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Chaplin: It’s even more funny than the comics I played

  Which comedian do you most admire? Zhou Xingchi? Kim Carey? Or Uncle Benshan? Obviously, there are more people who worship Star Lord. So, do you know who the comedian star most admires? Yeah, it’s Charlie Chaplin.   Charlie Chaplin is the greatest comedian in the history of world cinema. He is very talented, rare, and almost omnipotent and omnipotent in the field of film art. Most of Chaplin’s films are self-edited,.. Read More

Those days eating in the cafeteria

   It was lunch again! But there was no movement in the office, and Sister Momo was a little anxious. Yesterday, in the incredible eyes of the doorman, he brought N’s rice into the door and pretended to be calm. Alas, I feel embarrassed when I think about it. Who should go out to bring food with me today? The editors are too…too lazy! Sister Momo can’t help but recall.. Read More


   Qiao Qiao is the most recognized student in Tianma Primary School, but he is also the one with the lowest composition score.    The teacher doesn’t like Qiao Qiao’s composition very much. The reason is simple: digression. Qiao Qiao’s associative ability is too developed.At the moment when he first wrote, Qiao Qiao was able to write according to the theme arranged by the teacher, but within three lines, he.. Read More

A basket of hot and cold jokes

The gentleman does not speak.  On Sunday, Bing Bing and Ming Wei ran to Lele’s house and told Lele’s mother: “Auntie, Lele is fighting with Li Ming, please go and see.” Lele’s mother hurriedly pulled Lele back and grabbed his ear and said, “Hurry up, why fight with others, how do I teach you?” Lele said: “Mom, I didn’t fight, the gentleman didn’t talk Hands on, I just bit him.”  Father is.. Read More

Pass on the praise

   In 1985, a pianist named Andor Fulders taught a group of students that if he gently patted a student on the back, the student would perform better. Andor immediately praised his performance in front of the class. What surprised the whole class was that he immediately surpassed his original level.   Andor still clearly remembers the happiness and pride that his first praise brought to him as a child. When.. Read More

The story of escape

  A writer wrote a fairy tale. After reading it, he was not satisfied with how he read it. He thought anxiously: why not delete it.    Taking advantage of the writer’s effort to drink water, the story escaped from the computer, and the story did not want to sit still.    The writer returned to the computer and saw the text on the screen empty. After realizing that the story.. Read More

You don’t deserve her

   That year, Beecher was a little boy. He learned a lifelong lesson from a lesson in the school.   On this day, the teacher called Xiao Bitcher to the podium and asked him to recite the newly learned text. Beecher is a hard-working student, and it is not difficult for him to recite a text.    started to recite with confidence. However, just after memorizing the beginning, Beecher heard the.. Read More

Sorry, you called the wrong number!

Hello   ! This is Jiakang takeaway!  Dabao has a headache recently! Because he receives multiple harassment calls every day. One guy didn’t know what was going on. He just treated his family’s phone as a takeaway and had to call to order food every day. Dabao used all the tricks of explanation, beggars, threats, and even verbal abuse, but the guy was a rib, and he still called over at his.. Read More

Naked man

He just woke up and said to his wife: “Hey, my dear, today is the day of payment for a TV set purchased on credit. The shop people will come to discuss it. However, I did not bring back the money yesterday. No.”“Then explain to him.” The wife said. “I don’t like to do this kind of thing, it seems like deceiving, Ding is Ding, Mao is Mao, I like.. Read More


 Li Dahai came to work in the city and temporarily lives in his brother’s house. Li Dahai has the skills to repair bicycles. So a car repair booth was set up downstairs. Li Dahai is a simple and loyal person who is helpful and helpful to everyone.   Li Dahai lives on the first floor, and on the second floor lives Captain Zhao Guoqing of the Inspection Brigade of the Municipal.. Read More