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00:37/ You cannot ignore Apple Paradise behind the glass curtain wall

01:03/ Stylish and modern design, visual cues and touchable physical goods

02:16/ As long as the price tag is small enough, you won’t feel distressed when buying things

02:50/ Products and services: What you have is the best

03:34/ Free course and community vision

Walking in the commercial center area, it is difficult to ignore the huge transparent glass curtain wall and the illuminated Apple logo, and it is even more difficult to ignore the lively scenes where new products are being tried out. From the moment you walk into the store, you have received countless hints from the environment. They make you realize that your old products are lagging behind, forget the pressure caused by the price, and finally make you pay.

The Apple store strategy is common to many other offline experience stores. Do you have any similar experience when shopping?

Video source: Business Insider