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The blind general tastes the soup

   General Patton made a surprise inspection of the soldier’s canteen to show his concern for the lives of his subordinates. After entering the cafeteria, he saw two soldiers standing in front of a large soup pot.    “Let me try this soup.” He ordered.    “But, General…”   “Nothing is blameless, please give me a spoon!”  Barton took a spoon and took a sip, then yelled out loudly: “It’s so ridiculous, why?”.. Read More

Easy to recruit thieves

   This person looks honest and has a somewhat honest face, which makes it easier to recruit thieves.    The first time it was stolen it was more “failed”. I went to the train station to buy tickets for the winter vacation of my senior year. Put the wallet in the inner pocket on the chest, you must first unbutton the coat, and then unzip the inner pocket to take.. Read More

Fun facts after animals get married

The ant and the elephant were about to marry. The elephant discussed with the ant: “Is there no banquet?” The ant asked: “Why?” The elephant looked at the guest list of a thick book and said: “Your family’s There are too many relatives!” Ant hummed. “What’s wrong with our family? How many relatives in our family add up to eat more than one relative in your family.” The snake and.. Read More

Yin yang yang a p case

AP recently went to a social affairs investigation service center and became an investigator. That’s right, it is often called a private detective. On this day, cousin Erzhu called from the countryside and begged him to go back. Without any further questions, A P went back home by car.   After arriving home, Ah P realized that it was Erzhu who liked the apricot blossoms in the same village. He confessed.. Read More

Forget about sleeping and eating

  Last night, my husband didn’t know what dream he had. He pinched me fiercely several times. After he was woken up by him, he didn’t sleep well that night. I was lying on the table after work and was confused. Suddenly the phone rang. It was the teacher of my son Dasong who called me and asked me how his son was sick.    I was taken aback. Omatsu jumped.. Read More

Whose name is best

Before going to school, it was very simple. When I first arrived at a school, students would come up with various methods so that everyone could quickly remember each other’s names so as to increase their feelings. There were a total of six people in our dormitory at that time, namely Liu Yan, Guoying, Baozhi, Yufeng, Ning Mei, and Zhang Xia. After consultation, we chose the oldest one-the name modification.. Read More

Honest people buy mobile phones, hilarious!

   There is an honest person, honestly so stupid.       One day, the honest man’s cell phone broke, and his wife gave him money to buy him a new cell phone. Honest people are very obedient and hurried to buy mobile phones after get off work. He walked into the mobile phone store and looked, ho! Good guy, the style of the phone is dazzling, he looked dizzy for.. Read More

Old man knocking an iron ball

   A sales master is about to bid farewell to his sales career. On this day, he made his final speech in a venue.    There was no shortage of seats in the venue, and everyone was waiting eagerly. The curtain slowly opened, and it was found that a huge iron ball was hanging in the middle of the stage. An old man came out in warm applause and stood.. Read More

Twelve constellations of lazy sheep sheep weight loss

  Recently, the big wolf’s “stealing sheep plan” has begun a intensive planning.    The head of the village of Yangcun thought of a way: fence around the village of Yangcun, leaving only one exit with traps. However, after doing well, I found a problem: Lazy sheep is too fat, and it can’t jump the trap at all! What should I do?  At the suggestion of the village head, everyone invited the.. Read More

Almighty radish

   Turnips can be fried, stewed, cold dishes, or hot soup… but what you may not know is that turnips also have a “special” powerful function: pair. What’s going on? Don’t worry, listen to me slowly.    In the Ming Dynasty, there was a man named Xu Wei, who was also known as Xu Wenchang because of the long writing. What kind of person is he? I can’t elaborate on.. Read More