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Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s earnings report: music payment began to speed up, but the good show has just begun

The big ship of Internet music has gradually moved away from the shoal to the deep sea where value and risk coexist. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “New Music Industry Watch” (ID :takoff), author Chen Xianjiang. When we talk about the Chinese Internet music market, low pay rates are a lingering problem. The long-term low rate of payment makes the entire music market look a bit.. Read More

The air you breathe out is the meat you eat.

“As the population grows, we need to move from land production to air production.” Editor’s note: This article is from Love Fan’s “App, the author is cold thinking. In the 1960s, NASA scientists were thinking about how to get astronauts in space. For the first time, they found that using microbes could convert the carbon dioxide exhaled by astronauts into energy-enhancing food. It’s a bit of a mystery to turn.. Read More

Affected by the integration of overseas video social platform BIGO, Q3 net profit fell 83.1%

Affected by the growth of live broadcast revenue and the contribution of the BIGO consolidated statement, YY net revenue for the third quarter was 6.882 billion yuan (about 963 million US dollars), an increase of 67.8%. Editor’s note: This article from “interface technology, reporter | Wu Yangyu. After the November 12th of the US Eastern Time, the gathering era (NASDAQ: YY, hereinafter YY) released the third quarter earnings report as.. Read More

How to gain confidence and strength in the workplace and find the motivation for life?

Confidence can be obtained in two ways. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Glass-American Beauty” (ID :crystal_words), author Zhao Xiaoli. Writing in the front: Today’s topic stems from a reader’s message, which is as follows – “Huang Li teacher, hello. Many people say that my path is very smooth, and the objective conditions such as education and appearance are good. During the growth process, people around me.. Read More

Fashion brands love to use recycled plastic to make shoes, but this is not useful for protecting the environment.

Environmental protection is prevalent. In the past two years, major brands have loved to use recycled plastics to make products. This practice is particularly popular in the fashion field. Everlane, Nike, Adidas, etc. are increasing the proportion of recycled plastics, on the bag brand Paravel. Zhou also said that the plastics contained in his own backpacks, boxes and other plastics have been replaced with recycled plastics. ▲ Adidas shoes made.. Read More

Google has an OpenTitan project that wants to reduce the possibility of chip cracking through open source frameworks.

Privacy and security is one of Google’s favorite things this year, and none of them. As a data-based service company, there are many people around the world who have to contribute a huge amount of data to Google. On the other hand, how to ensure data security has become a problem that Google must solve. That is the case today, let’s put aside the soft things of user policy, and.. Read More

氪星晚报 | Tencent Q3 earnings revenue is less than expected; the central bank has not released any digital currency; Ali IPO or issued at a discounted price; iOS14 concept design exposure

For the first time, Tencent disclosed its single-season cloud business revenue in its financial report, and launched its cloud computing. Big company Tencent Announces Third Quarter 2019 Financial Report, Cloud Revenue Growth 80% It was learned that Tencent’s third quarter revenue was 97.24 billion yuan, which was less than the market expectation of 99.044 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21%. Net profit in the third quarter (profit attributable to.. Read More

Avoiding the Singles Day, Romeo can’t wait for Juliet.

On the second day of “Double Eleven”, on November 12th, Alfa Romeo China released the 2020 models of its two models. Just a few days ago, the Italian luxury car brand headquarters reported that its only existing small sports car 4C was discontinued; earlier, Alfa Romeo parent company FCA announced the merger with the French PSA, the brand said that the original plan The two sports car products 8C and.. Read More

The weakening of brand influence: What methods can be used in addition to finding online marketing?

The weakening of brand influence: What methods can be used in addition to finding online marketing? In recent years, many people feel that brand marketing is getting harder and harder. If you ask them: What is the main aspect? At this time, a lot of bitter water will spit out The marketing effectiveness of traditional channels is getting worse It’s hard to find a point, and it’s common to get.. Read More

The core background of 58 venture capitalists has a background in education: before the age of 45, investors were “disgusted”, and after 50 years old, investors were learning to

Undergraduate Tsinghua is less than Fudan, 22% has a doctorate. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Fuzhong Finance” (ID: thecapital), author | 吾, is authorized to publish. “I have been fighting for 18 years before I sit down with you for coffee.” A low-level topic about hard work and success has touched many people. You are drinking coffee, or watching the people in the curtain wall drinking.. Read More