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Mastering a new skill, only 20 hours is enough.

The “10000 hours” law has been out. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Malcolm Gladwell has proposed the “10,000 Hours Law”, that is, to become a world-class expert in a certain field, you must invest at least 10,000 hours for deliberate practice. But in most cases, we.. Read More

Interview with IKEA Ding Hui: Commercial real estate value added is over 50%, but we are a real estate business company

If we look at the value-added of real estate, our location is indeed more valuable, but we have also done a “wedding dress” for others. Editor’s note: This article is from daily News , author: Chenmeng Yu , authorized reprint IKEA has been in China for 21 years. The project’s value-added space is more than 50%, and the commercial volume radiates regional land price and even increases by more than.. Read More

Can the cultural consumption of young people in the town rise to the next level?

This article is from the public number:Chinese Youth Research (ID:china-youth-study), author: Jiang Shuyuan, Luo han ni, Word problems from: vision China. As a cultural symbol with the characteristics of the times,The concept of the town youth has been given a new interpretation, from the initial ridicule and discrimination to the “other image”, to more and more successful people to “self-identity” positioning, the town youth connotation And extensions show openness and.. Read More

The northern three counties have loosened the rumors that the official rumors have been rumored. There are still real estates claiming to sell more than 300 sets in 5 days.

An unconfirmed policy document in the North Three Counties constitutes a marketing tool Editor’s note: This article is from Jingwei new , author: Xue Yufei, editor: Zhang Meng, authorized reprint After the news of “directed loosening and restriction purchase” came out on the evening of October 18th, it brought fire to the real estate market of “Northern Three Counties” (Sanhe City, Dachang County, Xianghe County) in Hebei, and a number.. Read More

Hunan people, occupying Shenzhen

This article is from WeChat public account:Upper UpFlow(ID: heyupflow), author: Xing Hui, editor: is not there, the question from the map: vision China If you are on the street, you can see the brightly colored crayfish, the hot and fragrant Hunan restaurant, the savory rice noodle shop, and the Hunan plastic pup that drags the ups and downs. You think Are you sure to be in a city in Hunan?.. Read More

Apple bought the AirTag trademark, and the news about this Bluetooth tracker is here.

Apple’s Bluetooth Tracker AirTag’s news is almost daily, and the latest development is that the company has bought the AirTag trademark from a Russian company specializing in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Russian media RBC described the company ISBC as “Russian leading Smart card and RFID tag manufacturer, ISBC confirmed in official website The sale of the AirTag trademark has been completed, but the buyer’s details cannot be disclosed due.. Read More

People who will stop thinking, often go further

Do love. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Notesman” (ID :Notesman), author Photon | Ph.D. in Neurobiology, Columbia University. Content Source: September 28, 2019, at the “Flash.deep Technology” lecture hall hosted by talks in a moment, the author of “The Secret of the World’s Edge”, Dr. Photon of the Department of Neurobiology of Columbia University, entitled “From The wonderful sharing of the essence of life in the.. Read More

After the smart business card, can you push the CRM explosion?

CRM Orange is born in Huaibei, can you push smart CRM to cost? Salesforce has become a myth, “Building China’s Salesforce” is also as far-reaching as a myth. As of October 30, 2019, Salesforce’s market capitalization reached $138.5 billion, and Chinese companies with strong imitation capabilities and innovative genes are still struggling to find CRM at home after nearly 20 years of exploration. The market shines. CRM is still regarded.. Read More

10 ways of communication that great leaders often take

No matter what position you are in, excellent communication skills can make you stand out The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on new technologies and new technologies from abroad. Views, new trends. Editor’s note: When communicating, a technical job, how to properly express your opinions and promote contact with the other party is not as simple as we.. Read More

India’s B2B logistics platform “ElasticRun” received $40 million in Series C financing, providing a win-win for e-commerce and small grocery stores

Use the logistics platform to establish a distribution channel from e-commerce to small grocery stores Foreign Media News, Indian logistics company “ElasticRun” received $40 million in Series C financing from Prosus, South Africa Ventures led the investment, with Kalaari Capital and Avataar Ventures participating in India. Currently, the company has received a total of $57.1 million in financing. Founded in 2016, “ElasticRun” strives to establish distribution logistics channels from large.. Read More