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The front line | The first pure electric car will be put into production next week, Volkswagen officially counterattacks the electric car market

ID.3 will begin delivery next summer. Volkswagen Disclosed on Twitter, Volkswagen’s first purely electric model ID. 3 On the 4th of November, next Monday, mass production will be launched at the Zwickau plant in Germany, and ID.3 will be based on the new modular electric drive platform (MEB). In recent years, Volkswagen Group has been committed to building a new modular electric drive platform. The so-called modularity means that the.. Read More

Wearing contact lenses may cause blindness?

This article is from WeChat public account:Back to Park (ID: fanpu2019), the original title: “The contact lens party noticed: these microbes are dangerous! “Author: Zhu Ye Hua, from the title figure: Oriental IC Our cornea is very fragile, and contact lenses are too close to the cornea, so it is difficult to avoid damage to the eyes. People who wear contact lenses are at higher risk of eye infection, and.. Read More

Zhongding Capital completed a fundraising of 365 million US dollars and will continue to focus on supply chain + investment

The first US dollar fund established in the past decade has been informed that Zhongding Capital has completed the fundraising of 365 million US dollars, the first US dollar fund in its ten years of existence. The fund’s investors include sovereign wealth funds, insurance funds, parent funds, family funds and industrial funds. At this point, Zhongding Capital’s fund management scale exceeded RMB 13 billion. The fund will continue to continue.. Read More

Merger of two major European and American automakers: Peugeot Citroen confirmed that it replaced Hyundai into the world’s fifth

Fiat Chrysler is negotiating with the Peugeot Citroen Group, can it be successful? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “car stuff” (ID: chedongxi ), by Bear. Car stuff on October 31 news, the French car PSA Peugeot Citroen Group (PSA) and Fiat Chrysler (FCA) merger has been the latest developments. The two officials admitted that Reuters and other media are promoting the merger of the two major.. Read More

About the black technology of brain waves, how far is it from our life?

Article from WeChat public account:caoz’s nightmare (ID: caozsay), author: caozsay, from FIG title: Oriental IC Last month, a Singaporean entrepreneur’s friend suddenly invited me to a press conference. It’s a Boston-based smart technology company’s roadshow in Singapore. Anyway, I’m going to have a good time. The result was a bit unexpected, and it really opened my eyes. This company is related to brainwave recognition technology. In order to prove that.. Read More

Fox demon Xiaohongniang hand tour Register to get a lot of Q coins and WeChat red envelopes

Everyone downloads the registered character directly. The number is limited. If the red envelope is not available, you can check it out at 0pm. WeChat end Click to send a message to a friend without any response. Download from QQ. No need to download from QQ, please switch directly to registration WeChat login-skip-create role-return to receive WeChat red envelope QQ end link: http://t. Cn/Ai1BqcSB Read More

Are the three major operators 5G expensive?

This article is from the public number:Data Line SJX(ID:shujuxian_kuaikan), author : Li Yu Meng Ling, the title map comes from: Visual China. On October 31, 2019, Chen Xiongxiong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, announced at the opening ceremony of the China International Information and Communication Exhibition in 2019.5G commercial launch. At the same time, the 5G package details have also been launched on the three.. Read More

Exclusive | Yuanxiao Forest is about to complete a new round of financing of RMB 150 million with a valuation of RMB 4 billion. Longhu, Gaochun and Black Ant Capital will be capitalized.

The rapid growth of Yuanxiao Forest, in addition to channel and brand capabilities, has also taken a healthy and young ride. Acquired from multiple independent sources, Yuan気The forest is about to complete a new round of financing with a financing amount of 150 million yuan, led by Longhu Capital Investment, sorghum capital and black ant capital and investment. According to people close to the transaction, the post-investment valuation of this.. Read More

This collection company wants to go to the US IPO, what is its prospectus?

Article from WeChat public account: alpha factory (ID: alpworks) , author: Du red , title map from: Oriental IC 51 credit card(HK:02051) The incident was not exhausted, and a credit collection company from Hunan rushed to submit an IPO offer in the US book. 34 operations centers in 9 cities, 10,915 collectors, 44.6 billion receivables, commission rates above 35.3%… This prospectus is like a glimpse of the glory, which makes.. Read More

The 3.5-inch floppy disk that is about to retire, was once the most reliable messenger of the nuclear arsenal

This article comes from the Public Game Research Institute (ID: yysaag), author of the Tropic of Cancer, Ai Faner Authorized release. The model worker in the storage medium has not left us, although the child has not recognized it. Recently, according to the US Defense News website C4ISRNET The US Air Force is replacing the floppy disk it uses to manage the national nuclear arsenal with a “highly secure solid-state.. Read More