2020-09-27 Patient information:Age: 54 Gender: FemaleComplications of type 1 diabetes: Skin itching, hunger, weakness, etc. There are many complications of diabetes, such as cardiovascular disease, nephropathy, uremia, etc. If it is not controlled in time, the condition will become worse. Now.. Read More

What to do with constipation caused by diabetes

Problem description: I have been suffering from diabetes for many years, but after I have diabetes again, I often experience constipation. What should I do if diabetes causes constipation? Question date:2020-09-27 Patient information:Age: 43 Gender: FemaleDiabetes need to adjust eating habits and appropriate movement. The emergence of diabetes is directly related to not paying attention to diet. For example, the body’s immunity is not particularly good, or the body is.. Read More

Nursing measures after aortic dissection operation

Problem description: My uncle had an aortic dissection operation in the hospital yesterday, and my father said that he should pay special attention to postoperative care. What are the nursing measures after aortic dissection surgery? Question date:2020-09-26 Patient information:Age: 54 Gender: MaleNursing after aortic dissection surgery There are many measures. Patients should pay more attention to rest after the operation, avoid strenuous exercise, and do not do heavy physical activity.. Read More