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Office Haunted Series

Foreword: This ghost film in Hong Kong is indeed very exciting. It is used as the subject of my story. I hope it will not be infringed by the defendant: P a simple copy Ting repeats several things every day, Answer the phone, copy documents, bind documents, call the phone for ordering and ordering, pour water to the BOSS, and occasionally act as a cleaner and wipe the table mopping… Read More

One of Toyo Mantra [Playing the villain]

In Toyo, a variety of spells make the number of people countless. If someone offends you, and you happen to see this article again, then he will be miserable… We are introducing the simplest type of spelling today-fight Villain props: a proper amount of incense wax money paper; just go to the cemetery to find a grave, pick a piece of yellow money paper, and cut it into a villain.. Read More

Taiwan’s Lunar Ghost Culture

Help everyone understand a little bit of culture~ July in the lunar calendar, Chinese customs call it the ghost month, which means that the gate of the month is closed and the gate is always open and closed, so that ghosts can come out of the tourists. Universal is the universal meaning. The degree is that all sentient beings who have fallen into the Three Evil Ways leave as soon.. Read More

Midnight maze

As a woman, what is more important and happy than finding a happy Langjun? So, envy me, I have now basically entered the ranks of such beautiful women! I am getting married soon! Wei is my quasi-husband who has finally settled in the face of thousands of choices. I used to like to call him Viagra sweetly in the fear of him, but soon I will change my name. Husband… Read More

Died on the ninth floor

Autumn night     My name is Zhang Haomin and I live on the tenth floor of a high-rise building by the Yangtze River. One late autumn night, my college classmate accidentally broke into my home. I am extremely excited because I haven’t heard from him for a long time, and I almost forgot his name. At his prompt, I remembered his name as Zhao Yu. Besides being happy, I.. Read More

Breakfast (short)

In more than two months, Zi Jie and Li Rou are getting married. Everything is almost installed, but the two are still living in an old building, just waiting to get married and move to a new home. Good things are coming, but something happened that surprised everyone. One night, Zi Jie fell to the building and died at about two o’clock in the middle of the night. After a.. Read More

Ghost Revenge

The first episode, corpses that can eat batter. Chen San is a rogue in Yangliu Town. He likes fighting and bragging and bragging. Many people have eaten his losses. Even so, no one dared to argue with him, often breaking his teeth and swallowing in his belly, taking a step back into the sky. Because of this, Chen San-kui became more and more upset, hitting people was still a trivial.. Read More

Horror Studio

The light cast its shadow on the floor, my soul! I am afraid that the black shadow floating on the floor will never be able to escape.   ——Ellen. Poe   If I told you, I used to be a good one Poet, you may find it ridiculous, because I am now an outright villain. But this is true. I have written many very touching poems, just like I have.. Read More

Go home tonight for soup

“Remember to come back early tomorrow, I will boil your favorite broth.” Yao caredly told the husband who was leaving the house to be strange, “Will you add more clothes? It’s cool at night, I will give you Go get it?” “No, it’s too late, the company’s business is urgent, well, I’m gone!” Qi has already walked outside the door, and seems to remember what , Backed away, “I don’t.. Read More


I am a ghost, a female ghost. Having been a ghost for too long, I have forgotten the taste of being a human being. I can only vaguely remember that my last life was a daughter of a poor family. When I was a child, I was a girl and married a slave. It was easy to survive until I had a baby. Emotion. I got it. Ghosts also have.. Read More