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The audio book pay rate is 47%, and the lazy book is worth 2 billion. Is online audio still burning?

Audiobooks are more than just derivatives of the web. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “investing in the network (ID: China-Venture), author Li Li, Editor Tao Huidong, is authorized to publish. At present, the entire online audio market is still in the stage of burning money for scale and expansion. Although some companies have achieved profitability, most of them are still at a loss stage. “It doesn’t.. Read More

Apple’s watches and headphones may be more interesting than the iPhone

If you do a core business for Apple now, you can list more than just the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Since the iPhone sales are cold, this year Apple is paying more attention to the service business. For this reason, Apple held a “service conference” at the beginning of the year with no hardware dedicated to video and audio, news magazines and games. To emphasize the importance attached to the.. Read More

Inspired by the New Deal, the Toyota Battery subsidiary plans to build a fourth plant in China.

The fourth plant will help Toyota’s battery capacity in China increase to 400,000 units per year. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: NIU Xiao Tong. Author | Niu Xiaotong Edit | Liang Chen Toy, behind Toyota in the field of electric vehicles, is accelerating the deployment of the electric vehicle industry in China. According to Nikkei News, Japanese car battery manufacturing company.. Read More

Life-saving AI: algorithm identifies people with high suicide risk

“If, then” statement may save a person’s life The Translation Bureau is a compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, new trends. Editor’s note: Parents and teachers, as traditional “gatekeepers”, will intervene in the suicidal tendencies of young people, but when there are psychological problems in the LGBTQ population, they may not be able to intervene for many historical.. Read More

The front line 丨 battery recall +ES6 listed, Weilai ES8 can not sell?

Weilai’s current sales shortages and product fights are exactly what all new cars are experiencing. Wei Lai The latest delivery data released shows that Weilai delivered 837 units in July, of which the delivery of ES6 just delivered in June was good, at 673 units, while the ES8 delivered only 164 units, down 67% year-on-year. . Affected by this, Weilai’s share price once fell more than 5%, after the close,.. Read More

In the beginning of the school season in September, how can college students buy the most cost-effective computer?

Golden Autumn September, another year of school season is coming. Before starting school, one of the most important things for many quasi-universities might be to buy a laptop. As an important productivity tool in contemporary society, a good laptop can not only accompany you to the days and nights of the final exam, but also help you to knock out the words and sentences of your graduation thesis. So, what.. Read More

In-depth information | New report: China’s luxury goods market will exceed 200 billion yuan, citing the efforts of the three parties

In China, there are mainly three parties in the luxury market. 文 | Daily Business Selection New report: China’s luxury goods market will exceed 200 billion yuan, citing the efforts of the three parties Benefiting the rise of the new generation and the improvement of national consumption, China’s luxury goods recovery is obvious. According to the “2019 China Luxury Industry Insights” report released by Mob Research Institute, the size of.. Read More

Forefront | Gree Electric announced the 15% equity transfer conditions, Dong Mingzhu and other management can take over?

Some analysts believe that the huge amount of not less than 13.3 billion is more difficult for Dong Mingzhu and other management. It is unlikely that Dong Mingzhu will take over. In early April, Gree Electric announced that its controlling shareholder Gree Group transferred a 15% stake in Gree Electric. Four months later, it finally disclosed the conditions for equity transfer. Affected by this news, Gree Electric’s share price has.. Read More

Tencent Music VS Netease Cloud Music, Social Entertainment Competition

In the second quarter, the number of paying users of Tencent Music increased significantly, but the profitability of online music is still insufficient, and social entertainment is responsible for profit. Source: Visionary Finance Author: Yang Yi Beijing time on August 13th, compared with many media and industry insiders “China’s Spotify” Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME) released the second quarter ended June 30, 2019 Audited financial performance report. Financial report.. Read More

China Telecom Business Office APP free to receive 1 yuan call fee seconds to

Mobile phone download “China Telecom Business Office APP” login APP Click My – Red Packet and enter “xbknp” redemption code Click to redeem After the successful redemption, there will be a red envelope and click on the red envelope to have a dollar bill for the basic seconds to arrive. The following is a redemption success chart